Prada Fall 2007 Handbags

While New York Fashion Week is an amazing event, Milan Fashion Week always leaves something to look forward to with its top fashion house designers. The big handbag accessory behind the Prada Fall 2007 line in Milan were hand-held clutches. Sure this makes life hands free, but the actually space where you place your hand is rather bulky and large which hides your hand completely and seems a tad overpowering. Miuccia tried to tone it down a notch by adding a bow, and of the two, the bow version would be my pick.

After the clutches came an odd array of handbags. From alright, to furry, to simple, to ruched green, the line was not really powerful overall. Spotted all over the runway was huge outfits of tufty mohair, colorful stockings, and funky high-heeled shoes. Miuccia may confuse some, but Prada is always a designer force to be reckoned with.

prada fall 2007 handbags 1

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  • fashion in the making

    The green bag looks like when you mess up sewing silk or satin, and u just grab glue to put together that fabric. Also that disgusting furry thing or chicken feather handbag looks like kinder garden project, WHAT’S UP with that retarded bow I can make a clutch with that leather…

  • PersonalShopper

    I’dstick to a smaller cluch mycelf

  • vanessa

    omg what is the name of the brown hand-held bag with the gold hardware???? must….. have………..

    • Christy

      it’s like a small clutch and I saw it at neimans and barneys.

  • jenskar

    Saw another clutch in NY today with the double zippers like the new boxy bags and totes — it looked really hot.

  • sell-me

    question: would anybody use a clutch that hides your hand, apart from winter season where maybe it might work as a glove, keeping out the cold?

  • I hate this website

    this is a stupid webiste…these are fakes! :mrgreen:

  • fashionjoe01

    no, they really arnt fakes, the grey bag with silver hardwear is called the prada glace zipper and i have one in coffie, it is georgus! :razz:

  • WHo is I hate this website kidding? Are they crazy! Those are the best bags! And clearly the real deal considering the runway photos. I’m into all the fall handbags,

  • ucdana

    There are some crazy clutches here! LOL But what ever puts a smile on a womans face is worth it so I won’t knock any of them! LOL (I have to agree with the comment on the chicken feathers though.)

  • Naggy

    I don’t like any of these bags, but I love the idea of putting your hand in something to carry the bag; however, these pockets would not be it. (ipad)