I love Prada and hate “rustic” things, so you can imagine the cognitive dissonance I feel when I gaze upon the Prada Saffiano Embroidered Shoulder Bag. With a different kind of embellishment, I’d probably be all over a bag of this size, shape and structure from one of my favorite brands. As it is, I’m caught halfway between wondering if it will grow on me or if this bag’s as much as a prairie craft project gone wrong as it seems like it is right now.

For a brand likely best known for its sedate, durable leather totes, Prada takes a ton of chances with seasonal embellishments. Bags with human faces on them are headed for the brand’s stores come spring 2014, and resort is full of Hawaiian prints, as well as a few bags with a more continentally western flare like this one. While I appreciate the heavy detail and cultural references at play in this design, the finished product just isn’t my speed. I’ve been known to reverse a negative stance on Prada designs in the past, though, so perhaps I’ll feel different in a few weeks.

Are you into this bag, or not so much? Let us know in the comments or pick up this piece for $2,700 via Neiman Marcus.

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  • Guest

    Whoa! Looks like a summer camp craft project gone wrong. Very, very wrong. Pass.

  • Rada

    The black Vitello one is gorgeous though! Simply covetable!

  • Leslie

    No go….

  • Sandra

    I would not carry this if it was given to me for free….leave it!

  • Marvis

    I loved some of the colors until I saw them in person —so stiff —it looked & felt cheap & I didn’t buy one even on sale