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Lately, I’ve been fully immersed in the world of Prada. I owe you all a post on the bag I’ve been carrying since having Millie (it’s Prada nylon and not technically a diaper bag, more on that to come soon), and recently I fell for the Prada Plex Ribbon Bag. I just really love a good Prada bag, and I’m excited to expand on my recent coverage of one of these bags to give you more of a look into the newest collection from the brand, Prada Ribbon Bags. Including jewels, metal and a bowling bag, here is a look at the newest range of handbags from Prada.

Prada Metal + Jewels Ribbon Bags

Prada Metal Ribbon Bag in white + black + marble gray $2,280

Everything about the Prada Ribbon line is oh-so-Prada, with a strong, modern, eye-catching touches with reminders of Prada’s penchant for Deco-inspired graphic prints. Miuccia Prada said that for her Spring 2017 collection, she wanted to simplify and declutter, which can be seen in the clean lines of the bags. There’s something so satisfying about a tightly designed new bag that offers an intriguing element, and that is precisely what the Ribbon bags do.

Prada Jewels Ribbon Bag in black + jade green $2,840 – Prada Metal Ribbon in marble gray + jade green + black $2,280

When Vlad and I saw first saw these bags, I spent time playing with the long leather loop, sometimes tucking it in so it wasn’t as bold and other times leaving it to hang long like the attention-getting runway styling. Tucking the loop under only works on the Plex Ribbon bag, as you can slide the loop into the plex closure, while on other versions, the mechanism to open and close the bag is a bit different.

Prada Jewels Ribbon Bag in black + begonia pink $2,840

There are several different design options when it comes to the shoulder bag, including an ornate, jeweled metal turnlock closure and a modern floral print, as well as clean pairings of color and simple hardware. Each shoulder bag offers an optional shoulder strap–some leather, others chain–which allows each bag also to be carried as a clutch. I love this version of the bag; it’s just the right size and it stands out as a fashion accessory that easily stands differentiates itself from others on the market. I already sung my praises for this bag, and after seeing additional renditions, I find myself really loving the simple metal clasp with the beautiful begonia pink and black print.

Prada Metal Ribbon Bags in mango + black, begonia + black $2,400

The interior of these bags provides plenty of space, with two inside pockets, one with a zipper closure. I find most Prada bags to make a lot of sense when it comes to interior storage, and while these bags aren’t huge, how owners will use the compartments and carry the bags was clearly taken into account. Dimensions of the leather versions with the metal clasp are 11″ x 6.2″ x 2.3″, which means the bag is long but sits close to your body if you’re using the shoulder strap (or under your arm, if you’re carrying it as a clutch). The jeweled version is a bit smaller and obviously a tad heavier because of the embellishments. Prices range from $2,160 to $3,450 at

Prada Bowling Ribbon Bag

Prada Bowling Ribbon Bag in fire engine red + garnet + sunny yellow
$2,160 via

The next style in the Ribbon line is the Prada Bowling Ribbon Bag, and I was pretty excited to see this one in person after seeing it on the runway. While I love Prada’s signature textured Saffiano, the brand’s smooth calf leather is some of the most supple and durable out there. In fact, I constantly hear people asking me to feature other Prada leathers aside from Saffiano, so here it is. I’ve held this bag, I’ve played with it, I’ve noted the size and usability–it’s just right. The leather smells so good–it’s that reminder you get when you open up a new bag and let the smell consume you. This bag has that.

Prada Bowling Ribbon Bag in fire engine red + garnet + sunny yellow
$2,160 via

The top handles are one way you can carry the Bowling Ribbon Bag, or you can use an optional leather shoulder strap as well. While there’s an all-black option, I’m drawn to the colorblocking options more. The red, maroon and yellow combo is quite lovely, as is the geometric floral print, if you want to make more of an impact. The interior has just enough space for everything you need, and because the shape is east/west, you don’t have to worry as much about losing everything inside of the bag. Two inside pockets, including one with a zipper closure, and overall dimensions are 11.4″ x 7.6″ x 6.6″. The Ribbon detailing you’ll find on this bag hangs from either side, showcasing a different look on an otherwise simple, clean design. Prices are $2,160 for leather and colorblocked leather and $2,400 for floral print.

Prada Metal Ribbon Bags in begonia + black

Prada Ribbon is precisely what I love about handbags: it’s wearable while offering a trendy touch. I, like many of you, own plenty of straightforward everyday bags, but sometimes all I want–and what my collection needs–is a standout seasonal piece that I can still go back to for years to come. The Prada Ribbon line offers it in an eye-catching clutch/shoulder bag combination or luxurious everyday satchel.

Prada Metal Ribbon Bags in mango + black, begonia + black $2,400

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  • TheModMazza

    Wow…. I do not know which version is more beautiful, the Plexi or the Metal.

    • Same! The Plexi is so perfect for south Florida and the metal calls my name as well. I’m really into the bowler too, I like the size and shape. Really good line from Prada!

      • TheModMazza

        I really hope the Ribbon line does well for Prada, it is so well-designed.

      • I think it will and it’s a huge push for the brand!

  • FashionableLena

    Not a fan of the bag, but Prada always has the best color combinations.

    • The colors in person are even better than photos – I love love love Prada colors!

  • JuliaBenfort

    They look amazing, however, the down for me is that next season this bags will be long gone and forgotten. Whatever happened to the inside bag ?

    • Passerine

      I agree with you, although a lot of people (me included) simply thought the inside bag was unattractive. That’s not the case with the Ribbon bags.

      • I actually really liked the Inside bag when I got my hands on it and could try it out! The Ribbon bags are beautiful and really make a statement, I see these being much more loved than the Inside bag by many people (like you!)

  • Rosa Lily

    hmm.. on the fence. Prada creativity ceases to amaze me but their trends are short lived.

  • Passerine

    I like Prada and love the shape and color combos of the bowler bag. But I just don’t get the “ribbons” on that one. They’re too long and will just get in the way. They’re pointless. The bag would have been just as attractive with shorter (or adjustable) ribbons. Also, while the side/top handles are attractive and make the design flow, they’re rigid and can’t be moved out of the way when you’re wearing it as a shoulder bag — hopefully they don’t get jammed under your armpit.

    If I bought the bowler bag and decided I didn’t care about any potential resale value, I’d probably take it to a good, trusted leather shop and have the “ribbons” shortened.

    On a general note, I wish bag info (not here, on brand web sites) would include the measurements of inside zip pockets — I’d like to know whether the pocket is big enough to hold a full size (continental) wallet or whether it can only take a smaller wallet.

    • I can try to remember to start seeing what fits inside of the interior pockets to give you a good idea. I never put my wallet in a pocket unless the pocket is huge, I usually just put my wallet in the main area and it’s easy to get to so I don’t think of looking at that.

      I’m not sure if you can see, but on the Bowler there is an area where the Ribbon attaches to the bag and you can loop the Ribbon in. It’s not intended for that, but I played with it a bit to see what it would look like – I should have done it a bit more and taken a photo. If I get one again sometime soon, I’ll do that to share.

      The shoulder strap is long enough that I don’t remember the top handles sticking into my armpits if that helps!

      The Bowler is stunning – leather is so good and size really is just about right!

  • Fawcett Proust

    I’ve never been crazy about Prada but WOW. They completely knocked it out of the park. I’ll definitely be picking up the Bowler and maybe the Jewels bag as well.