I love a good ad campaign. Unlike magazine editorials, ads are often designed to show prospective buyers the things that really make money for brands: Bags and shoes. Which, coincidentally, are the things we like most! Fashionista.com got a little preview of Prada’s Fall 2011 ad campaign and were so kind as to share it with the masses, so we thought we’d be so kind as to do the same. Two more photos (both with more bags) after the jump.

Photos via Fashionista.com.

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  • Lorie

    Just out of curiosity – Would someone actually wear a furry helmet, a fuzzy dress and neon green knee boots?

    • I would wear everything in these photos except for the fuzzy helmets, but I’m something of a maximalist. And a huge, huge Prada RTW fangirl. And I lack shame.

      • Lorie

        I just would never think to wear them all together – like I’d wear the dress but not think to wear those boots.

        You go Girl!

      • I think that’s part of why I have so much affection for this collection. The combinations are counterintuitive and incredibly bold, and the color and texture just never, ever let up. Everywhere you look there’s something different. I like that in a runway collection.

  • Lori

    I love that wrinkled bag! What a great bag for fall and winter.

  • Sandra Rowley

    I think the wrinkled/crinkled bag looks like someone ran over it with their car….but the clutch at the top with the handle/strap at the end…almost makes me want to buy a clutch for the first time….

  • rose60610

    I don’t follow Prada very closely, but I like most of these bags. The orange dress in the first photo makes the girl look like a goldfish, but I’d love to wear it with some really fierce black spikes, sans the helmet.

  • ninjaninja

    That girl in the last pic looks like an elf…is that the look they”re going for – whimsical fairy fashion?

    • Well, Prada did do a series of bags with actual fairies painted on them a few season ago, so maybe.

  • MizzJ

    The clothes in this shoot are just bizarre. Not quite aspirational fashion as they say. I do love those bags in the 2nd photo though – very pretty compared to the clothes!


  • PhotoGirl

    I am sick to death of all of these diversity-free ad campaigns.