A Review of My Prada Raffia Tote

A look at what I deem to be the perfect summer bag

Oddly enough, while I am constantly reviewing bags, talking about bags, and seeing bags, I haven’t been as active in my personal purchasing of bags recently. Truth is, I own a lot of bags, and because of it, most categories are checked off my personal checklist. But a truly summer Raffia bag wasn’t part of my collection, and I’ve been not-so-quietly obsessing over the Prada Raffia Tote since its inception – so I finally bought one.

While this bag is simple in so many ways, it’s a bag that quickly spoke to me and my year-round Summer-like living in South Florida. We went to the Bahamas for Spring Break, and it was the trip (and this new color) that had me finally pop into the store and buy one for myself. Check out my full review below!


The funny thing about the aesthetics category is that it is obviously completely subjective. What my personal style gravitates toward may not be something you enjoy, and vice versa. I purchased this bag because when it comes to the raffia bag look, this is the bag that has always spoken to me most. There is an inherent ease in the aesthetic, in fact, a true simplicity in the bag and the way the Raffia is woven together.

The emblematic Prada triangle sits on the front of the bag, and the Prada logo is at the center in black. I don’t mind the logo standing out for this design, but I just started thinking that if they offered a tonal logo version, I might love it even more.

Usability + Functionality

This bag is simple as they come – the soft, deconstructed design is crafted from Raffia, and this bag can easily be rolled up and packed for your warm weather trips (that is a major plus!). There is no lining and no interior pockets, and while that is what I knew I’d be getting with this bag, it does take away from the usability aspect.

Prada Raffia Tote Review 2 of 5
Prada Raffia Tote Review 3 of 5

What it truly means is you need to plan how you use this bag. I carried it the entire week we were in the Bahamas with the kids and had 3 pouches in the bag at all times. Each pouch served a purpose – one for kids items, one for my items, one for money/room key, and I could find what I was looking for. But this does mean extra planning on your part.

The other thing to note, which again is entirely evident when you purchase this bag, is that the weave of the design itself means the bag features holes, and if you have little kids who want to toss a small shell they find inside of the bag, it will fall out.

However, knowing all of this, I still made the purchase because this bag fits a specific want in my handbag closet, and it is a bag I have loved carrying! Dimensions are 38cm X 3cm x 36cm, and the handles easily slide over your shoulder. Another plus is how lightweight the bag is!

Quality + Construction

As I’ve said before, the materials of this bag and its design are entirely simple. The straw/wicker Raffia is used to create a very straightforward tote shape with straw handles. I’ve examined samples of these bags over the years and have been using mine for a few weeks straight, and I don’t see the Raffia starting to split anywhere. Overall, the bag is very well-made with the materials used.

Prada Raffia Tote Review 4 of 5

Price + Value

The price of this bag right now is $1,990, and for a Raffia bag, many will argue that it is expensive. But I will share that bag prices across the board have grown exponentially, and I personally will get a lot of use out of a bag like this. Many times when it comes to deciding on how to rate the price and value, I think about how many uses I will get from the bag. Some bags sit in my closet far more than others, but the more practical for my wardrobe they are, the more it makes sense price-wise. Price is currently $1,990 via Prada.

Staying Power

Now, this bag doesn’t check the classic boxes – but it does check off a summer-specific vibe and will be a bag you can use for years to come for any warm weather days. Raffia bags have been having their time in the sun, literally, and though this movement has been given more steam in the last couple of years, even before that, plenty of brands offered designer straw and raffia bags.

This bag has elements of trendiness to it, but there is also longevity when it comes to vacation bags, and this bag fits the bill. There are ample color options for you now, but this Aqua color which was just released, spoke to me most (I was back and forth between this and this purple hue, Lily).

Prada Raffia Tote Review 1 of 2
Prada Raffia Tote Review 2 of 2

Overall Rating

If you were looking for a bag that is more seasonal and functional, this bag isn’t what I would suggest. However, if you are looking for a summer bag, one that feels light, easy to pack, and gives that icing on top of your other tropical ensembles, this bag is for you.

While plenty of our bags aim to be daily practical carries, one of the reasons I love bags most is because they can align with your personal style and amplify your mood, and this bag does just that.

After carrying this bag for our entire trip, as my airplane carry-on, daily carry, pool, and beach bag, and when we went to dinner at night, I can say that it is a bag I am thrilled to have added to my collection and look forward to carrying it for years to come!

Shop the Prada Raffia Tote now!


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