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I think I get the reference here. I really think I do. I think Maison Martin Margiela is trying to give a not-so-sly nod to those eternally unfashionable t-shirts from the late 80s and early 90s with majestically airbrushed scenes of wolves or tigers or other predatory beasts on them. Their wearers could often be found in arcades, playing Dance Dance Revolution and sipping a slurpy.

Or now, they’ve experienced a new awakening with ironic Brooklyn hipsters, who will mine second-hand stores for anything awful and too tight to wear, possibly as some sort of mating call to other hipsters. I don’t understand this logic and don’t pretend to understand it, but there it is. So.

And now, as with all stupid grassroots trends, an ‘edgy’ designer has co-opted it and decided to charge big bucks for those that want to get the trend without going to the thrift shop. For this particular piece of pop culture, the Maison Martin Margiela Airbrushed Wolf Bag has an airbrushed wolf head on the side of a while leather hobo (incidentally, the white leather hobo by itself would be something I would carry – very soft-looking and unstructured; very much my style). Words simply fail me here. There’s nothing to say about the utter stupidity of this bag (and its price tag, which is absolutely asinine for what is no more than a novelty item) that isn’t glaringly obvious just from the photo. So, have at it in the comments. Buy through eLuxury for $1,195.

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  • Jen

    I’m going to my 20-year 8th grade reunion this weekend, so I’m already steeped in horrendous 80’s nostalgia (just how big did my bangs get at age 13?), but looking at the pictures of that wolf bag just brought that much deeper in the mire of 80’s “what were we thinking” mode. That’s a BAD bag. Maybe I’d buy it as a joke if it were offered at Target, but at $1200, you’ve got to be kidding me.

    I think that I’m going to go hang a unicorn poster on my office wall now.

    • I LOL’ed at the last line.

  • Lisa

    Holy cow!!!! I think ‘asinine’ about says it all like you wrote. What a horrendous waste of a perfectly nice looking white leather bag!

  • Jamie

    My favorite part of this has to be the it of drool hanging from the wolves mouth.
    If you take it in the rain then it would be a 3D drool. :wink:

    The bag itself is lovely and looks like butter though!

  • Ellez

    I want to weep at the beautiful white leather being wasted with that disgusting picture!!! I’m pretty sure I have pictures of my older brother,cousins etc. wearing T-shirts with that same picture. In fact you could probably find exactly the same shirt at our local goodwill and other thrift stores. All I can say about that bag and shirt are EEEEWWWWW!!!!!

  • This is wrong on so many levels…. :mad:

  • lula_bernie

    Oh please. :roll: Utterly stupid is right. I wouldn’t even spend $2 on this at a flea market. Why can I see some starlet wearing it? I just hope she will get it gratis. :razz:

    • My money is on Agyness Deyn or Sienna Miller. All the more reason to roll your eyes at the both of them.

      • lula_bernie

        You are going to have to link back to this post when that happens (and I think it will)… :wink:

  • Amanda, can we all laugh since I swear I had that shirt when I was like 11…

  • Jemi

    When I was skimming the blog today and saw the pictures of this “creation” my first thought was “oh good lord what has happened to Megs taste!!!”

    Thankfully your write up has proven that your impeccable taste is still intact. WHEW!

    • It’s Amanda’s taste that is still intact. :wink:

      Note the post author.

  • Sarah

    This is hilariously awful. Love it.

  • pursecrzy

    I don’t remember the t-shirts but it reminds me of some airbrushed vans & trucks I’ve seen.

  • me

    ugh, who thought that would be a good idea? If Napoleon Dynamite was a rich girl . . .

    • Corinne

      the bag must be your free gift with purchase of “glamour shots by Deb”

  • I don’t care for the t-shirts but believe it or not, I like the bag. I think it will age well and be kind of crazy chic. I don’t like it enough to get it though! But if someone gave it to me, I would thank them :razz:

  • I don’t care for the t-shirts but believe it or not, I like the bag. I think it will age well and be kind of crazy chic. I don’t like it enough to get it though! But if someone gave it to me, I would thank them.

  • Lyns

    this is a lame attempt to start a fad. LAME.

  • Pursechazer

    WendyB i have to agree!! I kinda like this bag!!
    The leather looks yum and oddly i like the wolf as well,
    very crazy!!

  • cal

    Funny, but for over a $1000 you can get the same nauseating effect from a T-shirt for $19.99!

  • Joe

    This is so ugly. and trying way to hard to be fashionable.

    Im shocked you even gave it the time of day….. :???:

  • passionforflashin

    one word = hideous.

  • lauralai23

    Hmm.. I wonder if it has one of those little push button sound effect watch battery operated animal noise things.
    **PUSH HERE**

  • :razz: FAB. I .OLA BERACASA I LOVE IT!! I totally remember those t-shirts, the bag is so fresh, so happy, so unabashedly cool!! I cannot see how you would find it so unappealing!

  • This actually is incredibly lame. In all honesty Martin Margiela is a lame man with his gimmicky lab coat wearing salespeople. Chances are he had a boytoy in the early 90s he picked up from an arcade in a mall who wore those epic, loser t shirts. How dare he try to push for this garbage, I cringe when I see those cheap screenprinted paintings on t shirts to this day.

  • amy

    actually it’s an 80’s NATIVE AMERICAN reference……..

  • MissLoveChanel

    Monstrous. Who would put such an unpretty graphic on such a very pretty bag? And the shirt? Words fail.

  • kidkid

    Everyone on this blog has no real fashion sense. This is a great handbag, the image is actually quite stunning. Its better than the bland Balenciaga and Prada bags you designer whores go crazy for. Bad luxury items that this blog adores are going out of style, and fast.

  • sharkkkk

    Wow. I absolutely . . . Love this bag! Its amazing. One of a kind. Very edgy and cool. Yeah, I’m not too fond of the price but its definetly I would buy! And yes, KidKid, everyone dies over a stupid tasteless Prada and Versace bag that’s so ugly. Maison Martin Margiela is the master of fashion and always continue to be!