Of course this clutch is from no one other than Judith Leiber. Love her designs or hate them, Leiber continues to bring us some different insects, birds, and animals in her famed crystal covered clutches. Her last bird we covered was an owl and her next endeavor is a parrot.

The Judith Leiber Parrot Clutch looks to be modeled after a Macaw, sporting red, blue, and yellow crystal embellishment. As we have said time and time again, this would be a heirloom piece which is not meant for every occasion and not even meant to be worn much. Some may argue, but these pieces are better suited on display.

Judith Leiber Parrot Clutch

Back to the parrot. I remember one of my first big art projects in school I drew a red, blue, and yellow Macaw along with a blue, green, and yellow Macaw. What young child does not like a brightly colored tropical bird? After looking at most Leiber pieces, I forget that they are intended wearable pieces. There is a gold chain clutch and a vanity mirror. Somehow this is already sold out at Net A Porter, but the parrot may fly back in. Via Net A Porter for $5695.

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  • raspberry


    I love judith leiber miniaudiere. Maybe when the economy recovers and I get a big fat bonus … hahaha…

    You can tell the attention to detail from the shading effects.

    My Fav is still the Ganesha indian goddess miniaudiere.

  • 19yearslater

    I love her pieces. If any designer can actually be called creative its Judith Leiber.

  • Jenna

    haha my mom is obsessed with parrots

  • Joe

    I just dont get the hype about her bags… maybe Carrie Bradshaw turned me off to them that time she went to an Upper East Side party, and Big bought her a Leiber “Duck” (I think it was a duck)

    they are just pointless.

    Buy a Hummel.

  • Janne

    Oh, what can I say… These “bags” are ridiculous! I cannot believe people will pay actual money (and thousands of dollars at that) for such a ludicrous piece of tinsel!

  • Rebbeca

    I like her pieces normally.
    But this ones gone way too far… Wonder what and how ill carry it!

  • chloehandbags

    I really like it – not sure if I’d carry it, but it’s lovely. :)