Naturally, the PurseBlog team spends a lot of its time cruising shopping sites and poking around to find stuff that’s new and interesting, and usually, that yields great bags and an interesting iPhone case or wallet here and there. Yesterday, though, we found something that even made the seasoned online shoppers in our office do a double take: an exotic yoga bag?

The Jill Haber Crocodile Yoga Bag is exactly what it sounds like: a carrying case for your sweaty yoga mat, taken to its logical extreme so that you’re the fanciest lady at the green juice shop after class. The case pairs perfectly with gold leaf-embellished leggings, which are a thing that I just made up as a joke but, come to think of it, probably exist somewhere.


The case is part of Moda Operandi’s Holiday Collection, which, in the grand tradition of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book before it, houses both attainably luxurious present ideas and ludicrously extravagant, rare pieces that are both actually available and, to a certain extent, probably meant to create chatter and excitement among shoppers in general. It’s a good tactic, and one that gives us stuff like a this yoga case, which does not appear to be among Haber’s normal assortment of products.

If you want one of these, head on over to Moda Operandi and plunk down $5,495 (mat not included) for it. Be quick, though; there’s only one left.

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  • Kweenhelene

    Thanks, but I’d rather pay for a semester of college for my son lol

  • Wow do people really have these? Extravagant …

  • oui

    I guess if you have a $10k mat made from non-woven unicorn hair lined with dragon shearling fur, this yoga bag is a steal.

    • Sara

      You summed up anything I had to say lol

    • luxelover

      LOL – exactly !

  • Sparky

    Wonder what life is like in that alternate universe…!

  • Stina Sias

    I hate that a crocodile died to carry around someone’s disgusting yoga mat

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  • nps

    Ironic this is a yoga mat when yoga is a study for looking inwards and finding balance. So wrong.

    • Sara


  • Lisa

    Oh I’m so bummed; I really wanted two :-)