Head Hand Bag by Yael Mer

Twisted, surprising and controversial. Three attributes that guarantee success.

Designer Yael Mer of Raw Edges is responsible for this unique piece. While our tPF members may find it creepy, I find it entirely brilliant. Apparently, the biblical story about Judith and Holofernes and its visual representation from the Renaissance were inspiration for the design of the bag. I can not relate to either the story, nor its representations from the fancy times of rebirth, but I think that this novelty bag adds great shock effect to spice up your daily wardrobe. You may have some explaining to do if a cop stopped you with a drawn gun, telling you to hand over possible homicide evidence, but it’s totally a risk I’d be willing to take!

Head Hand Bag by Yael Mer

Not sure where to get it and for how much, you can probably find out by emailing.

Would you wear it?

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Maria

    not liking this one at all..

  • wenndy

    :???: i dont like it either.. cuz if i ever was gonna buy it im goin 2 end up not using it .. its a nice art but not like 2 wear it .. :sad:

  • Mode Monitor

    I love them! They are different, subversive. They make you stop and look and they are a nice break from all the pimped out bags out there. http://www.modemonitor.com

    • lauren

      i absolutely love this bag! i think it would be a unique bag to carry. u dint know how that this bag gives so many people “the creeps” because its not like its made out of human head or something

  • mette

    These bags gives me the creeps. No way.I´d even feel bad someone actually toting something like this.

  • Valerie Mathus

    I think they are amazing, not only for novelty sake, but also for the actual craftsmanship. Molding what looks like wool (?) into that face shape cannot be an easy feat, I am curious to know how it is made! I might rock it, it certainly is unique and guaranteed that not many others would have it, but I probably would not use it very often…

  • Emily

    NO WAY! It’s like somebody lopped of a head and then stuck it in a canvas bag.

  • luce

    they are cool for like an art display….not actual use. :shock:

  • melvina

    i actually like it very creative..i dont know if i would wear it but definitely a piece of art

  • Miss_white_lily

    As a handbag…way to scary!! As a piece of art…YES!

  • tre

    Umm.. I think I’ll pass

  • dierregi

    Just need some dripping blood and the goth effect will be complete. But I am not a goth person….

  • Diane Cleary

    Yuck! And how much does it sell for? $5,000? It looks like a mummy.

  • LucianaW

    Sorry but I don´t like!

  • SweetPea

    Too Creepy…I would feel like someone is watching me at all times(especially in my home).

  • lisa

    you would probably get arrested for suspicion of murder carrying this “thing” around

  • Cindy Maher

    What were they thinking????????

  • Anita

    Hell no!

  • pjh

    I think it’s cool. See, I did not first think about lopping off someone’s head. In my mind, I pictured a fabulous girl skipping about Paris, having gotten everything she ever wanted. She comes up to a statue, say on the side of a building or in the Louvre, decides she wants to use the head for a purse, so she just takes it! It’s strangely elegant, walking around with your gum and cell phone in piece of art.

  • wgs

    this is just plain weird and creepy. no way would i carry that thing. maybe if i was gothic, i would consider it, but i’m not.

  • karry kasim


  • SereneO

    No way!!! It looks way toooo creepy, not pretty at all :!:

  • Lycn4717

    oh no way.. wayyy too creeepy!!!! Eeek! i dont even want to see it in public.. maybe only acceptable on halloween.. creepy..

  • Julia

    Can I get one that looks like George Clooney? :mrgreen:

  • jackie

    hmmm…..i could see myself carrying it, if i was a serial killer.

  • smallpaperbird

    interesting. i would totally wear it.

  • shan

    VLADI! you would like this!!! :) however, not for me…

  • Sadaf

    Yikes :shock: !!! I could never!! No, not for me! Good art though!

  • Rach

    I’d totally carry it!! How many people would you meet with a conversation starter like THAT? :lol:

  • julie bogacz


  • Claire

    this is reaalllyy creepy. i would never carry it;

  • Roxana

    Yikes, it is a bit creepy.. like there is a head in it. no, I wouldn’t carry it!

  • Kaytey

    I probably would. i don’t know why. It just appeals to me… And I hate violence. I don’t even kill mosquitos. I’d love it… To death. :P

  • GeorgiaT

    WTF?? Halloween accessory?

  • Pudsy

    Dark, edgy and very,very clever! While it obviously isn’t a bag for every occasion it certainly is a conversation starter! I’d love to get my hands on one!

  • Linh Kieu

    IT IS SCARY!!!!

  • Jahpson

    very disturbing. I would not wear such horrible and tacky mess

  • tuffcookie

    paint the bottom of the neck red, and your good to go. i think people would carry this bag for the “omg!! look at that bag” shock factor. me personally, im not feelin’ it.

  • MissLoveChanel

    Although I’m sure it would be a “conversation starter”, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to be involved in the coversations that thing might provoke. It looks like it might have been designed by Jeffrey Dahmer. What’s next, an umbrella shaped like an amputated leg? No thanks.

    • Kat

      LOL I bet you just gave them another idea!

  • longchamp

    Agree with above, it is dark and edgy, but in a scary way!!

  • jans

    “Would i wear it?” How does one respond without being too forward– HELL NO!

  • Lorena

    I don’t find it creepy at all… Seriously, like someone would actually think you’re carrying a human head? I find it very unusual and stylish.

  • Asiont

    I’d love to have it, nice thing for a party etc, not necessary to job ;]

    great one :)

  • Monkeymagic

    Where can I get one??

  • Amie Sugat

    I so totally want one, I’d definitely wear it on a blind date. goes perfect with zombie shoes too.

    I mean, on a blind date you can tell right away if he gets your sense of humor or not or if he even has one himself.

    also it would be great at comic-con or a posh party. I probably couldnt afford it though, so maybe i’ll figure out how to make something similar myself.

  • Kat

    It def would lead to meeting new people and conversation but it is a little creepy!

  • april

    YES!!! love it love it love it I would sooo tote this around what a freakin awesome purse, I so want one!!!!!!!!!!

  • Duke


    A man purse that makes sense!

  • Does anyone know where I can buy a human face purse by Yael mer I am desperate to buy one asap

  • stanlee

    Alright now that we got the big head handbag lets get the little fella, the clutch penis head clutch bag.You know, for the lady of the evening.