Head Hand Bag by Yael Mer

Twisted, surprising and controversial. Three attributes that guarantee success.

Designer Yael Mer of Raw Edges is responsible for this unique piece. While our tPF members may find it creepy, I find it entirely brilliant. Apparently, the biblical story about Judith and Holofernes and its visual representation from the Renaissance were inspiration for the design of the bag. I can not relate to either the story, nor its representations from the fancy times of rebirth, but I think that this novelty bag adds great shock effect to spice up your daily wardrobe. You may have some explaining to do if a cop stopped you with a drawn gun, telling you to hand over possible homicide evidence, but it’s totally a risk I’d be willing to take!

Head Hand Bag by Yael Mer

Not sure where to get it and for how much, you can probably find out by emailing.

Would you wear it?

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