Gucci Birthday Cake

I am officially jealous of this cake. Jealous of the receiver, jealous of the people that could actually create and design this, jealous of all who helped eat it. This is indeed a cool cake. Looks like this was given as a gift for a 21st 26th birthday. And while so many people equate lots of shots on their 21st 26th, a designer handbag cake would have been up my ally so much more. This is a Gucci Cake complete with a Gucci Boston Bag on top of a Gucci Box. Even the little cookie would have made my day. I can not imagine the price for a cake like this, novelty enough that it would end up being totally ridiculous, but isn’t it amazing?

I am now rethinking our wedding cake. Why did we go traditional when I could have had a full fledged designer handbag cake for all of our guests. My birthday is coming in September though. Instead of Gucci, I would prefer more of a Chanel or Hermes. Just sayin’. [Image via Flickr]

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  • V

    it’s adorable, though i think it’s a 26th birthday cake. hence…”21st..+5″

    some people never get older than “30”, i guess this lucky fashionista never gets older than 21.

  • Melanie

    For the price of that cake….they probably could have bought the real bag!

  • Apparently I can not read today….

  • dela

    In South Florida you’ll find a lot of designer handbag cakes. Last year we were looking for a very specific cake for my niece’s birthday and time and again we came across these beautiful designer cakes and that too at relatively reasonable prices.

    I think for Wedding nothing is better than a timeless traditional cake.

  • Do you remember any of the places Dela?

  • Abigail

    I love this cake!! I hope it was just as yummy as it looks!

  • dela

    Two that I remember off the top of my head are
    dessert design []

    A friend of mine got an LV cake at

  • Brown Suga

    I created the above cake for a fashionista’s birthday party in Soho. The cake was ordered by her boyfriend who also gave her the actual bag as a gift! The “bag” was an old-fashion butter pound cake filled with vanilla/almond buttercream and the “box” was also butter pound cake fiilled with fresh strawberries and french vanilla mousse! Melanie – believe it or not the cake actually cost less than the bag :)

    • gucci

      can you tell me what size was the cake purse & the box
      i am haveing somewon make 1 for me but thay told me the
      purse whould be only 8-inches & the box 10 inches please if
      can let me no asap,thank you GOD BLESS

    • jennifer

      Hi I love this gucci cake, please e-mail me with your contact info.

    • kesha

      I have been online searching for a bakery to make this cake. Are you located in Florida. That’s where I am spending my 30th bday and I am trying to get a good idea as to how much this cake would cost and when I need to place my order. Please contact me via email at

  • Ginger

    Brown Suga your creations are masterpieces. I would spend a million plus dollars for your stunning & decadent creations. Today “The PurseBlog”…tomorrow “Oprah” .

  • Meghan

    ooo I want one! Beautiful AND it sounds delicious!

  • Merve

    Brown Suga your description made me drool on my desk!! Any hopes of getting some of your cakes in Europe? :( : (

  • PC

    That really is a masterpeice and perfect for us bag divas here at purseblog!

  • Jeff

    Brown Suga-
    I would love to post this cake on my birthday cake site and give you props for it. Do I have permission to post this picture and the description on
    Please email me back.


  • Brown Suga

    Thanks so much for the positive feedback everyone :) Wow Ginger…you sound like a major balla’… please feel free to contact me through flickr! Merve – I must first conquer the states and then make my way to Europe LOL!!!!! Jeff – please feel free to post the photo on your site and thanks in advance for the props!!!

  • Brown Suga, do you have a website?? I may need you sometime to make us a special cake :)

  • sjensen

    I just sent this picture to my hubby and told him I want this to be my next bday cake. . . . probably just wishful thinking!!

  • Brown Suga

    Hi Megs, I would be delighted! My website is currently under construction, but this isn’t stopping my show :) provides a link to my gallery of cakes on flickr (

  • Tamiko

    This cake is simply amazing, I love it!

    I’ve been lucky enough to try few of brown suga’s cakes…they are absolutely delicious!!! My favorite is still the strawberry shortcake though:P

  • Jillian

    Brown suga…are you taking orders?!?!

  • Nee

    oh my goodness, your cakes are amazing!!!! I wish you all the best with your business…. you need to make a hermes birkin and post it here!!

  • Brown Suga

    Jillian – yes, please email me

    Thanks so much Nee,!I would love to create a Birkin, just haven’t received an order for one as of yet :)

    • Tiffany O

      How much did you charge. My friend is making purse cakes now, but has no idea what to charge.
      Thanks Tiffany

      • gucci


  • LDJ

    The cake is quite creative, but it’s not a good look for a wedding ceremony. Stick with your traditional lines.

  • Glamour @ Arrow

    Speechless, I love it!!!

    Start practicing for my Chanel bag!!!

  • Otter

    Tacky, tacky, tacky. Did you see on Real Housefraus of Atlanta when one of the ladies had a LV cake. Silly goose.

    I liked the LV Dodge Ram much better.

  • Ginger

    Otter, you sound jealous, jealous, jealous…maybe your spelling(Housefraus?) should be as meticulous as Suga Brown’s amazing creations.

  • rosebudd

    to LDJ

    my understanding is the Gucci Cake was for a 26th birthday party and not a wedding…get your facts straight before commenting incorrectly.

  • brown suga

    Sea-Otter, thanks for the sip of hater-ation juice…ahhhh refreshing cause it’s from a sour lemon like yourself! Get a grip and deal with the fact this cake is a hit whether you like it or not.

  • dela

    I am not a logo bag person in real life, but these bag cakes are fabulous. To me they are like a piece of pop art.

    rosebudd, I am pretty sure LDJ was referring to Megs’ post (second paragraph of Megs’ entry).

  • Tiffany

    Brownsuga – I envy your job! I only wish I had this kind of talent…well done, you!

  • MizzJ

    Brownsuga, you are so talented, this cake is amazing! I would certainly love it for my birthday since it may the closest thing I’ll ever have to any Gucci haha *sob*

  • Melanie

    well…then that is good to know! i know wedding cakes can cost a fourtune…for the time and design, you would think it would cost more! you are very talented! i’ll take a chanel cake please LOL

  • bella

    adorable cake!! ^^

  • amnA-

    ohh thats gorgeous, the cake reminded me of this thread i made a while ago –
    chanels, vuittons and many more – yummm

  • nina

    AAAAH!!! YO QUIERO UNA PARA MI CUMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! DE LOUIS VUITTON O CHANEL!!! que alguien le avise a mi novio! jajaja

  • Ange

    I saw that gorgeous gucci cake and just wanted to share a link…

  • Sya
  • nae925

    i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this cake i look at it every day because i want it for my 25th birthday party i think it help my party be a real hit…..not to mention i am a purse fanatic


    Nice cake. I’ve seen quite a few and some are done beautifully, this one, not so much. (I’d prefer a louis vuitton one though)

  • Amanda

    wow love that cake!

  • peter

    how vivid it is! love this cake and want to eat it! :) really cute!

  • Man Kwan

    Such fine skill reflects your dexterity and creativity! I still wonder how you go about making such realistic monogram logos that stands out so well! Congratulations for a job well-done! Regards, from a humble Malaysian homebaker. (

  • Roxy

    Hello i just want to say this cake is beautiful ….i really want one for my birthday which is on September 27th can u please tell me where i can buy one …ooo and i would like it to look exactly the same as this one …Thankyou ;-)

  • brittany

    Omg!!! Pleasssssse somebody tell me where I can find this person I want one for my 21st bday in july someone plesase give me some contact info I want this cake nomatter the cost!!1

  • Nicky1

    This Cake looks wonderful, I just love it, I think I’m gonna have to get me one. I hope you enjoyed your Birthday as well as your Cake.

  • Garry

    I like this birthday cake. Kids also may like good Birthday Theme for their birthday so If you are looking for Kids Birthday Themes for 1st Birthday then you may log on to see the different birthday Themes by visiting here

  • Stephanie

    Please tell me you can make my 21st birthday cake, it is in two weeks. I hope that it is not to late to order Girl I LOVE YOUR CAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU CAN

  • Brown Suga

    Hi Stephanie & Brittany – you can both contact me at Thanks :o)

  • twana

    I love this cake how do I have one made for my birthday please send me info. on how to place an order and the prices.

  • shay

    what the price of that cake

  • china

    cam u msg email

  • Ivy


    • Ivy

      Icing Illusions by Ivy in Montogomery Al. can make you a cake just like the above. In fact in am making one for tomorrow. I have a website and facebook page.

      Icing Illusions by Ivy

  • Connie Morris

    Hello I would like to order a Gucci cake for my B Day can you please forward me the address thanks much.


  • Nat

    why did they put a gucci bag which is in reality a speedy LV written Gucci over it?

    • Nat

      i hate when people copy and dont make any personal touches changes

      • Lexi

        Gucci does make a bag like that also.

  • Brown Suga

    My apologies to everyone… I haven’t been on this site recently and have not seen the request. For all inquires please email me @… thanks so much :o)

    My dearest Nat – this cake was made to the customer’s EXACT specifications as this is what providing a service is all about…Customer Service 101. I actually hate when people make assumptions when they have no idea what they are talking about.

  • rosa parks

    i gettin this cakee str8 up

  • beanyce126

    my birthday is coming up, this would be an ideal cake for i. (ipad)

  • charlene

    wish this cake maker was in england i want one! and a few lessons in making such art! excellent cake.

  • Brown Suga

    New Gucci Handmade Bag – Spring 2011….in cake of course :o)

  • shannon chanel gorman

    how much is this gucci cake please ??

  • Lexie Jones

    I need to know the price of this cake. Also can it be shipped to another state.

  • Brittany

    hi i was wondering if u made other special cake purses im interested in a victoria secrets bag cakw with bra and panties please email me back my party is on the 27th and let me knw if u do, price and advancment notice

  • meeshie

    How much for this gucci cake

  • Naz

    Hiya, I live in the uk. this cake is ammmmmmazzzzzzing. I was wondering how much it costs? also would u be able to ship to the uk? Keep up the fabb wrk.xxxx

  • polo

    what is the price 

  • Charles

    I just read this entire threat and yet a ball park cost wasn’t mentioned once. Not very helpful.