I’ve made no secret that I’m a huge and adoring fan of almost every clutch that Celestina has ever made. The materials used are those that are rarely found in such abundance in other clutches, and they’re used to amazing effect. The level of intricacy is unbelievably high on everything that they make, and they leave no detail unattended. But that doesn’t mean that their clutches are overdone – they’re usually sleek and modern-looking, despite their incredible uniqueness.

Celestina Roseanne Blacklip Clutch

Which brings us to the Celestina Roseanne Blacklip Clutch. I can’t imagine that anyone could look at this and have a negative reaction – it’s sleek and simple, covered in diamond-cut tiles of blacklip mother of pearl. The colors are earthy and warm, but deep enough to function as a cold-weather event option despite the material. It reflects a great deal of light and would likely change colors fantastically in different settings. If you were to take it to an event, you’d easily stand out in a sea of boring black evening bags. Buy through Barneys for $1290.

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  • Weannie

    That is gorgeous!!

  • Mandy

    Stunningly simple. Beautiful.

  • Caroline @ Salescoop

    I have to agree that this clutch is stunning. It is so amazingly intricate. This is one of those cases in which the bag truly looks like it is worth its price. Thanks for the review, Amanda!


    • Nina T.

      you are so right Caroline! :)

  • E Santos

    Regarding CELESTINA BAGS: I agree with some of the posters in the previous articles about Celestina. Don’t buy them at those ridiculous prices! Tina Maristela-Ocampo was a model in the Philippines, and considers herself a “socialite” now. I do not believe that just because you are a socialite, you can use your name to overprice merchandise that, not only can EASILY be found and produced locally in the markets in the Philippines, but also are very common here. You can get the exact designs for much, much less (as little as $20-50). These bags aren’t exactly hard to make, considering that mother of pearl is readily available here in the Philippines. If you buy it at this price, you’re getting ripped off. Instead, I suggest travelling here to the Philippines and buy these bags from local women who get paid so little for their own hard work.

    Just had to share my opinion.

    • Nina T.

      Tina Ocampo does not try to be a “socialite” she spends time with her family and enjoys being with other people she has many experience with being a model and trying to support her family by being creative by making bags for everyone to enjoy which is art.

  • Well, it’s pretty much impossible for most people to travel to the Philippines for the purpose of buying handbags. If things like that are this common there, it amazes me that businesses haven’t been set up to export them to the US; there would definitely be a market.

  • E Santos

    All I’m saying is that I’m disappointed to learn that she has been selling her bags at this price. If it’s true that her laborers or materials are from the Philippines, then why the high cost? The local women here aren’t paid much at all for work like this, so it’s disappointing that they aren’t the ones benefiting from this. The Philippines is a poor country, and most of us don’t have the funds or ability to penetrate the world market like the designer of Celestina does. In almost all cases, it’s only the very rich people who are capable of getting through the red tape of the government.

    I’m just surprised that she’s charging such prices. You know, it would probably cost more to buy the bags at these prices than to travel here and buy a bag. :P

    • el-mehr

      to E Santos..typical crab mentality of filipinos..if someone gets credit they will try to pull him down..

    • Nina T.

      dear E FUCKING SANTOS! i see that you live in the philippines why dont you get up from your fat ass and make one bag that is beautiful like this! so stop complaining that its to expensive because you cant buy one yourself!

      • Morebags

        As much as I agree with your previous post supporting Celestina, foul language is uncalled for. And Santos’ ability to buy a $1000 clutch has nothing to do with the discussion. He is referring to lack of funds “to penetrate the world market” as a seller not as a buyer. There might be some truth to what he or she is saying whether you agree with it or not.

  • Merve

    I love the clutch its totally divine but i have to take E Santos’ comments into consideration. I think i would prefer to come see your beautiful country instead :)

  • Lois K

    I disagree with E Santos. Those small-time entrepreneurs/designers are way more talented than Tina! Waittaminute, Tina doesn’t even pay her staff! she gets all those ballooned profits herself! (and her gay husband)

    • shelia tetik

      hey losi k you are some big ass shit face, ok first of all tina ocampo is a women who works so hard. i bet your some shit face bitch who gets no action and has no fucking life ok so why dont you get up of your ass and work and stop bitching on other people and live a fucking life. YOU DONT HAVE TO BUY A FUCKING BAG so stop. AND WHY THE FUCK would you think that her husband is gay they have children WHO WORK HARDEN THAN YOUR FUCKING ASS

    • George Z

      yo chill the fuck out. do you know celestinas husband? im from the states you little fucker, and ive been to the philippines you piece of shit. fucking pinoys, how the FUCK do you kno that she doesnt pay her employees? do you work for her? your pointless attempt at trolling/propaganda is humorous shit. get youre big fat ass of the computer and do something that youre actually good at, like cooking rice.

      • Adriana S

        wow.. you guys honestly if you’re going to say something bad then just don’t say anything. People don’t want to hear about how you wont fly all the way to the Philippines.
        I live in Paris and personally i love the bags, and i think it is all worth buying so if you have nothing nice to say, keep your comments to yourself.
        Everyone would appreciate it.
        Btw, insulting her family wont make anything better. Her husband is not GAY! If he was why would he marry her…? .. Exactly so just STFU and go back to your own business.

  • dangster

    E Santos, I agree with Amanda that NO ONE is going to travel all the way to the Philippines for the purpose of buying handbags. Once you take airfare, lodging, food, and other travel expenses into account (and not to mention time lost to traveling), you will have spent more than $1290 for a handbag.

    Locally made goods are ALWAYS cheaper to buy locally than exported goods. This is a no-brainer. But Tina was smart and saw a way to make money. The local designers/artisans weren’t.

  • MG

    okay.. seems like there’s sort of a debate going on now. here’s my take on it. i’m someone who actually lives in the philippines, and just last saturday, i went around the malls and saw BOTH celestina mother of pearl clutches (which retails for about $1230 to $2300++) from a high end boutique and locally made mother of pearl clutches being sold at a local department store (which costs around $120 to $150) and i must say, there IS a difference. while the difference may not be huge, upon comparison you will definitely see that celestina’s bags are intricately crafted from the best materials while the ones in the local department store are not as nice. so i guess it all boils down to which the buyer would prefer: quality or price. as the saying goes, you can’t have the best of both worlds ;)

  • Pamela M

    This clutch is absolutely phenomenal. It’s just perfection all around.

  • angelz5254

    I agree that there will always be a superior and an inferior quality of whatever we have here on earth but the thing is…you get the premium for what you pay. Of course, the expenses that entails a high-end business is enormous and that you have to consider. My other concern is that why can’t we just be happy for a business person like Tina Maristela-Ocampo who came up with the idea of bringing and introducing the Philippine products to the world. Crab mentality!!!

  • Anonymous

    I have to say the bag is very lux. I’ve seen it myself at Harvey Nichols in Dubai. I am proud that a Filipino has managed to get into the US and sell her product at high end shops (I.e Monique lHuillier and Raffe).. Iam saddened how crab mentality is really a disease in most Filipinos. Wht can’t they just be happy for them. They work hard to be able to reach this kind of prestige. True that she’s a socialite and that’s an edge but that doesn’t mean she’s not good at what she does. Hurray for her and boo for the others who hates her.