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  • PJGambler

    Thank you for writing this and summarizing the salient points.
    On a side note, it kind of tickles me when I am reminded how much elitism exists in the designer handbag world like the term “entry level” totes” or Woc’s, meaning they categorize their pedestrian level buyers as such!

    • I think any brand that makes consumer products thinks about things that way–price-wise, it’s important to have a point of entry for new customers who might be more price-conscious than those who have been spending money on very high-end stuff for a long time. Luxury car-makers, for instance, use the same terminology.

      • PJGambler

        (Just thinking about those who believe they have arrived because they bought a GST for example, only to realize they are still looked down upon by those who can afford the top priced bags.)

      • Ahh yes. A reminder that your holy grail bag is the one that some people take to the beach is definitely always waiting to jump out at you in this industry.

      • laura

        Very true but let’s not forget that even an entry level Chanel is still something that not everyone can afford.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Very interesting article. I guess Chanel is shifting its luxury business model and it seems the best way to get the outrageous prices they seek is to encourage snobbery! What a world we live in. WIth that said I’d like to see what they are gonna do with that Wallet On a Chain.

    • Winn

      Trying to prevent over saturation and ubiquity isn’t snobbery. It’s knowing the target market and protecting the brand.

      • Aliza Zibkoff

        Okay…So I guess customers that don’t want anyone else to G-d forbid have a Chanel bag like theirs aren’t snobs…they are just infantile?

      • I don’t necessarily agree with those customers, but I do understand where they are coming from. There is some (illogical?) satisfaction that we get from exclusivity, whether it be loving a song that no one has heard of yet, eating at a great new undiscovered restaurant, vacationing in a secluded island. When everyone loves the same song, eats at the same restaurant, or that island is suddenly teeming with people; the luster of the song/restaurant/island does fade a bit.

      • Finem Lauda

        Oooooh this, this, THIS! Thank you! I am so sick of the elitism. Fuck ’em, fuck their ~exclusivity~.

      • Jerri R


      • Good or bad, this attitude is what basically every marketing tactic in modern fashion is designed to create.

    • That’s the luxury goods business for you. And human nature, I guess.

      I don’t take it against Chanel, though. They are doing the right thing for their brand and their business.

    • anon

      Elitism at its best. Ugh.

  • John

    Chanel is discontinuing the GST for two years. I just got the last one at a major department store in California.

    I actually think its a great idea. They can focus on the boy bag for two years and ride that out then reintroduce the grande-dame herself.

    It’s really a win-win because those who buy them now are making a total solid investment and Chanel can gain tons of new customers when they re-launch.

    • britney

      I going to buy a chanle purse they are my favorite

  • Sandy

    My GST is one of the most useful bags I own. The flap bags are beautiful but they hold less and are more difficult to access. I certainly hope the GST is here to stay, this is my go to bag, lovely and useful, the perfect bag.

  • Interesting, especially the move toward more exclusivity in bags. Those who can afford, get; those who cannot afford, go without.

  • Ellejays11

    I do feel like there is something to the GST rumours. What that is, precisely, will play out eventually I am sure. I think it could be genius marketing though. People who hadn’t previously considered the GST are now talking about snagging one before it goes away. Perhaps counter intuitive to not wanting to saturate the market, but sales are sales.

    • At first I thought they were probably just rumors, but now they’ve been around for so long that it feels like there’s something to it. Even the woman who started the thread that I linked to in the post came back later to say that her friend at Chanel had reversed course and told her that they WOULD be discontinued.

      And I agree that it’s quite smart; artificially straining supply, when done correctly, definitely works to manipulate luxury consumers.

  • ami

    At the direction that Chanel is going to, I think my flap bag is the one and only chanel that I will own.

  • anon

    So, Chanel is trying to be Hermes?

    • Jess

      Haha, I was thinking the same. I really love the classic flap and got my first ever only 4 weeks ago. Sadly, it will most certainly remain my one and only Chanel as I won’t be able (and also not willing) to afford any higher price tags.

      • anon

        I totally get what you mean. Now, I’m staying away from buying other designer handbags so I can just get a Chanel bag, but it feels like such a hassle and keeps your options limited you know? Tbh, their effort to be “exclusive” is coming off snobbish to me and therefore makes me kinda unwilling to pay a higher price tag too. I guess Hermes’ exclusivity is understandable, but Chanel? Jeez.

  • Jade

    It’s not just a rumor that they are closing locations. The Cincinnati store closed Feb. 1. It was located on Saks. Sad reality.

    • Thanks for the confirmation! I couldn’t find anyone in our Chanel forum whose store had already closed.

  • abigail

    Rumor #3 is what my SA in Columbus Ohio has told me as well! I’ve already stopped in to make my last purchase before they close next month :(

  • FashionableLena

    If these rumors are true, the secondhand market for these will definitely get a boost and also command a higher price tag.

  • D.L

    About the last “rumor”. Chanel isn’t so different than Vuitton. Just look at those cheap plastic fake pearl earnings and all. They cost even lesser than LV monogram items.

    • Giselle

      Well, this is what Mademoiselle herself created and they use it for their benefit:)

  • NWgirl

    I agree with WOC quality being not great. The bags are made amazing but it feels like it’s structured with thin cardboard inside and my Camilla WOC in patent started to split at the stitching and I had only used it twice.

    • DLCP

      THat sounds like you have a fake.

  • Giselle

    While I’m not a fan of Chanel price increases and faux exclusivity, I think these changes will help protect the brand. I was a LV fan, but now only buy limited edition bags or slg.

  • Alyssa C

    I must say, the Chanel boutique experience is a less then positive one. Sales associates are often rude and unwilling to help.
    I had a recent experience at the Manhasset NY store with a GST purchased in Bal Harbor FL store that was missing a screw in the handle. They told me they couldn’t help me since the bag wasn’t purchased in that store and I’d have to bring it into the flagship or back to Bal Harbor. Long story short, it was a total pain for me to bring this broken bag into the city and took months for me to get fixed.

    I expected more and think I will be avoiding Chanel for a while.

  • suesanoconnor

    I live in Cincinnati. A few months ago the SA in Saks Fifth Avenue told me they were no longer going to carry the Chanel handbags and shoes. She also said two other Saks one in Indiana another in Columbus were closing. I bought a bag while I was there and will miss being able to stop by whenever I want to see what is in stock. I called them this weekend and all the handbags and shoes are gone.

  • laura r

    i have a quilted 255 black which had been reissued about 10 years back by lagerfeld. it has the rhruthian chain. hardly used it. what price is this going for now? @ the time it was $3500 usd. i want to put it on ebay. (its too heavy for me to carry). thanktou, i havent shopped in years!

  • Jerri R

    If I am not mistaken, Coco Chanel’s philosophy was about sensibility and comfort, hence the simplified menswear-inspired suits and costume jewelry. Not sure she was so concerned about keeping the label extremely elitist. This snobbery reeks of Herr Karl.

  • Amanda Kornfield

    I’m seriously considering buying a pre-loved WOC on Tradesy but not sure if it’s authentic- does anyone know if Inventory number 7387110 is the real deal?