bag of money A woman in St. Petersburg, Florida made a starling discovery, finding $65,000 in a plastic bag this week. Rather than keeping the money, the woman told her supervisor who called the police to turn it in. Turns out the money fell off a Loomis armored car. Talk about an honest person.

Vlad and I already had an interesting debate on this matter. He said he would take the money and I said I would call the authorities. I also questioned if you can face legal ramifications if you do indeed take the money, that obviously does not belong to you.

So let’s have a weekend debate: If you found a bag full of money, would you keep it? Why or why not? Do you think you could face legal troubles?

Story via Yahoo News

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    I would, given the situation… it’s common sense, cash can’t be tracked, If I just found a bag of cash on the street I would probably take it.. and support my locat LV store…

    • nzingg

      i would keep the moneyy. i could use it. you all are sayin give it back but if your family was in debt or someting and you needed the money(not just for handbags) you would still give it back pshhht i kno i wouldnt.somebody said what if i belong to someone and it was shady money heck then those shady people shouldnt get it anyway for what drugs or something less important than what i would use it for YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING well to reiterate i would keep the money if they left it on the floor they must have not cared about it that much anyway!!

  • FashionAddicted

    its hard to say…on one hand, i would take it, cause hey…its free money. think of all the bags i could buy with it! lol but then on the other hand, i dont know if i would cause what if it was my money that i was losing? i would want someone to return it. so i guess its really an in the moment kinda thing…

  • hm

    I think I would return it for the reason FashionAddicted mentioned – what if that was MY money? I would certainly hope the person would return it! Even if I kept it, the things I bought with it I would probably never be able to enjoy because I’d feel guilty.

    • hm

      Oops, forgot to reiterate at the end there that because of the guilt I predict that I would feel I would return the money.

  • bvbirdygirl

    well. id keep just enough for a fendi to you bag, :twisted: then i would give back the rest.

    jk id return it all, because i might get in serious legal trouble.

  • luce

    i would probably buy myself a nice bag i had been wanting and then return the rest…i’d think of it as a reward for my (well almost most of) my honesty.

  • Judi

    Ethically there’s no question that one is obligated to return the money in full. It is after all not your money.

    Legally, at least in the U.S., one is under the same obligation. If you don’t and you’re found with the money you could go to jail.

  • divnanata

    I would turn it in to the police – with a heavy heart knowing that there would be lots of people that would have a field day with the money. But it IS the right thing to do and the guilt would be excruciating. I would have a smidgeon of a hope that there would be a reward, though – LOL!

  • Terry

    Have to be honest and say I am surprised by the number of people who are “on the fence” about finding money. To me there is absolutely no grey area here. Right is right and wrong is wrong. And, right is returning the money. It would be difficult for me to hear anyone justify taking this money. My son found a bag of money at a nursey (plants) when he was about 10 years old. Was only about $20 but was in a white cloth bag. He was thrilled – couldn’t wait to run over and show me what he had found. This was an excellent lesson for him in doing the right thing. We turned the money into to the SA and gave her our number. She told us if no one came in and claimed the money then she would call and my son could have it. About thirty minutes later another mom returned with her little boy. The money was his birthday money. He and his mom stopped to buy plants before going to the toy store to spend his money. How sad for this little boy had my son not been taught to do the right/correct/ethical/moral action. Right is simply right all the time rather we feel like doing it or not.

    • Beth Loehr

      I’m glad you are a parent – wish everyone responded this way. The whole “buy a great bag” and then return the money is disgusting. And what is wrong with our society. Your son will turn out great.

    • Stacy

      Bravo, Terry! What a wonderful lesson for your son to do the right thing and then see the outcome of his good deed!

  • Lina

    Does noone ever think about karma?? its stolen money, and it would only bring misery. And how would u feel if u lost one of ur lv, gucci, balenciaga or an hermes bag, wouldnt u want it to be returned to u. I cant believe adults HAVE to debate this issue, what do u teach ur kids??

  • HS

    I would turn it to the police. I have no idea where the money is from. If you weren’t found out, you were okay. If you were, you would go to jail.

    Enough said, I believe in Karma. What goes around, comes around.

  • Gigi

    I would turn the money in, it isn’t mine. I work in the financial industry and even though it was the couriers fault for dropping this money he/she could loose his job over it.
    It may seem easy just to keep it, but there are so many unseen ramifications.

  • xenia

    There is NO WAY I’d keep it!! I guess I’m just too afraid of going to prison! :???:

  • anne

    Oh no!! I would not be able to sleep at night. If it’s meant to be mine then I would return it and then maybe hope for a reward. I just can’t keep soemthing that isn’t mine.


  • JM

    hmmmm i’d want to keep it so i can buy myself a couple of bags (namely balenciaga and lv) but knowing it’s stolen and the police are looking for it would prevent me from sleeping at all! haha and i believe in karma as well. :)

  • KC

    I would return it

    But legally speaking if you took the money it wouldn’t be stealing. Finders Keepers.

  • Jahpson

    I’m really sad that people who would find the money (see comments above) would keep it and spend it on some handbags!

    Apparently their lives are filled with NOTHING but materialism!

    If I find the bag, I too would report it to the authorities, especially if it was in a big sum as $65,000.

    I once saw $5 slip from a woman and I picked it up and handed it to her.

    Now, if it was a dime on the floor. lmao thats a different story.

  • Dania (fendihunter)

    No I wouldn’t keep it. I believe in karma. Perhaps the situation is presented to people as a test to demonstrate their moral fiber. I once found a wallet with $500 cash inside. It had at least 7-8 credit cards and a check book enclosed. I mailed it back to the owner whose driver’s license was inside. It cost ME almost $5.00 to mail it back to her priority insured mail. The lady owned a bakery and was kind enough to offer free pastries and a cake for my husband’s birthday party. Like I said, karma…

  • my new bag

    I am so happy to see so many people using Karma as the reason to return the money.
    Karma to me is non-religeous, just a word that explains the way of energy in this life we live, It helps my heart that so many girls, who also love bags and spend alot ot money
    on them, feel this way.

  • chArisse

    i would by 2 birkins and return the rest!

  • Gina

    finder’s keepers

  • glitterglo

    I would return it for sure. You never really know where that money came from, what if it was left there for a shady reason and then the people looking for it track you down? The possibilities are really endless. My mom once found about $200 in cash in an envelope in the parking lot of her office building. She took it inside and gave it to secrurity. Well as it turns out, one of the office cleaning ladies had reported the money missing – she dropped the envelope after having come back from the bank. This was right before Christmas too; now could YOU live with yourself keeping that lady’s money?

  • NancyCP

    I would return it becuase you never know where that money came from. Besides do unto others what you would like done to yourself. But it is very tempting. Great debate.

  • Michelle

    Any large sum of money, especially $65,000(!!!), I would report to authorities.

    Starting $50 and below, I would probably keep it. UNLESS the person who dropped it was still nearby, and I explicitly saw him/her drop it. Then I would definitely give it back.

    I would do this because if I were to misplace my money or wallet, I would want someone to do the same for me.

  • Natasha

    AsmY Aunty Edith always used to say “Be sure your sins will find you out” that being said I would return the money.It don’t belong to me.

  • bagaholic

    Wow… that woman is so honest. For me, I will keep it n not touch it for a period of time. Just to see whether it is all over the news that somebody did report the missing of the money or not. If nobody claim the money maybe it is meant to be mine. Then I will donate half of it (so I will be less guilty (:oops:) n the other half I will keep it for myself (:evil:). I will splurge some for designer bags ofcourse (chanel..balenciaga or hermes) n then keep the rest in the saving. Wow.. what a beautiful dream. I wish I won’t wake up.

  • Why are some of y’all talking about karma and the law? Should any of that matter? You should return it, but not because there’s some kind of force that will punish you if you don’t. You should return it because it is the right thing to do.

    That being said, I would try to return any large sum of cash that I had found on the street and, obviously, I would also return any money that I actually saw someone drop.

  • Sheila

    There is no doubt in my mind that I would make an honest effort to find the rightful owner. Sure, it would be tempting to keep it, but my conscience would not allow it. There is a Valentino handbag that I’d love to buy, and a few pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes would be nice, plus I’ve been eyeing a sapphire ring and earrings, and I certainly could use a vacation… oh, the list goes on! There are a lot of things that I would like to have, but to buy them with money that didn’t belong to me? It would not be right. Every time I wore something I bought with it, I would feel guilty, knowing that the things were bought with what is — in the eyes of the law and in my own mind — stolen money. :sad:

    I guess in situations like this, I just think about what I’d want done to me. What if it was my money? What if it was something precious of mine that I’d lost? I would want someone to return it, and I would want to reward the person who was honest enough to do so. I don’t believe in karma, and I am an atheist, but I still believe in treating others the way that I would like to be treated. I accidentally left my purse on a plane once, and I realized my mistake immediately, but nobody returned it. Even if a woman lost a TDF Hermes, I would not keep it.

  • a

    Turn it in….its only fair and right.

  • Cara

    Well, isn’t it also Karma that brought me the money in a bag?
    That said, I’ve always corrected people who wanted to give me too much change and I’ve always alerted people not to leave their Vuitton bags in the restaurant.
    I wouldn’t have the guts to keep it, or I’d have a case of “instant morals” – but boy, could I need this kind of money…

  • pinkbags

    i wouldn’t keep it. if i had lost the $ i’d want someone to turn it in… also I think it’d stress me out thinking someone was looking for it. (plastic bag-large sum of money… probably someone of shady character) :neutral:

    here’s a thought.. what if it was like that 20/20 show taping you to see what you would do. Did anyone see the one where they left the ipods in public and recorded people “finding it”? and afterwards tracking the stolen pods and interviewing the people… the people were pretty embarrassed :oops:

  • JNH14

    Who ever said that they can’t track money is incorrect. Especially when it’s packaged in bundles and it’s brand new bills. They keep all of the serial numbers when they transfer money out to banks etc. on their trucks. That being said-you should do the right thing. Remember that integrity is the you that know one else sees, but you choose to be. :roll:

  • When you think about who might be carrying around $65000 in Florida, it’s probably best not to keep it.

  • Kimi

    I would return the money…I once found a LARGE stack of cash at a bank in the place where you retrieve your money after you make a withdraw with a teller. It’s one of those where the teller has no access to the cash, I’ve only seen a couple of those banks down here in Cali. Anyway, MY money was supposed to come out of there, but I don’t think I withdrew that much (I’m guessing at least $1000), and I returned the money to the teller and got my money from the same machine right after. It turned out that the money belonged to a very very old gentleman, and I would’ve felt VERY guilty if I actually took it (which I admit, I thought of it for a split second). It’s nothing compared to the $65K, but still, it’s someone else’s money…

  • Cristy

    i believe in karma so i would gladly give the money to the authorities and made sure that it’s returned to its rightful owner.

  • nathaniel

    i would hand ALL the money to the police… it’s not nice to buy a bag or two dun care whether it’s birken or fendi…one day the bag you bought with that $$$ with be stolen or sumthing else !!! i strongly believe in karma !!! AND KARMA COME IN 3 FOLD !!!!! :smile:

  • I’d WANT to keep it. I’d REALLY want to keep it. Especially because right now in my life, a series of bad choices i’ve made have left me pretty close to homeless and broke, but with a nice leather bag on my arm.

    But you know what? As much as it annoys me to say it, i’d give it back. Turn it in, or what-have-you. Because i wouldn’t want it weighing on my conscience that i kept it. There have been times in my life when i’ve had less than $5 in the bank, and no groceries in the house, and some kind person has given me-no loan-enough to get by. Another time i was stranded at work and a Taxi driver took me home gratis. Maybe its all this doing-the-right-thing that has brought better things to me. And so, if i found a grip of cash in a public place, MAN, i’d WANT to keep it….but i’d turn it in. Because that’s what you do.

  • toni

    Well I can say that i would HOLD the money and wait and see if someone claims it or I hear about it somewhere.
    I would really weigh my options. The right and wrong thing to do is so so sketchy. There is no law against finding something and keeping it. Keeping it does not mean you are dishonest person- had you stole it or waited for someone to drop and not tell them is whole nother story.
    Last year I lost 675. in a bank enevelope that I was paying for my car repairs, I swear I dropped it in the loaner car- I had to end up writing a check to the Lexus dealer ship because the money was lost. I called them as soon as I retraced my steps. Money not there the enevelope had my name in it and everything- no one turned it in. So I know how that other side feels.
    I believe its all matter of how you feel and I would never consider anyone dishonest or a bad person for keeping FOUND money. Whomever found my money and kept I am not mad now- but I was at the time- I just chalked it up as they needed it more than me and next time I will be more careful…

  • Milly Anderson

    I would take it! But first I would whisper, “Did anybody lose this?” and then run away in case someone heard me. And I would go to Versace and get a new cocktail dress.

  • jen

    I found $5 on the street once and I used it to buy lunch.

    If it was that much money though, I would be very very worried about the source, for my own safety. I think that if you turn money you find in and no one claims it, you get to keep it. But serial numbers are traceable, and since it came off an armored car, it could be considered a robbery if you got found out.

  • Veronica

    Wow! I am pleasantly surprised at how many people said they would return the money (Karma or otherwise).
    When I first read this post, I expected to see LOTS of entries stating that people would keep the money – especially given that this a blog about Designer / Couture Handbags (as they are pricey items!)
    I am so impressed that I am among other Purse Blog readers with a solid sense of right and wrong!
    There is hope for humanity yet!

  • Do you think I should be modeling at my age?



  • harleyNemma

    You’d have to give it back, Vlad…sorry to say…Megs is right on this one. (Go, Megs)

  • armelle

    the right thing to do is return it..once i left an enveloppe full of money in my car, forgot about it and had my sister take it to the repair shop.i usually check the car to see if i forgot anything pricey in it but she didn’t…a week later when i got it back and remembered all of it, the money was nowhere to be found :cry: it was money for my mother’s operation and if she didnt find that same amount of cash elsewhere i don’t know what might have happened

  • littlefab

    Would definitely return it…It is the one and only right thing to do…

  • Chloé

    I would definitely keep it!!! :razz: :idea:
    I would give some money to charities but not to authorities.

  • karolynka

    oh gosh..i was in st. pete last year, studying for fall semester at eckerd college..but i didn’t find any bag full of money.. :grin: if i would had, i’d probably keep it to pay my tuition there..i miss eckerd :cry: :cry: :cry: plus i’d stop at the plaza tiffany and LV stores.. :wink:

  • Rachel

    I’m with the “returners.” You can’t put a price on a clear conscience.

  • Erica

    Bills can most certainly be tracked. Haven’t you ever seen a teller mark a bill to see if it is counterfeit? If it is, they check their logs and see who brought the bill in and then dig deeper, to see if the same person is spending bills all over. Especially if it is from an armoured vehicle.

  • Erica

    Oh, and yes, there would be legal ramifications for that. Not that you stole it per se, but that you weren’t planning on declaring taxes on the money you found.

  • katkooty

    oh please…all of you who said u will give it back..well your either lying to yourselves or your scared of the law..but lets say its not illegal to keep the money? will you keep it then?? Finders keepers..losers seekers?

  • Edna

    I’d definitely turn it in. Although I know there’s plenty of people that wouldn’t. I just couldn’t live with myself if I kept it. Plus I’d be too scared of what would happen if they found out I kept it! Anyway, once my dad was on his way to buy stuff for his business and accidentally dropped $1000 in cash somewhere in the parking lot. It was never returned. Losing money isn’t fun. And if it happened to me, I’d want it returned.

  • Nikki Lamb

    The first comment is wrong. They *absolutely* can track cash. Armored car companies which transport currency track the serial numbers on the bills, as do banks.
    Trust me, keeping an amount of cash that large would turn out to be more trouble that it’s worth. If you spent it or deposited it, they’d find you eventually.

  • Bob Pseudonym

    No, I would not return it. Why should I? I don’t believe in karma, or good, or evil. I believe the only thing is right is whats good for me, and finding $65,000 is good for me.

    People should be more careful with their belongings and take responsibility for their actions. Let $65,000 thats lost be a lesson to those who lost it, and let that same money fund my schooling, or help me out somehow- maybe an investment of some sort. And sure, I’d do a little shopping too (but I’m a guy, so I’m not going to waste all that money on nonsense.)

    So yes, there are people like me out there.

  • porcelain_ninja

    Oh yes! God’s answer to my prayers.

  • hfkjghmkjc

    “yeah.. i would return it all”, then i would suck everybodies cock! too, while i’m at it……….why not?…

  • Awesome guy

    I would keep it. Hands down.

  • Think about it

    OK. You find $65 000 in the street and you haven’t seen anyone drop it. You think of how much that money could help you and your family and your life in general. I think that to immediately hand it in to the authorities would be quite silly and not the logical thing to do. Think about it. What need is there in today’s world for a regular person to be carrying $65 000 in public other than if you don’t want to leave a money trail regarding their agenda, an agenda which I would guess is not legal. Also, weigh the impact that would be felt by a bank (basically, a money machine) losing $65 000 and you and your family gaining $65 000. Another thing that worries me is that people believe that if bank a bank (which is supposed to be protecting money) loses money, it should be returned and the person who lost it should keep their job. That level of irresponsibility should be punished and the person who loses their job can always find another as they obviously aren’t cut out for that line of work. The bank can easily recover that money within minutes (literally). If it is the money of a criminal then that criminal would not be able to buy more crack or heroin to sell youngsters or start his business as a loan shark. Then think about yourself again, this is a life changing amount of money and truly, the person who suffers the largest potential loss is YOU. Now, if you found a bag of money ($65 000), would you keep it?

  • yep

    I would definitely keep it … first off i dont think any people on the up and up would be walking around with a bag of money. I think that most people commenting on this forum are not starving.

  • yep

    i meant that money is not clean to begin with…if you found a bag of money it was probably acquired in an illegal manner. In this case had the person not returned the money…the bank would insured any way

  • flagstone sal

    I just recently found almost 30K in the apartment of a woman who died.
    Her estate says it’s not her money.
    There is a possibility that it belongs to someone who was helping her when she was sick. This person claims she hid it in the apartment for safe keeping for a relative. Problem is at the time she lost the money (several years ago) she claimed it was significantly more than what was found AND her story was so odd that no one believed her at the time.
    The estate lawyer doesn’t want to tell this person, she just wants her to step forward to claim it…….but how can she prove it was hers if she doesn’t even know it was found?
    I think it’s mine if no one put in a legit claim. But not sure what to do…..

  • naaaaaah

    i would keeep it and i would be im so rich!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooohooooh i would send it in luxary live a life of woooo y shall i return it i would even steal it hahh hah loosers weepers finders keepers!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stepahien

    seriously ladies? designer bags? how about pay off some bills, stash some money for a rainy day, make sure you have enough food in the house for the next six months. No, ill just take found money and buy a purse. wtf?

  • Not happy in florida

    Well I would return it now that I learned the hard way. My friend found 300 in a parking lot at walmart and gave me half. Thing is there was no id or anything. I got arrested and charged with felony larcent because I accepted 150 from her from the money she found. It is now costing me 2500 to have a defence to help me.