Being a retired competitive swimmer, this issue has been interesting to me. Recently, the Olympic Gold medalist, Amanda Beard, posed nude for Playboy. She backs up what she did and says she would do it again.

What are your thoughts? A good move? Bad example for those who look up to her?

Let’s enjoy another weekend debate!

Article about her posing for Playboy found here

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  • Janinevs

    I think it’s great!!! Kudo’s to her that she’s celebrating her sexuality and to Playboy for featuring a healthy young woman, as opposed to a plastic surgeon’s creation.

  • Joan

    Just fine, the least offensive thing a woman can do..if it was her choice.

  • travelbliss

    Isn’t it all about the $$$$$$ ??

  • micamynx

    Just fine. She looks great, it was obviously her choice and on her terms. Yay her. :smile:

  • Dani

    I think it’s great. She sounds like she is really put together and intelligent. She has so many other things going on in her life other than her looks, so kudos for her. Besides if she’s got it than she should flaunt it. In the end it is her choice.

  • Plain_Jane_Too

    A lot of “celebrities” had jump-started or rekindled or cap-stoned their career by posing for Playboy…Cindy Crawford, Pamela Anderson, Jenny , Nicole Smith, Patty Davis, etc… I think posing for Penthouse is an entirely different and entirely degrading but showing off your body via Playboy is just this side of the line without being degrading so I think it’s ok.

  • wei teng

    i think that she looks very plastic… hard shiny thing.

    Its not a compliment, she’s ugly.

  • chelle

    Playboy is CLASSLESS! I dont care if anyone agrees with me (OH WELL MY OPINION!), but why do you need to show your boobs, twat and ass crack to slobby fat men to build a crappy career? I have no respect for attention seeking people like this. All the hollywood people plain jane metioned, that built a career from this garbage, are all SUPER CHEESY! Now men can whack off and picture her with a paper bag over that grill of hers :roll:

  • Rellz

    Chelle, Marilyn Monroe posed for playboy. She’s not cheesy! And I don’t think Cindy Crawford is cheesy either – I didn’t even know that she posed for playboy! In the entertainment industry, you have to be attention seeking to be successful. It doesn’t matter how talented you are, etc., but how much media coverage you get. That’s why Paris, Lindsay, etc. had that little episode where they forgot to wear underwear. They knew they were being photographed, and they also knew that if they were being photographed enough they would get more publicity – and ALL publicity is essentially GOOD publicity. As for the being in Playboy classless, well . . . we really need to see the spread to determine that. Some of the spreads Playboy does are tastefully done and other . . . not so much. But judging from the cover (which I like), it can’t be bad.

    • chelle

      :roll: First of all Marylin Monroe was classless didn’t she sleep with the married president JFK,overdose among other crap that I dont care about so thats that.. Anyways, Cindy Crawford is the only classy one out of those women you mentioned, I’ll give you that, but she didnt need playboy it just made her look easy. I would say it hurts serious actors in the long run and serious actor Crawford is not. So you picked 2 women out of that list who else? Paris are you kidding me she’s a running joke! If God forbid she was in a disfiguring accident her “CAREER” would be OVER! Why? Because she has no talent only twat. Lindsay is talented. I love her movie Mean Girls however, all this negative publicity and twat/boob displays is hurting her believe it or not. I CAN’T believe some people actually think that all publicity is good publicity!(cough cough Tanya Harding) Look at all the chicks that posed and are still nowhere to be seen :roll:

  • Mal

    Hmm. Well I agree, it is her choice, and I fully believe in “if you’ve got it flaunt it” mentality if you’re comfortable with it.

    but I just don’t think she’s pretty…at least in that picture. At all. I agree with the person who said she looks plasticky and fake. If I had a face like that, I’d want to focus on the rest of my body too. Sorry, harsh but just my opinion!

  • chelle

    Well I agree with half of Mal’s comment! In fact I find its usually the girls with the nice body and butt ugly faces that wear the least clothing.

  • Rellz

    Ok, you got me on Marilyn . . . but here are others:

    Vanessa Williams, Drew Barrymore, Jane Seymour . . .

    I don’t think playboy negatively affected their careers (Sure Vanessa lost her Miss America throne, but look at where she is now – far more successful than most Miss Americas!).

    I never said Paris had any talent . .. I said that publicity would help get more work/contracts even if you DIDN’T have any. And yeah, I still think that all publicity is still good (I’m only talking in the sense that more media coverage = more $$, not in the sense that it would improve public opinion of the person) – look at what the whole cocaine fiasco did for Kate Moss. She was about to fall off the map before that video surfaced! Now I can’t go through ten pages in a magazine without seeing her face.

    I not advocating Playboy or even degrading/humiliating yourself for more publicity, but I think that’s the way it’s done now. There are more competent and talented entertainers out there who would be better role models – like Mandy Moore, but unfortunately, she’s nowhere near as popular as some of the other girls out there (*cough* Paris *cough*) who are all put on some pedestal because of their crude behavior. And these are the girls that are made out to be looked to as an ideal.

    And I think playboy made a great choice by choosing an olympic swimmer instead of some over-bleached, silicone bimbo. Men need to start fantasizing about strong, successful women.

  • chelle

    I think it’s great that everyone doesn’t have the same oppinions, ok cool. But yes, I think its disgusting and degrading and does not inpower women. At the end of the day I respect Mandy Moore for being classy and having self respect. Mandy Moore must be smart enough to know that she is pretty, and she doesn’t have to sink to their level. If people only want naked Mandy she’ll say screw them pervs! :razz: Im a big believer in self respect and pride and getting things the right way thats all.

  • divnanata

    Celebrating sexuality? I say celebrate it in private. This “look at my boobs stuff” merely serves to titillate horny guys who reduce the object of their attention to nothing more than that – an object. Do you think they care that the boobs – or whatever – they are salivating over come attached to a strong woman? The sum total of their comments might be – “Her boobs are not big enough”. I guess if the gals posing don’t care that they are being objectified they should have it – but know the truth of the situation. This is NOT art.

  • chelle

    Well said divnanata! Some girls/women just don’t get it. They must not hear how guys talk about girls that show the whole world thier bodies.

  • Brigitte

    I hate that female athletes at the top of their game subscribe to the same sexist attitudes that men do. Why do does it always come down to being considered “hot” and being naked?

  • Kim

    I TOTALLY agree with the comment above. Just when female athletes start to gain respect on equal par with men, they have to go and objectify themselves like this. These women would make perfect role models for young girls, but unfortunately half of them have to pose for Playboy/Maxim/you name it.

    And dont give me the “celebrating sexuality” crap; save that for your bedroom where you DON’T take money for it (hopefully!).