I cannot begin to imagine the frustration Joy Gryson and her company must feel over seeing a very similar brand name pop up and cause brand confusion. Many have thought Olivia & Joy is a new offshoot by Joy Gryson, but it is not. Do not be confused, there is absolutely no affiliation, and we wanted to help clear up any confusion that buyers might have.

Joy Gryson is the designer for Gryson bags and Olivia Harris by Joy Gryson bags, both of which have made an impact in the handbag sector. Her contemporary collection, Olivia Harris by Joy Gryson, was unveiled in 2009 and named after her daughter.

Being in the business for a long time, Joy Gryson has worked hard to expand her brand and create her labels. Be advised, there is absolutely no collaboration between Olivia & Joy and Olivia Harris by Joy Gryson. Shop Olivia Harris online.

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  • gpc

    I wish she would bring back some of her old Gryson bag styles! They were great!

  • Jackie

    OH boy, I know for darn sure I’d be so p/o-ed!

  • Mochababe73

    Also, Olivia & Joy is made out of horrible, faux leather. I think that it actually feels tacky to the touch. Saw some at Macy’s.

  • 19yearslater

    What’s the big deal with someone having the same name? I don’t understand why anyone would assume there was a connection just because of the name Olivia.

    • Jackie

      I don’t understand why either but the fact is that they do.