Riccardo Tisci Is Departing Burberry, Will Be Replaced by Bottega Alum Daniel Lee

Returning to its roots, Burberry will once again be helmed by a British designer


The fashion rumor mill has been abuzz over the last few months with chatter surrounding Riccardo Tisci and Burberry. Today we have confirmation that those rumors are, in fact, true. After 5 years with the quintessentially British House, Riccardo Tisci is leaving his post as Chief Creative Officer at the end of this month. His Spring/Summer 2023 collection, which was presented on Monday following a delay due to the Queen’s funeral, will be his last.

“Burberry is a very special place with a magical past and a very promising future. The chapter I was asked to write in its long story is one that I am incredibly proud of and one I have decided would culminate with my show on Monday. I thrived to continue a legacy of innovation, and consistently championed for creativity and diversity, in order to always keep Burberry moving forward.” – Riccardo Tisci

Back to the Its Heritage

With the appointment of Daniel Lee, whose name rose to household fashion fame following his major success at Bottega Veneta, Burberry returns to its roots and will be helmed by a British-born designer once again.

Tisci was hired, in part, to do exactly what Daniel Lee was able to do at Bottega, modernize and bring in a younger customer base. Though Tisci revamped the Burberry logo and changed up its offerings, he failed to create iconic pieces with a large fanfare that would help catapult the brand back to the top.

Only time will tell what’s next for Burberry under the direction of Daniel Lee, who will present his first collection early next year at London Fashion Week.


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  1. Fabuleux Avatar

    I haven’t step foot in a Burberry store in at least ten years. That hideous TB logo sure didn’t help the brand. A true embarrassment.

  2. psny15 Avatar

    Ricardo Tisci was the absolute worst nightmare after wonderful Christopher Bailey! Looking forward to Daniel Lee

  3. mjm7848 Avatar

    Ricardo Tisci, depsite being such an amazing designer, did not breathe new life in to Burberry like so many had hoped. His designs were questionable for the fashion house and I’m glad to see the company return to its English roots.

  4. Sheila Avatar

    I miss Christopher Bailey. His designs were so aligned with the brand identity. I wonder what’s going to happen with the Tuberculosis/Tory Burch logo…

    1. SandraO Avatar

      Hopefully it will be discontinued and sent to fashion hell.

  5. Evergreen602 Avatar

    This is welcome news. I love Riccardo Tisci’s work prior to Burberry, but it was just not a good fit. I look forward to seeing to where he lands next.

    At the same time, I am excited to see what Daniel Lee will offer. I’m a little concerned about him remaining true to the brand’s heritage. Also a little concerned some classic styles will be discontinued, as happened during his time at Bottega Veneta. A radical change in direction left some longtime BV fans disappointed when Daniel Lee took the helm there. Hopefully, he can find the right balance of upholding the heritage while breathing new lift into the brand.

  6. Aspen Avatar

    Rumor is that Lee didn’t leave but was pushed due to his behavior similar to MJ at LV. I believe it now as the alternative was him going to join Phoebe Philo.

  7. Terri Avatar

    Looking forward to Lee’s work!