Move Over Balenciaga, Gucci is the World’s Hottest Luxury Brand Once Again

Plus, one underdog handbag beats out all the rest...

Want to know what’s trending big time in fashion? Look no further than the Lyst index.

Lyst’s quarterly report analyzes the online shopping habits of shoppers around the globe to provide insights into what consumers are searching, buying, and talking about. Every three months, Lyst analyzes various data such as Google searches, social media call-outs and mentions, product sales, and product views. This unique formula takes into account worldwide engagement statistics from a variety of places, helping to provide an accurate picture of the shopping habits of consumers as well as overall market trends.

Q2: April, May & June

While the first quarter of the year saw 2021’s continued success of Balenciaga, for Q2, it seems that Gucci is back on top once again, having fallen behind Balenciaga after claiming and holding the top spot for much of 2019 and some of 2020.

Gucci has Adidas to thank for that (in part), who coincidentally also collaborated with Balenciaga this year. While both brands continue to dominate amongst shoppers and industry vets, this quarter saw a massive increase in searches for Gucci by a whopping 268%. All this came in the two days following its first adidas x Gucci drop. Talk about a massive success. Balenciaga only falls short by a hair this quarter, coming in at number 2.

As for other important mentions, the Miu Miu movement continues (don’t say we didn’t warn you), jumping up on the list once again from number 10 to number 7. This comes on the heels of the release of the Miu Wander Bag, whose campaign stars Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney and that viral mini-skirt moment earlier this year, which seems to show no signs of slowing.

Miu Miu is back.

I've got Miu Miu on the Brain

What’s Hot

If you’ve been following along during our fashion week coverage, this should also come as no surprise to you; the hottest product of the quarter goes to Diesel’s 1DR logo bag. Two other handbags made the top ten during the spring months too. Loewe’s Anagram Basket Bag and Balenciaga’s buzzy Le Cagole Bag. Much of this quarter’s brand and product success can be attributed to two of the industry’s biggest trends. There’s the all Y2K everything trend and the return to destination dressing as travel is prioritized once again. View the full report via Lyst.

Balenciaga Le Cagole

Balenciaga Le Cagole
via Balenciaga

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1 year ago

I’m always surprised at how popular Gucci is. I shouldn’t be – from all accounts they make high quality stuff, their monogram print isn’t hideous, etc etc. I’m simply just not attracted to almost any designs they ever produce.