back to school fashion Not only are the ‘grown-ups’ dishing out more money on designer clothing, but now kids are too. And this means that the kids parents are willing to spend money on designer clothing and handbags for their children to take to school. While a Jansport backpack was norm when I was in school, girls are now carrying designer handbags such as Coach and Louis Vuitton. While jeans look laid back and casual, a pair of True Religion jeans can run around $250. Designer shades, clothing, and accessories are being sported by tweens and teens, which means an entire generation of youth believes this is the way to go. This story focuses on the Orange County, California area, but this designer explosion is happening nationwide.

For those of you with tweens and teens, what did you send your kids back to school wearing? It is utterly ridiculous that 15 year olds have jeans that cost $250, sunglasses that cost $300, and a handbag that costs $500?

Many teens polled were prone to vying for designer brands just as much as any fashionable grown-up. Girls listed Juicy Couture, Coach, Chanel and L.A.M.B as favorite brands, in addition to traditional surf brands like Roxy and Volcom. Girls also said they favored Pink by Victoria’s Secret as a more affordable alternative to Juicy Couture, with the line’s comfortable, girly sweatpants and cutesy graphic tees. Seven for All Mankind and True Religion were popular denim brands.

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  • me says

    Thats exactly why American kids are behind everyone else in the world (education wise). They are spoiled and are not taught the value of money! What kind of values are these parents teaching their kids? pointless consumerism

  • william

    I couldn’t agree more. I am seventeen and I experience this first hand. My parents rarely buy me clothing and I’m one of a few students at my school that does not have a car.

  • Scott

    I am seventeen as well and i dont think you should judge a teenager and call them spoiled because they have designer products. I wear designer jeans and shirts. All of which were paid for by me. My parents do not wear anything designer and do not understand my desire of such expensive items.

    • bvbirdygirl

      Theres nothing wrong with buying designer goods. believe it or not, but aside from purses and accessories there is nothing that i actually want.
      for me, purses are a passion, not a competitive bragging thing.
      also, spoiled is an attitude!
      you could have every louis vuitton, chanel, and hermes bag on earth and still not be spoiled

  • purseloco

    Give American Kids a break. They are the best kids in the world. :smile:

  • fashion in the making

    do we care where the kids are American I am Mexican American and the USA is the richest country in the world do we care no buy what your heart wants, not there fault your ignorant working at burger king that you cant afford designer goods just kidding

    • minnie

      Point taken, “fashion in the making”. Great post…
      I believe kids should concentrate on learning, while they’re at school. Perhaps some extra focus on grammar. You know, learn how to use punctuation, etc.

  • Scott

    i attend a college prep school with many children who will achieve perfect scores on the sat/act. Some of these children are given many nice things and in no way does that hinder their effort or success in school. The same goes for those who do not have luxury items. I like my luxury items but in no way should that give off the impression that i am lazy or unintelligent.

  • littlefab

    why can’t i see all the comments? i only see empty boxes without a single word… :cry:

  • Kenny

    Oh please, this happens all over the world, not just America…. Secondly, material rewards can be used to reward kids for good grades. I don’t think adults should look down at kids who are able to afford these luxury goods, some of us just happen to work really hard and do overtime.

    I am 18 and I happen to splurge on designer clothing and accessories, and one thing that annoys me so much is when people look down at me and call me spoilt! Lastly we spend money on what makes us happy and in such a capitalist and celebrity obsessed society, fashion just happens to be everywhere we go.

  • Margarita

    I’m 15 and buy most of my own clothes myself, and I just like designer stuff. Luxury has nothing to do with being spoiled.

    But I do see Coach as a cheaper alternative to LV, and Pink as cheaper Juicy, and I shop a lot at abercrombie and hollister, because of my limited budget.

  • janis

    This whole country is way too obsessed with celebrities and material things. I am that way myself sometimes. But really, once you get something, you just want something else…it doesn’t make you happy.

  • Jahpson

    its not uncommon.
    My mother doesn’t believe in designer clothes, she believes big bucks should be spent on a house or fast car :grin:

    Well, after finishing school and college, I was able to land a job and start making money on my own, so NOW I can afford those things that I always wanted back in high school. sometimes its not the parents that are spoiling the kids and making them materialistic, its what you see in your environment, that causes you to desire and take an interest in such things.

    • Livvy

      By designer clothers do you mean like Hollister, Abercrombie, Armani…etc..??

  • Erin

    I agree with the above comment by Jahpson. I’m a 19 year old college student whose parents do not agree with desinger clothing. However, because I am an admittedly celebrity obsessed young woman, I find this oddly conscious-subconscious need to impersonate those celebrities. The images of the rich and famous are grossly fed to us every day, so it is no wonder that Americans are so enthralled with the expensive and the so-called glamorous.

    • Maisey

      “I find this oddly conscious-subconscious need to impersonate those celebrities.”

      This clearly demonstrates a lack of self-esteem on your part. Be true yourself and you’ll gain friends and education and influence others not to be something other than who they are.

  • Melissa

    Personally I think its absolutely ridiculous that children and teens wear designer labels. Unless you can find designer labels for less than designer prices I don’t think teens deserve clothes simply because they are what is in fashion or what everyone else is wearing. I don’t care how rich you are, that does not entitle you to expensive clothes, which a lot of teens probably do not appreciate. I am not knocking teens for being unappreciative either. In honesty, it is truly hard to appreciate the quality of expensive clothes, purses, shoes, electronics, etc. if you have not worked to be able to buy those items. Also, teens need to learn that labels are not what is important, quality is however. I see so many abercrombie clothes that look ready to fall apart and are sold for outrageous prices. I laugh when I see teens wearing those clothes, I think to myself what a waste. When I have children I intend to keep them fashionable but at a reasonable price. If they want to save up their money to buy some designer duds well than good for them. I for one think its silly for parents to buy into their children needing to have designer labels. You want something in life, you ought to go out and get it for yourself not ask mommy and daddy.

  • Sequoia

    Very nice winter collection at reasonable price I found at WilsonsLeather store through…

  • your butt

    whatever, i’m an american teenager, but i don’t get designer clothes. maybe you guys are just pointing out your own opinions. pssht, just because america is the richest country. i’m NOT even RICH. the first and second comments made me angry.

  • Kaly

    I am 13. I don’t like buying a bunch of designer clothing because I will grow out of it too fast. Hollister, Abercrombie, Pink, and other stores like that have good prices and adorable stuff. Still, I have a few designer things (Juicy Couture) that I wear. I find it a waste of my money to only wear designer clothes but I pay for my own clothes. :wink: I love designer purses. I am absolutely obsessed. I can use purses for my whole life when I can only wear clothes while they fit me.

  • Kaly

    I am 13. I don’t like buying a bunch of designer clothing because I will grow out of it too fast. Hollister, Abercrombie, Pink, and other stores like that have good prices and adorable stuff. Still, I have a few designer things (Juicy Couture) that I wear. I find it a waste of my money to only wear designer clothes but I pay for my own clothes. :wink: I love designer purses. I am absolutely obsessed. I can use purses for my whole life when I can only wear clothes while they fit me.

  • Emma

    When I was 13 years old, I never bought any clothes from the mall. My mom bought all my clothes for me at Ross or something. Hollister, Abercrombie, Pink, Juicy… When I was in middle school, I never heard of any of those stores. In fact, though my parents LOVED luxury/designer items, I would feel very exasperated to find that some D&G t-shirt costs $100.

    The 15 year old who said she bought her own clothes… Where did she get the money? Chores or weekly/monthly allowance. It was really hard for me to find a job at 15. I could only tutor young children and that would have never been enough to pay for designer items.

    But what can I say, we live in a consumerist and materialistic country.

  • Nicole

    These comments are ridiculous. I’m 17 and own some designer stuff. Not much since untill a couple months ago I was into cheap stuff like Guess and Liz Claiborne. But now I do have a gorgeous pink Dooney and Burke my dad bought me and a pink and tan Coach my mom just got me, and I’m working on a Chanel. I have a pair of mocha UGG upsides too. I love my Uggs SO much, but it’s not about the labels. I love my Victoria Secret boots too. I’m NOT stupid. I’m making honor roll in hard classes, and I’m considering medical school. I’ do NOT have low self esteem. I’m a model and I like myself a lot. Oh and I didn’t beg my parents, or even ASK for that matter. They flat out volunteered, and I even told my mom like 5 times she didn’t have to and that was too expensive to ask her for but she insisted. SO hmmm… that just blows that crappola right outta the water now doesn’t it?

  • Sarah

    May I make a comment? I have designer clothes, purses, etc. I’m 15, and have a Louis Vuitton. But I also get A’s in every one of my subjects and pay much attention in school. I don’t ask for things. My parents just buy them for me when they think I’ve done a good job in school, or volunteering, or just being a good person. I don’t think you should be judging teenager’s grades on deisgner clothes. You seem to think that every kid with a pair of Juicy trackpants is a spoiled brat, but it’s not true. Maybe some are, but have you ever heard the saying? don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

  • jorox

    You shouldn’t judge people by clothing!! I am 12 and I own some designer like Juicy Couture, Michael Kors and Coach and I love them. If your parent are able to afford them then what’s the matter? I m not a snotty person, I ‘m not stupid either. My parents are very strict and I have to get all As on report cards. Beside, shopping is just a fun thing me and my mom love to do.