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  • Kim

    Can Loewe please now get its due with a dedicated board?! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE that its a sleeper which was part of the draw for me! Not over saturated, gorgeously different yet so very classic! Seriously can’t wait for mine to arrive!

    • W S M

      Yes! I’m always on the Loewe thread. Congrats on your new Loewe! :)

  • Sara

    Love Gucci & Dior. I recently treated myself to a mini Gucci Marmont in black. Gorgeous bag.

  • M Green

    It’s funny that the hottest bags list does not list one bag from Louis Vuitton, which is the brand that sells the most luxury handbags. Sometimes I feel like PurseBlog is biased against Louis Vuitton.

    • KO0926

      I think LV has some real “work horses” like the Neverfull or the Speedy….. but not so sure they have had any real break out bags in a while… I have to admit to not following them much lately… I’ve been collecting handbags for over 20 years and have created quite the collection over the years. I do own two LV’s; a Mizi and Irene both in classic monogram canvas. It’s been a while since LV came out with a bag that I just had to have… that may be why they are not mentioned often on Purse Forum. I’m a huge Prada fan and don’t see them here often… there are just so many great brands/bags that they can’t all get mentioned. Fortunately, I am flexible and if I see a purse, I don’t care what brand it is, it just has to have high quality materials and craftsmanship and I have to love the look… so I find a lot to like on Purse Forum. I am not a fan of Channel flap or boy bags, but I see why others are. I just don’t care for the small boxy look. I like satchels and totes, structured and slouchy… so I think this is the perfect forum for anyone who loves bags!

    • Jennifer McGee

      I think LV has just become too common. I work in a major city and live in adjacent suburb. LV is everywhere in both communities. More than have the woman at the grocery store on Saturdays are carrying LV. It becomes the first bag anyone purchase when they have extra money to spend. Thus being said, the bags are beautiful and are of great quality.

  • Saf

    ok so im in kind of a dilemma….the Chanel Classic Flap has been my holy grail since the beginning of time and now I’m a proud owner….now I know that eventually I do want to add a Boy Bag to my collection but I don’t feel as strongly about it now however I keep thinking with the ongoing price increases that its better to get sooner rather than later….thoughts please

    • Jennifer

      I just got my HG – the Classic Flap – and I’m SO happy with it! I’m not even a bit impressed by the Boy Bag, not sure why, but it’s nowhere near the Classic. I say get it!!!

    • APD

      I’ve had my Chanel Classic Flap for a little under two years now and while I’ve always loved it, last year I thought I had to have the Boy Bag (for reasons I am currently blanking on). So I bought a large pink Boy Bag and used it a few times and was ‘meh’ about the whole thing thinking it had to do with the large size (I’m 5’3″). So I sold it and, after researching and going back and forth between the small, medium and new medium, I bought a new small Boy Bag. Fast forward to earlier this week: I’m sitting at home, watching Downton Abbey and, for once, not at all thinking about bags. Then I realize, dear lord, I NEVER use that freaking Boy Bag! It’s cute but it’s really heavy for being so tiny and actually really annoying to get in and out of AND, because of it’s structured and boxy silhouette, doesn’t exactly mold to you like a classic flap does. Long story short, I’ve realized that I let being “trendy” get to me when I should have just stuck with my usual instinct to go with the classics. So I’m going to sell my second Boy Bag now while my classics continue to enjoy their top spot in my bag wardrobe and my heart. :)

    • Jerri R

      After buying my to-die-for Le Boy, I realize that it is not the most practical bag. The small size, which I bought, has a strap that is not quite long enough for comfortably wearing cross-body. It IS possible to wear crossbody, but then the bag falls just above my waist, which I don’t prefer. In addition, the bag surprisingly doesn’t hold as much as it seems to from the outside. But the look is absolutely gorgeous, so I don’t regret it.

    • Giselle

      I’m not a Boy bag person either. I have a couple of classic flaps, which are great. Have you considered reissue? It’s classic and edgy at the same time.

  • Alessia Kirillova

    Call me an old fashion but I prefer classic bags to this new trendy waves. Chanel 2.55 stays the favourite.
    If you like to have a bag as an investment, buy the classic one. They always stay fashionable. Make sure you not overpay, Invest in a pre-owned designer bag. http://www.vintage-united.com is a great source of the affordable authentic luxury bags from Europe, Netherlands.

  • heyitscaco 2883

    my all time favorite bag is speedy!!!

    • Jennifer

      I love my Speedys!

  • Jennifer

    I love the Sun Tote! The Chanel Boy Bag isn’t at all attractive to me… The Classic Flap however <3 <3 <3!

  • Chelsea Girl

    Cannot get over how the Diorever and the MG Sun tote look too much like the Sac de Jour. Like the Loewe Puzzle but won’t buy it. Still considering the Gucci Marmont. Love the Chloe Hudson, still regret not getting it last year when I first saw the black version and my hubby wanted to treat me to it but I thought “its not a classic, why waste money?!”Now when I see it about on others, I realise just how much I really really want it.

  • Nikita Hegde

    Ooh… i love them all ..but the Mansur Garivel is my personal favourite! And with 2016 coming to end, the countdown for IT bags of 2016 has already started..Check this out >> https://goo.gl/A8Qq5w

  • pinksky777

    I dissasgre about the Hudson, I think the Drew and Faye are way more popular, and nicer for that matter.

  • psny15

    Chloe, Dior and Prada happen to be my favorites of the moment!

  • Maya

    I would have to disagree with Coach, not popular in Europe at all…at all…at all…barely known actually…