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  • kindled

    Man, LV has cornered the market on enticing pets into their bags!

    • For the sake of transparency: the Louis Vuitton section of our forum has a thread dedicated to photos of pets and bags, so a lot of these came from there!

  • ElainePG

    What fun! Made my evening, and DH (who totally gets designer bags, BTW) had a chuckle as well. Especially the terrier inside the Keepall.

  • Sonya Pinckney

    I am an animal lover, especially dogs. These bags and dogs are lovely!! ????

  • Mana

    This was AWESOME! I’m super impressed with all the cat pictures – for some reason I was expecting mostly dogs. Is there any chance that this could become a recurring post on PurseBlog?

    • I’d personally love to make this a recurring post, and we’re all big pet lovers, so I’m sure we could keep doing this! Maybe we can figure an easy way for people to submit their photos so we keep getting new ones.

      • shueaddict

        yes please, more more more !!! Your commentary is priceless.

  • Michelle

    I love this! Please make this a regular post!

  • whizcheng

    This is my favourite-est post yet. Love it. Make more

  • We Heart Sales

    Great post – love the Shih Tzu and Jack Russell pics! Love dogs in general, made me smile :)

  • Hierophilic


  • Logan

    Omg my partner, Hierophilic, got featured! Awwww~! Ben looks so cute with their purse! C:

  • Sandra

    one of my favorites from missyanacherie on instagram http://instagram.com/p/euJt2PjEZl/?modal=true

  • “…Getting into The Old Guy’s bags is impossible, since they’re all filled with cameras….It’s just nutz.”

  • babette

    I should have sent in the photo I got of my new kitten, sleeping in my Longchamp Tote . She finds it a purrfect fit. lol sorry..had to say it.

  • Giselle

    Cutest thing ever -^-^-

  • dinabobina

    Those Chanel bags on the stairway are a m a z i n g!!!! Hope she knows just what a lucky girl she is!!!!! I die for the pink one!

  • Tracy sharp

    My Chihuahua Chester has 2 Louis Vuitton bags of his very own that he travels in. He knows which ones are his and all I have to do is put his on the bed and he hops and and looks at me as if to say let’s go mom!