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Tory by TRB Fish Messenger Bag

This post is especially dedicated to all of the teachers out there. I have been lucky enough to have some amazing teachers in my life. One in particular opened my eyes to the joy of philosophers and deep and meaningful books, poems, and thoughts. Mrs. Campbell, a late and very warranted Thank-You. I still remember to this day my Walden Pond song I made up with my group! PS How is your fight against Cliff-Notes going?? :-D All this talk is leading up to one of my favorite quotes by Thoreau.

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.”

So while there are so many bags that seem uniform, there are bags and people that are unique and different. While they may not be my personal favorites, they may match that person stepping to his or her own music. The Tory by TRB Fish Messenger Bag stands out with a green fish and the pailettes on the shoulder strap. To some this bag may be too much, but I am sure marching to the beat of a different drummer today. The fish has blue trim and pailettes on it which only glitz it up more. White canvas is used as this bags palette which is then adorned with a green stitching pattern. On the inside there is blue lining and a magnetic fastening. If you are stepping toward this fishy bag, buy it through Net-A-Porter for $330.

Celine Small Leather MessengerSome bags just don’t do it for me. There is just some special spark missing. When I looked at this Celine Small Leather Messenger Bag I thought to myself, “Yea, so what?” Not that the bag isn’t cute, but there is nothing special about it that makes it stand out from so many other brown bags and makes me want to buy it. Especially with the price tag. Now, I am sure some of you are remembering my liking the Kooba Sienna brown bag just a few days ago, but I truly liked the shape of that bag and thought it had some character. This bag is a petite messenger bag made of supple leather with polished silvertone hardware. The sumptuous leather drapes on the flap closure which gives an overall bland feeling I think. The only different thing about this bag is the shoulder strap, which looks harsh and uncomfortable with all of the silvertone links and blaison-embossed studs. Not that the links and studs don’t add something special, but that is where all the weight of the bag will be laying – on your shoulder, and I just see that getting quite uncomfortable quite quickly. The inside does have a zip pocket, a cell phone pocket, and an open slot pocket. This bag is called a messenger bag, but unless you are carrying an apple around town, the bag doesn’t offer much other room. The measurements of the bag are only 11″ x 6″ x 5″. When you think about that size and how the bag can be worn, all I can think is how silly it would look on a tall woman or almost any woman unless she is petite like whoa. Looks like I have given this bag a bad review. All I can say is, “So what?” Pricing in at $895 via eLuxury, this bag will not make it onto my wish list.

Cable Knit Messenger BagAn important thing to remember when trying to be fashionable is to Always Be Natural. Jill Swid says, “From cables to feathery knits, this fall you’ll want to express your warmth in a collection of cozy, natural pieces. Keep the colors simple. Let the interest come from the texture and tonality.” Ok ladies and gents, it’s time we find bags that do just that. The Spiegel Cable Knit Messenger Bag is a chunky knit bag with a pin snap closure. Simply done the bag shows off style with simplicity, practicality with originality, and style with affordableness. That last word may be partially made-up but it is self-explanatory. The inside has a zip pocket also. I love this bag because it feels so warm- as if you would carry it into your house, plop down on your big leather couch, and sip on your hot cocoa by the fire. Ah, isn’t that a good feeling? The dimensions are 14 x 10″ with 42″ handles. Best part of this bag is it doesn’t leave any of us wishing we hit the lotto (well we all wish that but I merely mean to afford the bag). The bag is being sold for a cheap price of $24 at Spigel. Let us all begin to clap and cheer at an oh-so-affordable cute bag!! :-)

Dior Homme Classic Large Flap Messenger BagJust like Vlad said, an apology for yesterday. Vlad helped me move into my new place yesterday (and by help I mean he did it all while I watched and carried the small things- like a water bottle and my keys). I only moved one street away from where I lived before, but it still is the complete biggest pain ever. Since jet lag has still been hanging around, I’ve been waking up around 4:45 am and watching the news and infomercials – so far I haven’t spent any non-sensical money on the wrinkle removing cream or lotion that makes you lose 10 lbs on first application ;-). So yesterday while I was a bit lazy and not-so-helpful, I sat on some boxes and started to think about what bags I need to focus more on. Wa-la. Man Bags!! Now what I do know is many men carry bags- they may not want to call it a bag, but it is. All that being said I know there are men who would love a trendy bag to carry to work. This Dior Homme Classic Large Flap Messenger may not suit every guy’s fancy- but it sure comes close for me!

Dior has brought in it’s fashion with a simple sleek edge for a messenger bag. The area where I see some men not wanting the bag is the slightly visible tone-on-tone Dior logos which are all over the textured coated canvas. The bag features a smooth leather trim and brushed palladium-finished hardware. The man messenger bag can either be worn over one shoulder or strung across the chest with the 14″ to 29″ varying drop. Sizing up at 13″ x 12″ x 4″, the bag is big enough for a laptop and other essentials. This messenger bag can be bought through eLuxury only costs $595 (which for a Dior bag is a steal).

Paul Smith HandbagApologies for slacking yesterday. Megs moved into a new place and most of our day was spent Uhaul’ing loads of stuff back and forth. Thanks for the oversized closet, Megs. Don’t despair, we’re back in full force.

How ’bout this little number? I’ve been a Mini Copper fan ever since I can remember, and with their revival by BMW a few years ago, I’ve been hooked without hope. Sure, they are small and very limited in their application, but as a weekend car or for daily commuting to and from work, they’re perfect. Hmm, british racing green with the Union Jack on its roof, how much fun would that be? I’ve always wanted to let the Brit in me hang out. Perhaps that would help me get a sexy british accent, too. Paul Smith pays homage to a legend by creating the Paul Smith Mini Cooper Messenger Bag. The bag suits Johns and Janes alike, the fun striped Mini turns it into a distinct urban companion. The bag’s held mostly in canvas and features a leather trim around the edges as well as brass hardware and a foldover flap with a loop-and-tab closure. The English made number is available through eLuxury for a flat $400.00.

edit: Paul Smith indeed created a special series of Minis back in 1998. The price for a new one ran around 10k pounds. The paint is a creation of 83 different shades striped onto the chassis, pretty wild!

Marni Washed Leather Concertina Bag

Anyone looking for a school bag? I was doing my lazy early morning Sunday usual, laying in bed looking at expensive bags on my lap top when I ran into a perfect school bag. The Marni Washed Leather Concertina Bag is a brown washed leather bag with gold hardware. Many times I have gotten emails from people wondering what could be used as a good school bag that still was stylish, and I truly think this is a good answer. Although a school bag would probably get quite the beating (that is if you actually go to class), it would still be nice to carry a sturdy and stylish leather bag. This bag has a long fabric strap which attaches with a chunky clasp in case you would like to use it as a messenger bag. If not you could use the leather handle as a top carrier. This cute bag features buckle fastenings on the front and the body of the bag is divided into three sections for all your different goods. Lined in a beige canvas and including an internal zip pocket, there is not much more you could want or need in a school bag. The price may be a little undesirable, but if you are one of the stylish chicks yearning for that perfect stylish school bag, I would keep this bag in consideration. Available via Net-A-Porter for $1015.00.

Timbuk2 Build Your Own Messenger bag Screenshot

I’ve always been a friend of BYO. I’ve built my own computer from the very first PC I ever owned, I custom built my own mountain bikes… I live by “why buy it pre-made when it’s much more fun to do it yourself”. Along those same lines, isn’t it much more fun to build your own bag, one where you are much less likely to run into someone else on the street wearing the same bag as you are?

I like the idea behind B(uild)Y(our)O(wn)B(ag). I love Timbuk2‘s intuitive and easy online interface that helps you build your very own messenger bag creation, for which the company is famous and renowned for. Sizes range from SM ($70) to XL ($100), a multitude of upgrades and a plethora of colors are available, for both inside and outside, as well as two different materials (ballistic nylon or cordura). I’ll be ordering one next week, as I’ve grown old of carrying my Mac laptop in the backpack of mine – and since I do a lot of biking, this will come in very handy. Not to mention, it’ll perfectly match my ’04 Cannondale Jekyll fully… gotta bike in style, afterall.

[Timbuk2 Messenger Bag Builder]

Nanette Lepore Prussian PurseThink about whenever (if ever) you have been to an art gala, where you see this “art” that looks like a huge mumbled jumbled mess of different colors of paint all over a white canvas. I fully understand that it is indeed art, but I personally have never understood it. I just can’t read into it properly. For example, I went to the opening of a famous Russian artists gallery (ummm I forget the name, that is how much I did not understand it all) with Mr. Vlad last Christmas, and as we walked through looking at the art I tried desperately to understand and read into it. I wanted so badly to be a critical thinker. I saw other people stare at the paintings for long amounts of time, even up to 30 minutes at one painting. I, on the other hand, could have walked through the entire gallery in merely 15 minutes and that would have still been 10 minutes too long. I don’t want any of you to think I am bashing the world of art and artists, but I am saying that I don’t really get it all the time. Like at the opening we went to, there was a huge white canvas (about 20ft x 15ft) and at the very most bottom right hand corner there was a band aid box taped on the canvas. Under materials, the artists listed: canvas, tape, band-aid box. I saw a man and woman literally stare at it for at least 10 minutes. I walked by it and tried to think Shakespearian-like and decided that the artist hurt his right little toe and it needed to be fixed. My guess is, I was way off, but still, I surely did not understand what in the world was going on.

So the point of my entire ramble about my lack of understanding in the world of extreme art, is that I found a bag (and a clothing combination) that reminds me of just that. This Nanette Lepore Prussian Purse is just all wrong. Maybe from the start I could not clearly focus on the bag because the model they showed it with was wearing an outfit that clashed so badly I couldn’t focus properly. Or maybe, I just don’t like the bag. The bag is a messenger style bag made of velvet with multicolored embroidery, long velvet shoulder strap with topstitching, an inset zipper closure, and textile lining with a patch pocket. This mumbo-jumbo mess can be yours for $140 through eLuxury.

*Actually the bag isn’t half awful when you look at it without that model sporting it*

Urban Outfitters Messenger BagI believe I was my own parents worst nightmare. Following the footsteps of my very docile older sister, I made sure to take over all of my parents time, money, and energy for everything and anything in this world. My sister, on the other hand, was easily pleased and never really causing much trouble. Whoops. But I am sure many of you that read this site were also a bit high-maintenance, even if you were not getting everything you wanted, you were always whinning for it. So when I headed off to college however many years ago, my parents first mistake was to give me 3 pieces of plastic. As I walked down our main street on my way to buy books, I ran into Urban Outfitters, and whoosh- the plastics began to swipe all too much and too often. I loved the store, and hey, it was right on campus. How lovely. One of my first school bags was from Urban Outfitters because their messenger bags were so trendy and classy. I felt like a real college kid, kinda.

When I ran into this Urban Outfitters Patchwork Messenger Bag, the first thing I thought of was how perfect it would be for any of you girls out there looking for a cute fall bag for school. Patched from suede and leather in shades from brown to bronze and pops of pink, the messenger bag implements fall colors and material into a hip look. The bag features an interior zip pocket, an adjustable equestrienne-style buckle, and is fully lined on the inside. the dimensions are 11″ L, 13.5″ W. The bag is not overly huge but should be able to fit what you need to carry to and from class. For a not too bad $78 through Urban Outfitters, this bag would be a perfect new look for any of you out there.

Lacoste Messenger BagThat alligator crocodile makes me happy. Most people cringe at the sight of a real gator, but I grew up by them. They surround Florida. In fact, they are taking Florida over. I’m not sure who will take over the Sunshine State first, the alligator or yet another hurricane. But how can anyone who is even remotely scared of a gator croc look at the Lacoste logo and not smile? I love it. Such a cute little gator croc on my shirt that makes me smile. Me and Vlad are avid Lacoste fans. I can’t get enough of the Polo’s in every color. So why not accessorize with Lacoste bags too?

I love the simplicity and sturdiness of Lacoste. Soon I will be doing a lot of traveling and I would love a new and bigger messenger bag, the Prada one is just too small. This is why I love this Casual II Messenger Bag by Lacoste. The bag is made of red polyester with weather-resistant PU coating and measures 34 x 24 x 11.5 cm in size. Unfortunately I can’t find a price but my assumption would be that it is reasonable.

edit: You’re right ladies, my bad. It’s a croc, indeed. Doh!

Emilio Pucci Niger Corduroy Small MessengerIf you’re Pucci and you know it, clap your hands! Humm… a little more silence than expected. Somewhat like our blog over the weekend. I promise, at some point a girl has got to quit traveling, and I am possibly planning on it. Actually thats a lie. But I promise to make up for the slight lack in posts lately with some fun reads during this week. So I want to start off with the Emilio Pucci Niger Corduroy Small Messenger. Yes, I know the title is long, but I can not help it. Pucci bags usually are a bit far out with lotsa color and pattern to them, but now I am feeling this messenger bag is a bit over the edge. Emilio, Emilio, no, no, no. We are all well aware of what your signature print pattern looks like. You did not need to brand your name in huge print all over the bag. But you did. The only reason I can see this bag being a little more stylish with its name branding is because not the entire rest of the world knows about Pucci. Yay for that.

The bag is like many other Pucci print bags, but it does feature a flap closure with “PUCCI” cut out of leather trim. I wonder if they used an exacto knife for that. I loved those things. Back to the bag, it shows off Niger print corduroy with smooth chocolate leather trim and a long shoulder strap for cross-body wearing. A low point for me is the size. Being only 9.5″ x 11.5″ makes it look more like a tourist camera bag than anything else. The inside is lined with a purple-pink textile logo and contains a zipped pocket and a cell phone pocket. I don’t know if it is the heat or what, but this bag just isn’t doing it for me today, and especially not for
$495 {via eLuxury}

Louis Vuitton HandbagAs my mom remarked to me about my dad earlier today, “Your father is the least close to a metrosexual in the world”, I realized I needed to feature a man bag. And going with my mom’s comment on my dad, I realize this bag is not for you dad! Sorry. But I know there are men among you out there that are totally hip and always nicely dressed and this bag is for you. I love Louis Vuitton and their messenger bags. I actually have one that I adore and used to use for school (when I went of course). From all of my travels I have learned one thing; the working man today loves a trendy messenger bag. They all have it. All the business tycoons in NYC carry them. The Louis Vuitton Bastille messenger bag is the perfect working bag for any man out there (unless you are also not ‘metrosexual’ like my father).

Louis Vuitton has so many styles that can meet any man’s need, and this bag is made of the city men out there. Made from the Damier canvas with brown cowhide trim and polished brass hardware, this bag calls attention to its style but also is not too over the top with logos. Don’t get me wrong. Almost everybody knows the Damier print to belong to Louis Vuitton, but the LV logo pattern is much more obvious I think. The messenger style bag has a full flap that closes with a unique brass and hidden-elastic “button” providing easy access to the spacious interior. The inside is packed with goodies including two deep pockets, one full-width inside pocket, and terracotta canvas lining. Now terracotta reminds me of some sort of outdoor patio, but maybe I’m just crazy and way off. Along with all of the inner goodies the bag features a zipped outside back pocket and an adjustable textile strap that may be worn on the shoulder or across the body. Whichever way you chose to wear this bag, you will know you are stylin’! The bag is a plentiful 13″ ½ ” x 12″ ¼” x 4″ for all you work junkies who wondered if you could fit all your necessities in there and can be purchased at eLuxury for $1,000 even.