Emilio Pucci Niger Corduroy Small MessengerIf you’re Pucci and you know it, clap your hands! Humm… a little more silence than expected. Somewhat like our blog over the weekend. I promise, at some point a girl has got to quit traveling, and I am possibly planning on it. Actually thats a lie. But I promise to make up for the slight lack in posts lately with some fun reads during this week. So I want to start off with the Emilio Pucci Niger Corduroy Small Messenger. Yes, I know the title is long, but I can not help it. Pucci bags usually are a bit far out with lotsa color and pattern to them, but now I am feeling this messenger bag is a bit over the edge. Emilio, Emilio, no, no, no. We are all well aware of what your signature print pattern looks like. You did not need to brand your name in huge print all over the bag. But you did. The only reason I can see this bag being a little more stylish with its name branding is because not the entire rest of the world knows about Pucci. Yay for that.

The bag is like many other Pucci print bags, but it does feature a flap closure with “PUCCI” cut out of leather trim. I wonder if they used an exacto knife for that. I loved those things. Back to the bag, it shows off Niger print corduroy with smooth chocolate leather trim and a long shoulder strap for cross-body wearing. A low point for me is the size. Being only 9.5″ x 11.5″ makes it look more like a tourist camera bag than anything else. The inside is lined with a purple-pink textile logo and contains a zipped pocket and a cell phone pocket. I don’t know if it is the heat or what, but this bag just isn’t doing it for me today, and especially not for
$495 {via eLuxury}

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  • viola

    true. this messenger bag doesn’t live up to its category. the pucci name blatantly displayed across the flap screams “tacky”. this can only be bought by those wannabees who feel they have to “announce” whichever brand they’re carrying. overall, i love the brand…but with this one, i don’t know what Lacroix was thinking about.

  • pucci_mama

    I am pucci_mama from TFS, and i had to clap my hands! ;P

    But, when i saw this bag, i emediately stopped :(
    don’t know what the hell is wrong with it? Does pucci have to follow into all the logo madness as well?

    This bag just scream teenagers to me!

    Great site, btw!

  • billyjoe

    uggghhh…logo madness…. :(

  • lori d

    That looks like a straight up FAKE.

  • tahtah

    Im feeling the sneakers but not this bag the tote is a little better and also cheaper

  • ninachloe

    Does anyone have info on pucci sizing? I want to order a long sleeve top on ebay and dont know what size to get….what would pucci large equal to? In american made sportswear I am small or med, or even large. It’s so tough to figure out if you don’t want to have to exchange things…

  • Naggy

    I don’t think this is a style anyone I know would be proud of. (ipad)

  • KY

    Not my cup of tea. (ipad)