Lacoste Messenger BagThat alligator crocodile makes me happy. Most people cringe at the sight of a real gator, but I grew up by them. They surround Florida. In fact, they are taking Florida over. I’m not sure who will take over the Sunshine State first, the alligator or yet another hurricane. But how can anyone who is even remotely scared of a gator croc look at the Lacoste logo and not smile? I love it. Such a cute little gator croc on my shirt that makes me smile. Me and Vlad are avid Lacoste fans. I can’t get enough of the Polo’s in every color. So why not accessorize with Lacoste bags too?

I love the simplicity and sturdiness of Lacoste. Soon I will be doing a lot of traveling and I would love a new and bigger messenger bag, the Prada one is just too small. This is why I love this Casual II Messenger Bag by Lacoste. The bag is made of red polyester with weather-resistant PU coating and measures 34 x 24 x 11.5 cm in size. Unfortunately I can’t find a price but my assumption would be that it is reasonable.

edit: You’re right ladies, my bad. It’s a croc, indeed. Doh!

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  • Jovanna

    I found this bag in olive (color) on the Urban Outfitters website for $165.00

    • Cymone

      Yeh, but is that bag a Lacoste bag??

  • jenny

    Actually the logo that Rene Lacoste uses is not an alligator, it’s a crocodile. =/ Eh so the whole Florida gator thing is useless to promote that messenger.

    “About Lacoste
    French tennis champion René Lacoste created the world’s first polo shirt. And that famous crocodile? Lacoste won a crocodile-skin suitcase in a bet over an important match—and that reptile became his signature.”
    From Neiman Marcus.

  • Julie

    Gators are close to crocs!

  • Jennifer

    Can some one help me! I want the larger verion of this bag in black and all they have at urban outfitters online is Olive. And you cant order off the Lacoste Website. Pleaseeeeeee someone help me, I want this bag for a school bag! I am desperate!

  • Megs

    Jennifer- Go to the Lacoste website and look at this product– then you can go to locate the item near you. That is my best bet to help you out. I’m sure a store can call it in or order it for you if you’d like!

  • billyjoe

    wow, i have to say the black version is really cool but i really like the olive green as well…

  • jack


  • anonymous

    it’s a crocodile. not an alligator. if you’re an “avid lacoste fan”, you should at least know which one is on the lacoste merchandise. The Crocodile was rene lacoste’s nickname as a tennis player. please go read up on what seems like one of your favorite brands before going on and on about a non-existent alligator.

  • Vlad

    Thanks for lashing out a bash, yet hiding your name behind an “anonymous” nick. *rolleyes*

  • vixen

    It’s a preppy bag… but much too conservative for me.

  • Caitlin

    Does any one know where I can by the larger on in white. I’ve searched all over for it w/out any luck. help?

  • TheMove
  • ifeatu

    yeah the black one is so cool im totally in love with it

  • becky

    great site

  • becky

    miny site

  • olivia

    OKAY. COME DOWN, you don’t have to jump on her back AND pick at her! SO it’s a crocadile not a alligator is there seriously a difference?? I to LOVE Lacoste and I didn’t know it was a crocadile. SO chill. Geez. People need to lighten up and not be so in your face.BUT on the bag, it’s very cute and I to want it for a school bag…girls can wear it to it’s not just a guy bag. Go look on the Lacoste website they have a girl modeling a simiar bag.

  • gacia

    I desperately want this bag for school and i cant find a store in my country that has it. What am i gonna do? From where can i order this bag? PLZ help me!

  • Alexdtrader

    Fellows, Here you go…. I’m an avid fan of Lacoste merchandises especially their messenger bags. These bags are made and being distributed by the famous “Samsonite”. You can find all kinds of selections from Ebay. He’s got an online store from Englang and his Ebay name is “Crocman”. I hope this will help you guys

  • Tobias

    “it’s a crocodile. not an alligator. if you’re an “avid lacoste fan”, you should at least know which one is on the lacoste merchandise. The Crocodile was rene lacoste’s nickname as a tennis player. please go read up on what seems like one of your favorite brands before going on and on about a non-existent alligator.” Comment by anonymous — August 08, 2005

    on the webpage its written:

    “I was nicknamed “the Alligator” by the American press”


    “So my friend Robert GEORGE drew a ‘crocodile’ which I then had embroidered on the blazer I wore on the courts.

    So pleace, if you gonna diss someone do it correct sir!

  • ihola

    I have the large LAcoste Casual II in black. Is anyone still interested in buying it? It’s never been used but was taken out of the plastic.

  • lynn

    how much do you want for it ihola?

  • lucy

    yeah ihola me too how much are you selling it for

  • shirtmaker

    Lacoste said it was an alligator before the Osaka District Court (Japan) in 1963 :roll:

    And repeated that line in countries where Crocodile shirts had first penetrated the market.

  • nicole

    the school bag is ok but when u put it around you u can not see that it is lacosre :?: :???: :shock: :neutral:

  • mls

    how can i get this messengers bag. i want it for school but they dont have any in the website i wanted to order. they will have ontile september 9. i want the slate color.

  • sri

    They are currently out of stock by the way.

    I want to buy one for school too.But I live in the Caribbean so my parents aren’t going to plan on letting me shop online.My luck.

  • Jinkx

    Hi there,

    Thank you so much for the article it is very very good and it fed my Lacoste addiction a bit more.

    I also found a site with an article on the 75 years of Lacoste which really taps into some of the essence of the brand. Thought you might like it as I found it really good!

  • kab
  • Alan

    The whole alligator crocodile thing is the same. They are both reptile with the same genetics only differ in name.

  • Naggy

    I sporty guy friend of mine would appreciate the red to draw necessary attention to him on a dark day. (ipad)

  • KY

    Nice bag! (ipad)