Paul Smith HandbagApologies for slacking yesterday. Megs moved into a new place and most of our day was spent Uhaul’ing loads of stuff back and forth. Thanks for the oversized closet, Megs. Don’t despair, we’re back in full force.

How ’bout this little number? I’ve been a Mini Copper fan ever since I can remember, and with their revival by BMW a few years ago, I’ve been hooked without hope. Sure, they are small and very limited in their application, but as a weekend car or for daily commuting to and from work, they’re perfect. Hmm, british racing green with the Union Jack on its roof, how much fun would that be? I’ve always wanted to let the Brit in me hang out. Perhaps that would help me get a sexy british accent, too. Paul Smith pays homage to a legend by creating the Paul Smith Mini Cooper Messenger Bag. The bag suits Johns and Janes alike, the fun striped Mini turns it into a distinct urban companion. The bag’s held mostly in canvas and features a leather trim around the edges as well as brass hardware and a foldover flap with a loop-and-tab closure. The English made number is available through eLuxury for a flat $400.00.

edit: Paul Smith indeed created a special series of Minis back in 1998. The price for a new one ran around 10k pounds. The paint is a creation of 83 different shades striped onto the chassis, pretty wild!

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  • nycgirllms

    I want one!!!

  • Lisa

    So Fun!! This would be a perfect companion piece to a mini exactly like Vlads!!!

  • stripedpenguin

    I love this bag!

  • IamZorak

    That striped Paul Smith mini actually exists. They asked Smith, as one of a select group of British icons, to design his own mini. I think it’s in a museum now.

    As a lifelong mini lover (and now the proud owner of a new MINI in indi blue), and a handbag fanatic, I’d love to have this bag.

  • chemlex

    I wanted a Mini Cooper so bad – until I read about the rear crash ratings. It did pretty well on the front crash ratings, but you’re dead if you get rear-ended by one of the stupid SUVs people favor these days.

    If I had a Mini – that backseat would have to be “for show” I certainly wouldn’t let anyone I cared about sit there. So I ended up getting a much more sensible Passat – it isn’t as cute, though :(

    As far as the bag goes – it’s definitely not as cute as a Mini Cooper, it’s actually kinda fugly.

  • billyjoe

    hmmmmm…..It looks ok
    Just the Mini isn’t as cute

  • Zippy

    Having lived in England for my share of time, I learned that Minis are small and uncomfortable. They were small and uncom-fortable when they hit the car market and they are still small and uncomfortable. I do not care what you do to them.

  • MARK

    I own a Paul Smith Mini and won upto date 21 trophies inc a master class title.
    Love it better than the fake bmw !

  • Mr Wembly

    Hey Everybody! The Paul Smith Mini Cooper Bag is now on sale at eLuxury! Get one before they all sell out – I really think it is such a cool city bag. Paul Smith’s stuff is really starting to be seen here in the US. He is such a great designer.

  • tabby

    personally i think the above mini is abit 2 much i think i would have it on show, rather than drive it myself, its a little to in your face. lets just stick to the bags hey.

  • nicole

    i think that the cooper is a bit to much on a bag 4 a lady like it would of been much better if it was a lady like picture :cry:

  • cafeine

    actually you should not be scared of MINI’s safety….especially the BMW MINI…it’s by far one of the safest small cars….plus check out this: and see what the fuzz is all about ;)

  • tabby

    i think that the mini by paul smith is a little to in your face, much prefer the bmw mini I own myself plus it’s alot safer than the classic mini cooper. :grin:

  • Quentin


  • yudhi

    so cute and i love this car. i want one. please… :-(

  • fuller babes

    does anyone know how much they’re worth if all up together?? x

  • mathilde

    j’adore cette voiture ,ces réjouissant de voir sa !!les voitures de nos jour son grise, noir ,beige…c’est moche …

  • Naggy

    I couldn’t give this bag to someone with a straight face. (ipad)

  • KY

    What a cute bag!! (ipad)