Louis Vuitton HandbagAs my mom remarked to me about my dad earlier today, “Your father is the least close to a metrosexual in the world”, I realized I needed to feature a man bag. And going with my mom’s comment on my dad, I realize this bag is not for you dad! Sorry. But I know there are men among you out there that are totally hip and always nicely dressed and this bag is for you. I love Louis Vuitton and their messenger bags. I actually have one that I adore and used to use for school (when I went of course). From all of my travels I have learned one thing; the working man today loves a trendy messenger bag. They all have it. All the business tycoons in NYC carry them. The Louis Vuitton Bastille messenger bag is the perfect working bag for any man out there (unless you are also not ‘metrosexual’ like my father).

Louis Vuitton has so many styles that can meet any man’s need, and this bag is made of the city men out there. Made from the Damier canvas with brown cowhide trim and polished brass hardware, this bag calls attention to its style but also is not too over the top with logos. Don’t get me wrong. Almost everybody knows the Damier print to belong to Louis Vuitton, but the LV logo pattern is much more obvious I think. The messenger style bag has a full flap that closes with a unique brass and hidden-elastic “button” providing easy access to the spacious interior. The inside is packed with goodies including two deep pockets, one full-width inside pocket, and terracotta canvas lining. Now terracotta reminds me of some sort of outdoor patio, but maybe I’m just crazy and way off. Along with all of the inner goodies the bag features a zipped outside back pocket and an adjustable textile strap that may be worn on the shoulder or across the body. Whichever way you chose to wear this bag, you will know you are stylin’! The bag is a plentiful 13″ ½ ” x 12″ ¼” x 4″ for all you work junkies who wondered if you could fit all your necessities in there and can be purchased at eLuxury for $1,000 even.

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  • JB

    Nice looking bag. As a non-metrosexual, I’m hesitant but it’s still nice looking.

  • billyjoe

    cute but the checkered print is just not my style

  • Thom

    Finally bought my Bastille from the Vuitton Store in New Bond Street London. It cost £535, but I think it was worth every penny, the quality of the bag is, typical from LV: perfect, supple, yet it feels very durable, and the style might not go with everything one might wear, but it is guaranteed to get admiring stares. Thank You Louis

  • preppygurl

    i have this from the lv store its a great bag for when you a student at harvard, law haha

  • Bob

    I like the LV Abesses Messenger Bag much more…. way more quality and stuff… I just bought it from Eluxury for a 1000 euros and i love it… i take it with me everywhere i go! Marc Jacobs, good work! Keep it like that in Louis Vuitton Atelier

  • Ken From CO

    I have this bag and I use it when i go to school everyday. The reason I enjoy this bag over the Monogram Canvas Messenger bag (Abesses Bag) is because not everyone knows that it is designer. I know the point to paying that much is so that people will know, but when you buy something that is not as recognizeable, the people who truly love fashion will notice the bag, and you will be noted for having taste, not only for being a label whore. So, if you’re going to spend that much money on a bag, spend it on something that is classic, goes with everything and screams fashionista to the fashion- conscious mind.

  • anders

    i love this pattern from louis vuitton. but i dont think i need such a big messenger bag. i currently own a olav pm. but thanks for posting this :D

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  • Ava

    Could a girl wear this?
    And is it reeally big? Like overly large?

  • smith

    According to Ava comment i just bought this bag yesterday in Thailand it costs 6000 pounds i think girls could wear it but u should be quite tall. I love it its not too obvious like Monogram canvas

  • smith

    sorry 600 pounds

  • Sebastian

    I really want this bag!!!! i already have the Lv Abesses Messenger and want another i swear I am addicted! I think this will be the perfect addition to my collection!!!!!!!

  • Nirodha

    Nope, sorry! I like the Damier Geant Canvas Messager better than this one.

  • Merisha

    hmmm im not sure which vuitton messenger bag to get this one or the monggram canvas not sure which pattern is better but i prefer the mongram canvas but its got too many logos

  • sean

    :twisted: totally worth it . i got one

  • Christine H

    Okay, so I was doing research and I saved up enough money to buy myself an LV messenger bag. :)

    What I found online was that the ‘Bastille’ was for women, whereas ‘Abbesses’ was labeled under men…..

    I still love the Bastille bag because it looks chic while not looking super flashy. Totally classy!

  • Naggy

    I think this would be a nice gift for a male student. (ipad)

  • KY

    Nice bag! (ipad)