Urban Outfitters Messenger BagI believe I was my own parents worst nightmare. Following the footsteps of my very docile older sister, I made sure to take over all of my parents time, money, and energy for everything and anything in this world. My sister, on the other hand, was easily pleased and never really causing much trouble. Whoops. But I am sure many of you that read this site were also a bit high-maintenance, even if you were not getting everything you wanted, you were always whinning for it. So when I headed off to college however many years ago, my parents first mistake was to give me 3 pieces of plastic. As I walked down our main street on my way to buy books, I ran into Urban Outfitters, and whoosh- the plastics began to swipe all too much and too often. I loved the store, and hey, it was right on campus. How lovely. One of my first school bags was from Urban Outfitters because their messenger bags were so trendy and classy. I felt like a real college kid, kinda.

When I ran into this Urban Outfitters Patchwork Messenger Bag, the first thing I thought of was how perfect it would be for any of you girls out there looking for a cute fall bag for school. Patched from suede and leather in shades from brown to bronze and pops of pink, the messenger bag implements fall colors and material into a hip look. The bag features an interior zip pocket, an adjustable equestrienne-style buckle, and is fully lined on the inside. the dimensions are 11″ L, 13.5″ W. The bag is not overly huge but should be able to fit what you need to carry to and from class. For a not too bad $78 through Urban Outfitters, this bag would be a perfect new look for any of you out there.

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  • megan

    do they come in pink?

  • cork

    LOVE IT!!! The bronzes scream fall, and they make the blue fit in more. Plus what girl dosen’t love plums in fall!!!

  • billyjoe

    nope sorry it doesnt come in pink but the tan one is really awesome

  • lmpsola

    Love it! Thanks, I already know what bag I am going to buy for school! Love the patchwork.

  • Ada

    i love this bag! do you know where i can get it?? they dont have it on the urban outfitters site anymore!

  • erivi

    heyy i love this bag i want to buy it where can i buy it i go to lacoste and it not there and i want it

  • steph


    I also really like this messenger bag. Do you have an ideas as to where I could find it or what brand it is? I’d appreciate any info on it :)

  • ew

    thats a ugly bag.

  • Naggy

    It doesn’t look well thought out and is too random and messy. (ipad)

  • KY

    I don’t like the colors very much. (ipad)