The Original Seatbelt Bags

Let me get straight to some interesting specifications:

  • Genuine flight satin, as used by the U.S. Airforce to produce flight jackets
  • Real-life seatbelt material, capable of withstanding strains of 5,000+ lbs of tension
  • YKK zippers, the smoothest on the market
  • Nylon 69 stitching, NASA-approved and meets government specs VT95
  • Italian chrome-plated feet
  • Powerful magnetic snap

What sounds like a handbook for either a level-3 kevlar vest that 50 Cent would wear, or some fancy high tech gadget that has top secret gov’ment clearance (cuz it’s just so damned fancy), is indeed nothing but a boring, ol’ handbag.

Actually, it’s anything but boring. It’s a brilliant symbiosis of materials and application, it’s the Seatbelt Bags from Harveys Industries Inc. The patented bags come in a vast variety of shapes, sizes and colors. With messenger bags, totes, baguette bags, overnighters, clutches, in mini, large, or XXL, and 10 different shades, you are facing thousands of different varieties. Fabulous! Prices for the cool bags start at $60 and go up to $150, available at

Thanks to brian@TFS for discovering this!

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  • dowdydiva

    Thanks for highlighting the seatbelt bags!

    They’ve been around for quite a while, and I’ve coveted them terribly. Many funky gift stores carry them because of the novelty, but they are nice bags. I’ve seen lots of ladies on the streets carry them to perk up a conservative business wardrobe.

  • L2

    I think these purses are terribly novel, however, impractical…they’re just too heavy!

  • Megs

    Heavy they may be, but they sure won’t budge any load, that’s for sure. :)

  • clh

    I have a seatbelt bag, and yes, it’s a bit heavy, but I love it. I get compliments on the street often. I want to get another, bigger one.

  • billyjoe

    these bags are cute except there is only one with a not so heavy look

  • my husband got me like, 5!!!!!!!! i’m so lucky
    they’re kinda heavy though………………………………… oh well!

  • Christie

    I have a seatbelt bag and love it!!!!!! I don’t find it to be heavy unless I put too much stuff in it. Love them all!!!

  • Jennifer

    Well, my husband got me like 6!!!!!!!! I am even luckier. I work out so I don’t think they are heavy at all…………… excerize girls!

  • Jill

    Does anyone know where to get a knock-off seatbelt bag?

    • Cathy

      I just had a patient come in today with one. She got it at the Gault Flea Market (central valley town) it was a multicolored one that was toooo cute! $20! That’s what made me come home and get on the web to look. Good luck!

    • Vanessa

      I have a knock-off bag . I got it at a local (Santa Fe Springs) in southern cali. swapmeet. You could try outlets. Ask around from other venders. It looks a lot like the real ones but the only difference I think is that the knock off ones dont have the little 5-columns on the seatbelt strap. Its just black checkered Nylon they come on many colors. !Hope you find one and they are cheap too!! mine is a large executive tote for only 25 dollars!! in a variety of colors. Mine is black.

    • Heather

      We carry “knock off” seatbelt purses in our boutique. If you are still interested contact me through my business email: :grin:

      • dawn

        please contact me by e-mail about your knock off seatbelt purses. i have been looking everywhere.

  • Mel

    I found a blue seatbelt bag yesterday at Goodwill for $2.50!!! I have seen these bags around, but never owned one myself.. I went home and checked it out and it is authentic. It has the original “Harveys” Tag. I looked online and it retails for $92.00. I was going to sell it on Ebay- I was wondering what price I should ask for it??

  • lovin it gal

    Hey gals with 5 to 6 bag why don’t you sell me a couple for my sis and I ? we love love love the bags but hate the prices. were sorta looking for the mini styles and would just die for mini prices to match. Thanks for listening / lovin it gal

    • Brandi

      Hi i saw u want a mini seatbelt bag i havd a dark grey one for sale $20 plus shipping let me know its real

      • Brandi

        Hit me up on facebook brandi winters walls

  • V

    Yeah I want mini prices too. Someone hook a sista up.

  • Ed

    This 50+ year old seatbelt manufacturer is branching into a new line of bag, purse, and tote products. Check it out at

  • Kelsey

    I have a sage medium zip up tote and absolutely love it:) It’s nice to be in school and see that no one else has a bag like mine. I am one for practicality and this bag is definitely for me. It is a bit heavy, but for the use I put into my bag, it’s worth it. Thank you seatbelt bag:)

    P.S. Does anyone know the best way to clean a seatbelt bag? I’m assuming the washer/dryer method won’t cut it. Lol.

    • Vanessa

      ues mild soap with toothbrush. But dont wash/dry or take it to the dry cleaners!

  • Lindsay

    these are so cute. i could kill for the black and white checkered one but i cant find it ANYWHERE. anyone know where to get it, and in that size?

  • Lindsay

    i found seatbelt handbags in a variety of colors at

  • Ed

    If you are looking for bags, purses, and totes made of seatbelt webbing. Check

  • Temoc

    For the real seatbelt bags visit
    accept no imitations. People work hard on these bags. Knock offs are never in fashion.

  • Temoc is what’s wrong with America

  • Mag

    I bought 3 seatbelt bags at and I love them! They are half the price of Harveys.

  • Why did my last comment get deleted? rocks

  • You’ve got it all wrong – is what is RIGHT with America. Even a poor gal can enjoy designer style.

  • bob

    I made the same comment and it was deleted also! I guess Harveys doesn’t like competition.

  • Ed

    bucklebags are a new style of bags made from seatbelt materials from an actual seatbelt company. all bags are made with a lifetime guarantee. Checkout

  • Stylin’ Bags

    Stylin’ Bags is now out of business.

  • javamama

    I love these bags! I have never noticed that they are heavy. I have a brown one but I would love one in every color!!

  • annalise

    i have a baby pink harvey’s seat belt bag, and love it(so does everyone else) harvey’s and juicy are two of the most youthful looking bags out right now. i think that paying the price for an original bag is worth it. they are so incredibly durable and not to mention, easy to wash. toothbrush + soap= a clean bag hope my comments helped

  • Annette

    I love my seatbelt bag, and have the wallet and change purse too!! Love ’em!

    Does anyone know where the Harvey’s warehouse is? I heard it’s in Costa Mesa and you can get discounted prices there.

  • Brenda from Boston

    Hi all,

    I have had my Harveys Seatbelt Bags (black and champagne large totes)for 2 years…. I love them!!! You can wash them with soap and water. They look great with anything. I own several Coach Bags that have been sitting in my closet for the past year…I paid a bundle for them and I never use anymore. I am on the fence about buying the Harveys Classic Leopard Large Satchel it’s $144.00…. Does anyone out there own one?

    As for buying knock off bags I myself wouldn’t do it… Did you watch the 20/20 segment about knock offs supporting terrorist organizations? Who wants to support Bin Laden!!!! FYI i don’t work for Seatbelt Bags… I am only a consumer :)

  • Alexandra

    Help me I can not find any seatbelt bags under $90 can anyone tell me a place to get some that are under $90 :?:

  • Morghen

    Girls! Ebay Ebay Ebay!!! If you are looking for cheap ones but real ones… go for one that has been lightly used. If not, you are gonna have to pay the full price… DEAL!

  • Heather

    We carry “knock off” seatbelt bags in my boutique. If you are still seeking one, contact me through my business email: :grin:

  • Jeffrey Austin White

    Amazing that you can make a purse out of a seat belt when some people can’t even figure out how to use them.

  • Shannon

    I sell purses and do purse parties and we carry seat belt purses they aren’t the harveys brand but made very well and in lots of great colors. E-mail me if you are interested.

  • Jennfer

    Like the ladies above I have many Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags…none of which are fake…and I work out so they are perfect and real!

    I highly recommend getting a wristlet…perfect size and very functional. I just used it to take to the Fray concert…PERFECT!

  • kate

    i have a large black one, which goes great with my black suit i have to wear at work, a disney one,,,its the cutest thing ever,, got my mom a red one,, my daughter a disney one, my other daughter got a champagne mini messenger and today i got a watermelon tote. i have on order the black with little flowers on it and a black portfolio. while they do tend to get a bit heavy if you put too much stuff in it, i wouldnt trade them for anything. i, too, have a prada and various others, im afraid they take second place to these bags.. i absolutely LOVE them.

  • kate

    and i forgot to add,,,they are made in America, so its all the better!

  • Ria

    I am online tonight buying my third seatbelt bag. I love them! They may be a little heavy, but worth it for the style and durability. They are indestructible and have a lifetime warranty. They are pretty unique in Michigan, so I get compliments from people every day.

  • christine

    Had been wanting one for the past three years. My boyfriend finally surprised me with one. A just because gift. I absolutely love it. Get compliments always. I don’t see how some say they are heavy i don’t feel mine is heavy at all. Can’t wait until i get another. !!

  • Kylie

    I LOVE these bag! I think I am up to almost 30 now. I love all their different styles—especially the limited editions. There are still a few that I don’t have that I really want! I will find them eventually :)

  • Catherine

    I have about 20 seatbelt handbags, totes, and laptop bags in various sizes and colors for sale if anyone is interested. I have other bags as well and photos. I do not have Harvey’s seatbelt bags though I have a different brand with better prices.

    put in the subject Seatbelt Handbag so I won’t delete the email without looking at it.

  • The D3 Diva

    The fake or knockoff seatbelt bags are cheaper for a huge reason. They ARE cheap.

    My sister bought a multi-colored one in a small shop for $20. I congratulated her on the great bargain, I myself being extremely frugal. I didn’t tell her, but I could see at a glance the belt material is thinner, looks cheap, and doesn’t have that elegant sheen to it. The zipper broke after just a couple of weeks using it. The shop owner gave her money back without question or hesitation and wasn’t at all surprised, stating it’s happened a lot.
    I bought my first small black tote about 10 years ago and have several others. I still get so many compliments on my fruit punch color extra large hobo bag from Harvey’s Carriage collection, and I’ve been using that same bag every day since June 2007! I’m pretty hard on bags so it speaks to the quality you get with the real thing.
    I avoid buying name brand or designer items because I am the ultimate Bargain Betty, but some things can not be faked.

  • skigirl

    Have had the Harvey Seat Belt Bag for 3+ years & was looking dully & dirty, droped it in the dirty snow last weekend. Decided to toss it in the washer & it is back to the original sheen & shine! I LOVE this bag

  • Keers

    I just bought a carriage hobo on ebay. When it arrived, I found that it doesn’t have the square metal tag in the corner. The zipper pull says ykk (not Harveys as my other one does.) Can anyone tell me if I have a fake or if that is normal? Thanks!

  • Naggy

    I’d wear the seatbelt in the car, but not on a bag like this. (ipad)

  • KY

    Hmm not sure what to think about these bags. (ipad)

  • m

    What’s wrong with Harveys is that they don’t use eco-friendly recycled materials that other companies use. There are numerous companies in other countries who sell similar purses through fair trade at nearly 1/10 the cost. They use real recycled materials and are actually doing something good for the earth and it’s people, rather than just being elitist fashion whores.

    The Harvey’s use their patent to harass competitors selling similar items that aren’t even violating the design in their patent. They are so ridiculous that they don’t even understand that U.S. patent law is territorial. Nothing but scare tactics. I encourage folks to save their money, help poor countries and it’s people, and purchase similar items through fair trade.

  • Cboost