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  • AshleyG

    OMG I LOVE the Incognito bag!!! Perhaps it’s overpriced…BUT, I still love it!

  • shueaddict

    MJ was my first ever designer handbag and as much as I still love Marc Jacobs ( despite the hiatus from the quilted Stams) I simply cannot get behind a 3k non exotic Trouble bag , gaudy gold chain notwithstanding .

    • AnnabelleLockyeruli

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  • Patsy

    The incognito reminds me of Mark Cross madison bag.

  • I love the Incognito!

  • Sandy

    At first I was thinking meh, but taking a second look there are some really great things about the Incognito bag. The slouchy gussets that zip all the way out…you would be able to reach into that bag easily. The double zip top (a little Chloe rip off but still)….I do not think that I would purchase the bag yet…but maybe its a keeper.

  • uadjit

    The incognito looks very similar to the new “Pandora Flap” bag coming out for Fall from Givenchy

    • YES it does!

      • louch

        I’d take the Givenchy any day. The slouchiness and minimal design is far better.

  • Casey

    The Incognito actually looks like an evolution of the Stam. Many bags have two zippers, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a rip off of Chloe though…

  • dela

    For a second I thought I was viewing Kate Spade bags.

  • Bebe

    It’s to expensive for this kind off deisign

    • jacksonm

      The price is not based on the design, it is based on the designer.

  • pixiegirlie

    I really miss his quilted line. None of his bags since he left LV have really done it for me some have had elements I like but not enough to buy. That combined with the staggering price increase has really turned me off of the brand. The incognito bag is the one I like the most but not enough to spend over 2 k for it. There are other bags in that price range I like a lot more. I also feel like it cheapens the bag to have the brand name printed on the bag vs having a name plate or even imprinting it. I know it’s popular to print on LV bags but there’s a big difference between getting something personalized with your initals vs the brand logo. I miss his quilted bags for only $1000-1300.

  • ElainePG

    Marc Jacobs bags were the first designer bags I invested in. When I learned that he was discontinuing the quilted line, I quickly stocked up, but I still assumed that I would be buying in future seasons. At these prices, though, he has priced himself out of my range. These bags are pretty, but there are too many other designers with equally interesting bags, at much more reasonable prices.

  • s


  • I love his flower resort bag for 2015, why aren’t those depicted here? They’re whimsical and totally fun….?