Runway shows are only half the story; you don’t get the full picture of what a designer has planned for a season until the lookbooks and price lists come out, and thanks to Moda Operandi, a lot more of that information is now made public in a timely manner than ever before. As our friends over at Racked noted earlier this week, Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2015 trunk show includes three very notable bags that all ring in at a cool 40 grand.

Jacobs left Louis Vuitton after his Spring 2014 collection in order to focus on his own brand and its rumored, eventual IPO, and accessories are proving to be a huge part of that expansion. Jacobs has launched a handful of new, well-received foundational styles since his departure from Vuitton, and like basically every other accessories brand hoping to capture both the highest-dollar clients and those with more reasonable incomes who wish to emulate them, his next logical frontier is exotics.

In case $40,000 all at once seems a little steep, you can hand over a paltry 20 racks now and keep the other 20 for yourself until the pre-order comes to fruition in the spring. The bag will come in olive, brown and, for those of you who want to tempt fate with five-figure bag in a light color, cream. Check out the bags below or shop the full collection via Moda Operandi through September 23.

Marc Jacobs Surplus Plus Alligator Bag
$40,000 via Moda Operandi

Marc Jacobs Surplus Plus Alligator Bag Brown

Marc Jacobs Surplus Plus Alligator Bag
$40,000 via Moda Operandi

Marc Jacobs Surplus Plus Alligator Bag Ivory

Marc Jacobs Surplus Plus Alligator Bag
$40,000 via Moda Operandi

Marc Jacobs Surplus Plus Alligator Bag Olive

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  • kemilia

    Whole lotta meh for $40K.

  • They’re really nothing special. When I want to splurge 40k on a alligator bag, the bag must be reallllly beautiful and timeless. The alligator pieces are a bit mismatched too…

    • Emilia di Brignac

      Have you seen the Alligator bags by Emilia di Brignac Florence, Italy. They are exquisite! The alligator is from Florida…where the best of alligator is found in the world… and also Louisiana. The colors are rich… and the panels are not pieced together from other hides. EdB bags are so well made, classic styles and will last for generations. I can you pics if you are interested?

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    40k for a bag is obscene! But a bucket bag?! That makes it a 10 times worse.

  • bir

    well i think the shape is something i could own the bag itself is beautiful but the alligator pieces for 40,000 are mismatched by the center seam and that to me is a mjor mistake when handling exotics.

  • C

    I think exotics in general, especially alligator/croc, look so much better on rigid, structured bags. Putting this material on a smushy bucket bag makes it look more like embossed leather, something a Coach-level company would do. Certainly doesn’t justify the 40k price tag, which is a shame because I’m really rooting for Marc Jacobs to find his own stride again.

  • s

    Ugh Im sorry these are terrible. Look at the cheap chain detailing! you want 40k!?!?!?! Marc please go back to the quilted bags; why they were ever discontinued in the first place baffles me.

  • shueaddict

    If you’re going to splurge on croc or alligator maybe this is not the best way to go. Even the Row bags were nicer.
    Complete coincidence but today I just got the offer on the spec I wanted for a new BMW X3 and it is just under 40k EUR. Pretty harsh perspective for these bucket bags.

  • LOVE THIS!!! =D