Marc by Marc Jacobs Messenger Bag
Marc by Marc Jacobs Messenger Bag

Upon first glance this bag is very Chloe-esque. The black stitch against the white leather shouts out house of Chloe, giving a sturdy look. But you know what? Not only is this not a Chloe bag, this is a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. And wait until you hear the price! This is such a bag deal I am in shock. Too good to be true? Maybe! This Marc by Marc Jacobs Messenger Bag uses cream textured leather and silver hardware in a messenger style to make a great school bag, everyday bag, and affordable bag. This is not just affordable in handbag lover terms, this is flat out affordable! It is not huge either, it is reasonable (12″ W x 9.5″ H), but it can fit papers, folders, and an agenda. It may not be big enough for a large load, but it can definitely work for many people. Actually, I would love to hear that it will be done in a bigger version which would make it perfect for every class goer that must carry larger books. There is also a zip fastening pocket on the front and a flap closure with magnets. Buy through Net A Porter for a mere $298.

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  • mette

    Although the bag is cheap, it ´s not a good buy because the bag is ugly as hell. There are so many lookalike bags that MJ actually didn´t have to use any creativity to the designing part.

  • Spencer

    I personally Love this bag. It like the saddle bag i picked up earlier this week only bigger! Great for school. Granted there are a lot of bags that do look like this but i think that it has it own unique MJ touches to it.

  • SARA

    That bag if fug as hell marc by marc has really outdone themselves in terms of being as fugly as possible.

  • bhalpop

    I actually like this bag but it is way too small and impratically white for me. The price is definitely right, but I like to carry my life with me and like a bag around 15’x10′ at least to fit what I currently carry around with me. Smaller bags just don’t work for me and no matter how inexoensive are a waste of my money. Plus being hard on my bags white just doesn’t cut it. Saddle would be better.

  • kateholli

    I like it, but would hope it were available in other colours as well as a white work bag would never work for me…
    By the way, it’s only fair that the price is 300$ and not 1000$ like a Chloé as MbyMJ bags are ‘manufactured in China from Italian leather’, see Marc Jacobs Shopping forum…

  • my new bag

    love the inside lining fabric though….would love to see it everyday when I opened one of my bags.

    • totebag

      I have a MBMJ tote bag made of the same lining fabric!

  • Piper

    this bag is available in black and i am going to get one. it’s great for airport travels!

  • jess

    It’s funny that 2 people have said it’s ugly, this is the only marc by mj bag i’ve found NOT to be ugly. :D. i like it. I saw it in orange today, and I want it.

  • michelle piper

    I’m uk based – where can you buy this bag???

  • joann

    where can I buy this bag?

  • Kendra

    This is a really good deal. It’s not TOO expensive, but it also has a good design that’s appealing. (fb)

  • Paula

    Love this!! (fb)