While this bag is considered one of fall’s statement pieces, I wonder how many of you plan to go buy it.

The Marc Jacobs Spotted Teddies Shearling Hobo Bag is all about fuzzy shearling with a few bold black polka dots. While some risk-taking fashionistas are surely scurrying out to buy this bag, I would only consider buying it to double as a pillow in times of sudden sleepiness.

Marc Jacobs constantly designs collections to appeal to many different styles, from the subdued to the funky, and this bag falls into the funky category. I remember this bag being carried down the Fall 2011 runway, catching my eye much more than the outfit, although not necessarily in a good way. Keep in mind the dimensions are large, 12″ x 11″ x 6″. Buy via Net-A-Porter for $1,495.

Let’s have a little fill in the blank fun. You know what to do: the Marc Jacobs Spotted Teddies Shearling Hobo Bag is ____________________.

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  • Musette

    This bag reminds me of the pajama-bags the models carried in Eyes of Laura Mars :-)


  • rose60610

    utterly stupid.

  • Brigitta

    something that proves that P.T. Barnum was right when he said “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

  • Faiza

    is ugly…would not wear it even if i got it for free…my little cousin has something like this for her dolls.

  • Fiona-Brazil

    Cute for a child although I don’t agree with the idea of buying label bags for children.

  • bindc


  • Anna

    …the funny one in a FW collection full of other exquisite bags.

    It’s not for me, but a couple other bags from this collection will be :-)

  • Nagellackprinzessin

    looking at me :O

    • QQ


  • mia

    It’s cute to look at and a fun idea – BUT super impractical and not worth even 1/100th the price. I would rather just use one of those real teddy bear backpacks for a fraction of the price.

  • Stephanie

    Great for a kid but not with that price tag.

  • Brandy

    perfect for a 6 year old with a swiss bank account.

  • michelle

    marc is known for designs ahead of our time and i LOVE those designs.. but THIS, IMHO, is just plain lazy.

  • Allison

    horribly wrong

  • Cadence

    Like a muppet that has been sucked of all it’s character and humor.

  • Flatsydoll

    Just right for Wilma and Betty’s night out with Fred and Barney

  • Nathalie P.

    something Amber would carry in Clueless.

  • Pixiejenna

    Ridiculous! I would never carry it, the concept might be fun for a kid but no kid needs a $1500 bag.

  • irene

    ooohhhh…those sad little eyes…on a panda….in serious need of bath… :(

  • alishia


  • Irra

    Omg!!!! significantly wrong and UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blaine

    My cat has a scratching post that looks better than this.

    • Linda

      Best response…I am still laughing!!

  • Liz


  • nvie

    ….something I would find hanging in kioks/stalls in my local mall.

  • Merve

    the next bag Katie Holmes will be purchasing for her daughter

  • Jennie

    dalmation disaster!

  • Laura

    going to eat you!

  • Lynn

    looks like a carpet… not into it. bleh..

  • Spaceman_Spiff


  • mochababe73

    a spotted carpet. And, I think that I see eyes.

  • Jean

    perfect for Barbie’s outfit

  • The Decor Girl

    This is just silly and I agree with others who said “lazy”. It looks like a kid’s toy.

  • Cathy Fitz

    insultingly ugly.

  • Susan

    An overpriced piece of crap!

  • marinaharbour

    looks like used!, looks old!, looks terrible!!!!! And that price tag is a JOKE!!!

  • aidan

    BUTT F**K UGLY……

  • Rashida

    The first word that came to mind is awful. Also juvelinle.

  • ottercat

    a sign that he has lost all respect for his fans.

  • Lulu

    This has got be a joke…right? Lol! Horrific I’d say! I wouldn’t pay 25$ for that.

  • roberto

    is looking at me ´o_o`, is like a bag version of the Monster Book of Monsters from harry potter, tank god Marc is probably leaving LV but if the rumor is true i do not want to imagine what he is going to do at DIOR, seriously o think that that bag wants to bite me

  • Linda

    I was going to respond perfect for a 5 year old until I saw the price. It is just plain ugly and stupid. If it is made with sheepskin than I would add a perfect waste of sheep.

  • ellenbakes

    I’m always ready to love Marc Jacobs anything; however, this snuggly ugly is a real miss y’all. For nearly $1,500 what the hell were they thinking? If you’re running out of ideas over at Marc Jacobs, take a damn break, go on vacation, take a nap….something, anything but this. No bueno. A definite thumbs down.

  • Syv

    Embarassing. MJ is seriously tra-la-la-la-lolling with this. For THAT price!?

  • Cathy

    I just recently purchased this bag for my 5 year old daughter. She absolutely loves it! It is her favorite of many designer bags she likes to tote around(she is such a little diva!) I cannot believe anyone over the age of 8 would carry this bag they would look ridiculous!

  • AW

    It’s ugly. Sorry MJ u know i love your bags and especially your MbMJ line but this one freaks me out. The beady little button eyes in particular look like they’re creeping on me :S