By now you’re well aware of the craze surrounding Mansur Gavriel. The duo behind the brand found a niche and have stuck to that market, leading to designs that are highly sought-after and constantly sold out. With the company’s booming growth, we’ve even added a Mansur Gavriel subforum on our PurseForum for lovers of the brand to come together to share their acquisitions and help one another track down the highly coveted bags.

If you are one of the people waiting to get your hands on a Mansur Gavriel bag, we have really good news for you: Tomorrow, May 14th, Mansur Gavriel will be restocking its website.

The re-stock will go live at 11am EST, Thursday, May 14th. All current Spring/Summer styles will be available, including signatures like the Large Tote, Small Tote, Bucket Bag, Mini Bucket Bag, Mini Mini, Backpack, Mini Backpack, Large Wallet, Envelope Clutch and Mini Envelope Clutch. Spring 2015 saw new fabrics introduced, including Tumble leather and new colors of Canvas, which will be included in this re-stock as well.

Good luck to all of you trying to get the bag you’ve been lusting after, and make sure to share your purchase on the PurseForum when you have the pretty little bag in your hands! May the odds be ever in your favor! Shop via

Mansur Gavriel Restock 2015

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Michelle

    So the lesson I learned last time was that there is no time for browsing. Know exactly what you want and purchase it as soon as you put it in your bag. It was so frustrating, I put a bag the shopping cart to checkout and when I went to purchase, after perusing their other offerings, the bag had disappeared and was sold out!

  • Guest

    Personally I still don’t quite get why the craziness. I get the minimalism (which I like), the good quality, the lower price point etc. Still, when going on sale some premium brand bags are just about the same price range and of good if not better quality. Plus chasing after a bag is tiring, especially they all seem so plain, is it worth the trouble and frustration? I get chasing after a limited edition bag or a chanel. I just don’t get this. Am I the only one?

    • nixie

      I don’t get it either. Personally, I never liked bucket bags.

    • I don’t even like the bag that much either, I mean it’s not ugly but also no big deal. Truth is, chasing after it makes it exciting and more satisfying when you finally get it! (Happened to me with Anya Hindmarch stickers.) Maybe that’s part of their strategy? If it is well bravo to them!

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  • Mel A

    I love my bucket bag. It’s plain, elegant, timeless. I don’t like complex styles, like, for example, the Balenciaga city bag, and prefer simple and classic (like the Gucci disco, or shopper, for example). I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but it does go well with an understated wardrobe, I think (Mine is brandy, with a blue interior). Plus, I don’t think people will be chasing after them for too long. They’ll increase production, and supply should go up..

  • kemilia

    Kudos to them for being able to grab this attention for what I feel is a pretty blah bag. They must be doing something right, and that’s good business.

  • Bech1986

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  • Khaya

    All those bags are sold out already…lol, RIDICULOUS!! It’s only been 15 mins

    • Khaya

      I feel like I’m buying new Jordan releases or something lol

  • Dessa

    Its over! All the bags were gone (within seconds) Restocking in August…:(

  • laura

    I couldn’t get one :( I was with my credit card ready and they were gone in less than a minute. How many did they re-stock? two? This is ridiculous!

    • paula

      couldn’t agree more…

  • paula

    well, I have tried getting hold of one, knowing exactly what I wanted, I was allowed to put it into my shopping cart, and proceeded to check out, only to be signaled that there was no stock. This was at 11.01am. I am so disapointed with the brand that I doubt I’ll ever buy one of their bag. One thing is to create desire, the other one frustration. i’m not sure if this is related to me not being in the USA, but if this is the case, well, not the best of strategies for when they will consider expansion…

    • That’s really weird – so you could add to your cart but then it said sold out when checking out?

      • Paula

        Exactly! It said “there has been a problem with our stock and the item is no longer available” and when I clicked on “continue shopping” they would remove it from my cart. Very deceiving!

      • Natasha

        Yes, the same thing happened to me – at 11:00 am even I added the bag I knew I wanted to the cart and immediately clicked “check out”, only to get the message on the next screen that it was out of stock. I continued doing it with at least 5 other options through 11:03 am, and finally quit realizing that everything was out of stock

      • Kali

        During their March restock I was able to add a bag to my cart, select my shipping choice, enter my contact info, all of my credit card info, and when I finally hit “purchase” it kicked me back out to the welcome screen. This happened FIVE TIMES. I wrote them an email and politely complained that they need to allow for a grace period once a person gets to the contact/CC info part.

        For today’s restock, I was happy to see that they did indeed add a 5 min Grace Period. However…

        The exact same thing happened to me today. All my CC info filled out, and the minute I click “purchase”. Poof. Gone.

        I yelled so loud I scared the living daylights out of my dog. This is beyond ridiculous.

    • Sophia

      This happened to me as well with every single try! I started shopping at 11am right when the bags were on sale.

    • Stephanie Chandrasekaran

      I actually was in at 10:59am and completed checked out by 11:01am. Looks like they launched a couple of minutes early.

  • Mikagirl

    Never again! They probably had less than 5 per style and color…

    I love the bag, however this is the third time I’ve tried unsuccessfully, there will not be another time for me, I’m done

    • GoBears95

      Congrats. You are freed from their “race to check out” games. I am long done with them. Just curious if they have 5 mins of stock this time. Looks like their stock lasted 1min. LOL.

  • shopper

    The straps on the totes look way too thin to properly support a bag once you put stuff in it. Can someone advise? Thank you.

  • Sandy

    You are not the only one…I do not get the popularity. Mehhh. It is such a curiosity to me how and which bags become crazy popular like this. I guess if I could predict I would be a marketing genius LOL!

  • Babs

    I have to say that MG has the dumbest brand strategy ever. This is not the case of creating hype to raise awareness. This is the case of simple annoyance and brand fatigue. If they don’t have the $$ to invest and fund the company properly they should give up. You can’t run a successful business like this period. To be a success you actually have to have product available to sell!

  • Vbogaert

    I’ve always gotten my bags from Steven Alan. Just put your name on the pre-order list (they do require a credit card # to do that)but they usually re-stock every 2-3 months. I’ve gotten 2 bucket bags and a tote bag. Your limited to what they order, but it’s usually a pretty good selection of the favorites. I’ve managed to get one bag from the Mansur Gavriel site, the last time back in March was a fiasco. This time I didn’t even bother. I would like the backpack, but I’m not going to go through the hassle of shopping through their website.

  • renata delviso

    Company seems to have a suicidal marketing strategy. The website says they will restock in August. So now what? NO sales, NO income until August? Kinda hard to pay you’re bills without income! Also, they seem to think their customers are stupid. They should read these comments – customers are not stupid and are turning away.
    Do not anger you customers!!!

    • They do sell elsewhere. Net-a-Porter, Steven Alan, Luisa Via Roma, and a lot of other brick-and-mortar stores around the WORLD sell their bags. They didn’t even use to have an online store. So despite the fact that their own site restock is three months from now, the income will still be coming in from their other retail channels.

    • Cathy

      Lol how could you have any idea what their revenue stream is like? I love these people who watch a couple episodes of shark tank and think they understand how businesses actually operate.

  • adff

    Funny they said they are anti it-bag

    Well.. one of the characteristics of it-bag not only because of the popularity, but the game they played to make people want it badly through marketing strategy.

    Now, MG tried the same strategy… I think.
    And they are doing this to make their bags awesome and make people want it. They want to make their bag is the next it-bag by creating the hype.See the irony ?

  • Smithy

    Had two. Bucket. Small tote. Hated them. Sold them.