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  • Emily H. Harper

    It’s great that we can buy things online these days, this is very helpful, but not as easy as it seems, because of the “while supplies last” on most stores. I still prefer this way though :)

    – Emily

  • Kate

    I suppose I just don’t “get” the hype with these bags. In terms of aesthetics, I like their simplicity but not to any degree of hysteria. It seems like the price is the only exceptionally appealing thing about them. On the other hand, if I handled one in real life I might feel differently. Sometimes a bag that looks quite ordinary in photos ends up feeling really luxe and leaving an entirely different impression in reality. Maybe that’s the case with these handbags?

    • Smithy

      I was intrigued by this brand when it was first written up in the New York Post or Times, I don’t remember which. I did the whole pre-order lemming thing and then was overwhelmingly disappointed when I received my bucket and small tote. I immediately put them on eBay. The leather was stiff and disappointing. Huge letdown. I’m also not a believer in having a bag that everyone covets. Those days are over for me.

      • Asher

        You certainly don’t seem to be over it, Smithy. After reading all these blog posts it seems you stalk them just to diss the brand. You don’t like them? Great, move along and read/discuss something you do like instead of having snarky shots at those who do like the brand.
        I happen to like them. They suit my style and are much cheaper than many bags I used to buy. I dislike a great many more expensive brands that I don’t think are in any way worth their ridiculous price tags I certainly don’t stalk those posts to take passive aggressive shots at people. (Celine, Hermes, Chanel, etc… Had a few chanels myself as I thought they were the brand to be seen with but sold them off when I decided to follow MY style not worry about what others like)

        If your over it, stop wasting your time complaining about them or trying to get others on board with your brand bashing.. Honestly some people just have way too much time on their hands and spend it worrying about what others are interested in.

      • Smithy

        Haha Asher. You are so right. I hereby swear to get over it. Officially moving on.

  • Sandy

    I agree with Kate…I just don’t get it.

    • Smithy


  • TexasST

    I didn’t get the hype until I ordered one of their large bucket bags, black with the gold interior. It has become my go to bag for weekends and whenever I can’t decide what to wear that day. I wasn’t a big fan of bucket bags but this one is just so easy to throw on and it has held up very well.

  • Irene

    There aren’t many of these circulating around in Seattle yet. So, EVERY time I carry my lady bag, I am always asked what kind of bag it is and am complimented.
    I recently came across someone carrying a bucket bag in blue. It was beautiful. However, I saw those loose pull ties and was instantly reminded of what a pain it is to keep this bag closed. Do you find this to be a problem for you?
    The lady bag is almost worse because I have to pull the strings, then loop them through the top flap holes, then the bottom half holes in order for it to stay closed.
    Once a process to open and secure closed again. That’s my only complaint about these bags and it will deter me from buying another lady or trying a bucket.

  • Sparky

    Prices escalating. Not worth it in my opinion.

  • Rashmi

    I own a black bucket bag and a brick large tote I bought when the company was just starting. Here are my comments:
    Mansur Gavriel is becoming like Rebecca Minkoff trying to churn out too many styles of bags in too many colors and sizes. Stick to a few styles that have worked and then slowly release one or two new every two years.

    Prices are going up up and up which will be taking them away from the very important “mission” they started out with. People pay attention so don’t make the customers run away due to price increases.

    This “out of stock” thing is way too annoying.

    don’t branch out to shoes, clothings etc.

  • Sara

    “Out of stick” thing is a marketing strategy to add to hysteria surrounding this brand. As a consumer, this strategy doesn’t work for me. It annoys me. I want instant gratification and if I can’t get it from them, I’ll go elsewhere.

  • Emily


    New bag with tags :) Bought the recently, but it’s too big for me :(