Although our primary interest lies with women’s bags, we’ve been keeping our eyes on the Spring 2016 men’s shows currently taking place in Europe, just in case anything particularly worthy of attention pops up. That’s how we came across the Helen Anthony Castle Bags, one of which you can see above. They are, if nothing else, attention-grabbing.

Anthony is a London-based menswear brand (it’s unclear from the brand’s website if the name refers to a particular designer or a team) that focuses on the lush side of the “London look,” with lots of velvet blazers and leather. It appears as though these bags are a first foray into the category for the brand, and they’re quite the debut.

Even though these bags feel like quite a lot of look to me at their size (and even though I’m over novelty for novelty’s sake in general), I could see the castle idea happening in a cute, still-luxurious way on a smaller bag, like a mini crossbody. This large size definitely does scream “England,” though. No word on if it comes with small leather goods shaped like the royal family.

Let us know what you think in the comments!


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  • fefster

    That bag needs it’s own staffing quarters

  • Helen Anthony is the name of the house and also the designer’s great grandmother who taught him the secrets of tailoring, as I read somewhere (I can’t remember where)! He is a British high-end tailor and this is his first ever ready-to-wear collection.
    The bag is hideous!

  • Y Ajayi

    Horrible bag…Yuck.

  • AshleyG


  • Passerine

    As a one-off to appear only in a show, maybe (but still weird). As something to actually sell? No way. It’s awful, like a bad fashion design or art school project. The only person who might possibly think of carrying it would be the director of one of those Renaissance Faires and even then it would be taken as a joke.. total fail!

  • Tinsley Proust

    I really like it. It would be a cute display piece. I’d love to see a miniature option.

  • Sandy


  • FashionableLena

    A gorgeous work of art but too cumbersome for travel.

  • Lily

    Tacky and ugly!

  • Lina Lee

    Oh, God. Leave it, of course.

  • Raul Garcia

    Horrible. And I say this as a Moschino fan.

  • VividTexas

    oh that’s just ridiculous….

  • hectorrobertocontrerasmiranda

    Amanda, the shows taking place in Europe right now are for fall not spring, on the other hand, that bag is terrible design and construction wise. Where did you found this? its not even in and the basically cover everyone at London.

  • Smithy

    Leave it!!!

  • Sparky

    “love it or leave it”. we’re even asking this question?

  • Sara

    If I stumbled over it in the dark, it would frighten the bejesus out of me!

  • Maya


  • Alex R

    As a London lover ( till my death!) , I find the idea original and funny. However, this is more a display piece than a travel bag, as the shape is very unpractical, and it looks like it’s already heavy even when empty. Maybe if one can stuff umbrellas and water bottles in the “|towers”, there is some practicality to it, otherwise just very arty. I somehow love the idea of SLG’s in the shape of the royal family, lol. And Bobbys. And black taxis.

  • Vicky

    Remind me of my recent art project with my daughter. Maybe good for the kids, but definitely not for me.

  • Amanda

    That is ghastly.


    Horrendous . Nothing else to say


  • Anum Anthony

    It’s a Tower Bridge in London and not a Castle. I have seen this bag personally and it’s amazing. It’s very luxury and light weight bag. Also you can put as many things in their. LOVE IT