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New York Mets Players Kick off the 2024 Season With Louis Vuitton’s Latest Bags

All in favor of Pharrell...

Athlete arrivals at pro-sports games have become a runway of sorts, with players really honing in on their personal styles. Coverage of pre and post-game style is an essential moment for players to express themselves outside of the stadium.

Some athletes have even begun to hire stylists as their sense of style evolves. With this, the bag game has exploded as well. Long gone are the days of team-branded backpacks or boring Nike gym bags; athletes are becoming style stars in their own right.

We’ve covered bags from both the NFL and NBA already, but today, it’s time to bring it to the baseball field as the Major League Baseball season kicks off.

We’re off to a stylish start this season, kicking off coverage from New York Mets opening day last week, where we spotted not one, but two Louis Vuitton Speedy Bags from Pharrell’s debut menswear collection for Louis Vuitton.


Harrison Bader #44

Native New Yorker Harrison Bader joins the team this season, kicking off his inaugural season with a smile and a yellow version of the $11K Louis Vuitton P9 Speedy B. The rest of his fit includes camo pants by Hidden New York, Salomon XT-6 sneakers, a hooded jacket by Bad Son, and a Mets hat, of course.

Ok, #44, we see you.

New York Mets Style Louis Vuitton Speedy Bags 2
image via @mets

Francisco Lindor #12

Fellow teammate Francisco Lindor also showed up to Citi Field with a smile and his own version of the highly-coveted Louis Vuitton P9 Speedy.

Lindor opted for the classic brown Monogram but added the blue version of the accompanying key pouch to the outside, and I must know—does he own both a brown AND a blue bag? The finishing touches to his look include a fuzzy blue Jacquemus sweater and bold New Balance 57/40 sneakers.

New York Mets Style Louis Vuitton Speedy Bags
image via @mets
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