anna sui raffia

Still a kid at heart, you can tell that I love playing games. This game is as easy as they come. Just say Fab or Drab to the bag given (of course you can explain your answer, but no need). I will remain neutral, in hopes not to sway you, but lets see what you, the readers, think of some of the designer bags that are coming out.

Today I found the Anna Sui Raffia Frame Bag which is a sand coated raffia frame bag and features a leather handle and detachable leather strap. There is also a brass frame top with a clasp closure, a luggage tag, and black lining. Available via NAP for $1090.

Fab or Drab?

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Katy

    Nay… :neutral:

  • indiaink

    Raffia for that kind of money? Nay. :shock:

  • eunice

    Nay. I really dislike the fabric detailing on the bag. I like the clasp though. (: Too bad Anna Sui doesn’t make good bags. I love her clothes!

  • Karen

    Nay. I like the frame and the shape, but that’s about it. And the price is insane for raffia.

  • SqueakyWheel

    Yay, if you take price out of the equation.

    This is exactly the kind of bag you wish to find in your grannie’s closet and make your own.

  • Joan

    to the fabric for that $

  • Kai Jones

    Hrm, I must be out of the fashion loop because I really like that bag (I don’t know what it costs, though).

    I think the shape is fabulous, the leather handle and strap echoe the metal clasp shapes in a playful way, and both the color of the rafia and the shell-shaped design on it put this bag over the top for me.

  • Katie

    Nay. I love the shape, the frame, the strap… I just can’t wrap my mind around the bag costing $1090, though. I strongly dislike the fabric.

  • cindy


    is this bag made of hay?

  • suzannah

    yah, i like the bag, it is handwork,quality and it looks like there has been some thougts about the design, can’t say that about LV for the time…

  • hal


    Because this is the bag that your grandkid is gonna discover and say oooooooh my grandma was really hip.
    Nice detailing. Nice leather that will tan over time.
    And the raffia will stay pristine for all those beach sojourns in your lifetime; where you will be the envy of every fashionista with her Tory Burch tote.LOL.

  • maye


  • hershery

    i quite like it…
    fab for me

  • riley

    Its fabulous! I love the metal clasp as well as the shape. The size is big enough to carry all the things i need. It’s very unique, the fabric is totally different from all the designers bag I’ve seen but it’s too pricey.

  • sylvia

    I am fond of the color and frame. It is very simple but eleganct. My handbag blog: