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All luxury handbag designers are busy trying to lure in new customers, and keep their established customers spending more and more. Louis Vuitton does an exceptional job every season keeping its customers satisfied. Every season we are bombarded with a copious amount of new handbags and accessories to buy, and more often than not the name of the handbag is followed by the words limited edition. These two words spell trouble for bank accounts around the globe as women scramble to be first on the waitlist. Limited edition is often equated with exclusivity and we will gladly pay over $2000 for a canvas bag because only 5000 were produced!

Recently, I have pondered what limited edition really means. Louis Vuitton has recently re-released several limited edition items and has subsequently caused me to really think about my purchases. For example, the Millionaires sunglasses were recently re-released this past summer. Great news for those who missed out the first time, but for those who were lucky to obtain the first time around how do you now feel? Personally, I would feel slighted and angry that the company was dishonest with me! As another example, the Monogram Olympe Nimbus was released for the Spring/Summer 2007 season in two colors. Originally offered as a limited edition item, it has now been re-released for Fall/Winter 2007 in two new colors and a new size!! The Monogram Miroir was re-released in the Lockit style. And the heart coin purse, which sold out in weeks, is also being re-released this upcoming winter!!!

All of this does make me really think about the purchases I will make. Do I buy a bag solely because it is limited edition, or because I love the bag? Do I buy the bag to use it, or to collect it and possibly resell it in the future? If bags and accessories are being re-released it causes the resale value to decline, and of course the exclusivity associated with the brand also starts to decline?

How would you feel if this happened to you?

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Monogram Olympe Nimbus Fall/Winter 2007
Re-Release in Perle & Anthracite
PM: $1950
GM: $2550

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  • fashion in the making

    I would be very angry. Limited edition to my knowledge is when certain amounts of the product is made to sell , but some designers will release a handbag if it was a hit, just by changing the color and size they will say its a new handbag. Not only do you pay more when its limited edition some people will never get them do to the fact that some designer choose who gets them and who doesn’t. Hollywood takes most of them for advertisement. :evil::evil:

    • cherry pie

      actually with LV the limited bags are sent out to stores not to celebrities. waitlists for the general public open moths in advance.

  • Yvette

    I like LV, not just for the name, also for the quality of the bag. I have tried Mark Jacobs, YSL and some others. As I am extremely picky, I like for my handbags to look new for some time. I take exceptionally good care of all my bags. LV looks great the longest! I am currently on the waitlist at Neimans and the LV store for the Speedy monogram show bag due out sometime in 10/2007. Oh and just as an aside, another great bag is an Bottega Veneta. Just soooo expensive.

  • justified

    I agree with you..but I am not very willing to pay $2000 for a bag because it is just limited edition. Limited edition might be a postive thing if I considering to buy but not much

    • katkooty

      most bags are $2000 and up now anyway…so limited or not, if u like it, u would probably pay 2000

  • great point

    You make a great point. I think often we do get too caught up in the “limited edition” hype and the exclusivity. When something is LE it makes it even harder for me to differentiate “do I like this bag because I like it” or “do I like this bag because I could be the only person I know who owns it”? And buying something for the latter reason is a waste of money imo. Especially with the other point you made of them re-releasing the sold out LE items. I would feel totally gypped! But that’s why you should never buy LE items solely for exclusivity in the first place.

  • Xenia

    Do u guys think they’re going to release the limelight clutch?? I didn’t know it was a limited edition, but that’s what they told me yesterday at the store, so they’re all gone. I want it!!

  • my new bag

    This is the same trick as the Bait and Switch. I think “Limited Edition” should inspire
    a buyer to make a decision on whether they love the bag and buy it now instead
    of waiting. Obviously, manufacturers will cash in, just don’t buy BECAUSE it is a limited
    Edition. Likely, it will show up again if it was a great design.

  • LV Luvr

    I was one of the people that was stuck on endless waitlists for the white MC Speedy during the spring/summer 2003, and finally caved in and paid twice the retailprice for it on eBay. I was totally p*ssed off when LV announced that the MC line would be going into permanent production and the bags were going to be availiable in unlimited numbers. Now, I still would have gotten the Speedy, I abslolutely love that bag and I didn’t get it because it was a limited edition.
    When the black MC was released as a fall/winter collection in 2003/04 it didn’t bother me at all, because it was a completely diffrent color, it was not the exact same bags. I feel the same way about the Olympe Nimbus. I’ve got the SS one in Ecru and I love the color. The re-release FW colors do NOTHING for me. I don’t mind the re-releases in diffrent colors or styles, as long as they don’t re-release the exact same items I’m fine with it.

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  • aga

    Hi I have 2 limited editions LV’s and I hope that they stay that way, I have never seen anyone with “my” bag, and even through I agree that just because something is limited that it should make you buy the bag, there are some uglies that I would not want for free, but owning limited bag has something special in it and I do not like the re-releasing, thank you for letting us know.

  • Ms. Ollie Jones

    Let me tell you a true sad story. I purchased a small adjenda and filler paper from the Roosovelt Field Mall on Long Island. I had to return in 18 days for the ajenda to be serviced. I peferd to have a refund bcause it is not what it’s cracked up to be $480 plus $75 and tax. I was told by three Louis Vuitton workers Alex, Paige, and Andrea I could get a courtesy replacement. Someone did not pull the security tag. So I had to go back into the store with the security gaurd and my original recipt. Andrea Durst said I stole the replacement. How dare she!!! She can’t lie, everything is on video tape. I had to get supoena for my trial, because I spent 34 days in the Nassau County Correctional Faciltiy. Is this standard procedure for a return? What level of customer service is this? I had to go to trial and the small claims court. Psalms 21 Vindicate me. Psalms 109. When we went to small claims court Andrea Durst had the nerve to lie again and say what I had returned was a four year old model it couldn’t have been on the shelf and sold to me. She says there is no sereial number its a date code. JESUS! Since I purchased the current calendar pages, and the adjenda/calender cover on the receipt
    how could any thing be from 4 years prior?? I contacted BBB, AG, CA, NAACP.