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One of the reasons I love the forum is that it’s almost like a time machine. The older threads, especially those in the reference sections, are like a handbag archive. Not only is it fun to see what was trending at that moment, but you also end up seeing which bags withstood the test of time. As someone who has always had an interest in vintage and loves history, I would find myself scrolling through these old forums when I couldn’t sleep or when I was feeling uninspired. So going forward I will be sharing with you some of my favorite finds from some of the designer forums and today we will be starting off with these gems from the Louis Vuitton Reference Library. If you aren’t a member of the forum now is the time to join. We have handbag fans from all over the world sharing information, photos, and support. It is truly the largest handbag and fashion community on the web.

We’re starting off with a trip back to 2007, when our member travel bliss shared this Patchwork Speedy in the “The Patchwork Club” thread. Do you remember the craze surrounding these babies? Love them or hate, they still go for a premium on the resale market, often selling in the $2,000 – $3,000 range depending on style and condition.

Up next we’re throwing it all the way back to 2006, to the “The FABULOUS ALMA Club!!!” reference thread where our member, H_addict, shared their amazing collection of Almas including two Graffiti Stephen Sprouse pieces! The good news is you can still find these bags around online, and prices vary dramatically, starting at around $800 and listed as high as $5,000. That being said the general average is about $1,300.

We can’t talk about iconic Louis Vuitton pieces without mentioning the legendary Murakami Multicolore collection! We’ve all seen the Speedys and Almas, but one of the lesser know styles from that time was the Rita. This fresh gal was shared by our member LaurieLou in the “The Lovely Rita Club!” back in 2008. Today you can find this bag on the resale market in the $800 – $1,500 range depending on condition.

Another equally as iconic Murakami masterpiece is the Cherry collection, which won the hearts of collectors and celebs alike. To this day these bags remain in high demand, often going for a price within the $2,500 – $3,500 range, though I’ve seen some listed as high as $5,000. This collection was shared by our member Muse in the “The Speedy Gonzales Club!” way back in 2006!

Now for a super underrated bag, we’re looking back to the brand’s Fall/Winter 2009 collection at the Cabas Escapade. Unfortunately this bag is not readily available on the resale market, though one did sell on The RealReal for $725 fairly recently. Here in the “Club Es-ca-pade… we’ll have good time….” thread our member yed shared her stunning Cabas. If you ever get a chance to get your hands on one of these babies, I definitely recommend them as they are lightweight, made from a beautiful jacquard-like fabric with leather handles.

Louis Vuitton Cabas
via The RealReal

And of course we could never forget this controversial gem, the Miroir Speedy. When these shiny metallic pieces first came out, some were outraged by the price considering the material. Threads like the “Ok people, let’s everyone snap out of it and ADMIT that the Miroir is the ugliest r/o” thread were as popular as those praising the bag. Despite its mixed reception, the bag went down in handbag history as one of the most recognizable Louis Vuitton bags. This lovely Speedy was shared by our member lv1011 in the “oh wow, the gold miroir photographs really beautifully!!!” back in 2006. These bags are also a bit all over the place when it comes to pricing, but are generally listed in the $2,500- $7,000 range!

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