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You may have spotted the Louis Vuitton Coussin bag as part of the Spring-Summer 2021 show or you may have seen the bag make a splash with social media influencers you follow in the past week. This is the newest big release for the House and I got my hands on two press samples to share an in depth look at what is sure to be a big hit for Louis Vuitton. Coussin is the French word for cushion, and you can see this bag is the most desirable leather cushion out there.

Funnily enough, when I saw this bag on influencers this week, I wasn’t sold on it. It seems many of them received the MM size which is quite a bit larger and many times as much as you can get an idea of how something looks, it’s not until you see it in person on your own body that you can determine your true thoughts. But once the samples arrived to me, I opened up the package and it was bag love at first sight. There are so many things about this bag that I love and I’m going to break it down for you.

This bag was the star of the Spring-Summer 2021 show and the two standout features are the Monogram-embossed puffy leather along with the visible trio pouch design. If you’ve been a long time reader of the site, you know I am a big fan of Trio bags – the Celine Trio was one of my favorite purchases and is a bag I still turn to. But this bag is more versatile as it’s larger and has optional straps as well.

The pillow-like leather body is really smooshy and is an aesthetic touch that brings you in immediately, in addition to the thick chain hardware which has the LV monogram on every other chain link. The chain link strap is removable which is nice because it transforms the bag completely – from a more edgy fashion bag moment to being able to carry the bag as a clutch. On top of the chunky chain link strap, there is a more casual shoulder strap as well. This is also removable, so you can dress down the bag and lessen the weight with the canvas strap (which is also long enough to carry crossbody). Your other options for carrying include using the canvas strap and letting the chain link strap hang for a fashionable moment, or you have the option of just the chain strap, and lastly you can carry the bag as a clutch. Versatility is key, especially in today’s world where we need our bags to function for many different types of events, and this bag is one that allows for changing up the way you carry it.

The trio of pouches can be seen on the exterior, as each appears as a separate pouch, however they are not removable from one another. The top of the bag offers a single zipped closure which is easy to open and close, and on the interior you’ll be met with a microfiber lining. The three inside compartments are separated by the center compartment which has a zip closure. The PM size offers ample interior space, in fact I easily fit my typical essentials and then some without overcrowding the bag and making it look funny from the outside.

The PM size is spacious without being oversized and I am truly wowed by the bag. There is a larger MM size and while I haven’t seen it in person, to me it appears too oversized for my personal likes in this bag. You still need to be a fan of the classic Louis Vuitton Monogram to love this bag, which I am, but it’s more subtle in that it’s pressed into the puffy lambskin leather. Dimensions of the PM size are 20cm L x 26cm H x 12cm W and the MM size is 24 x 34 x 12 cm.

Some bags need to be seen in real life and this bag is really something special in person. Vlad, who sees plenty of bags and assures me I do not need a new bag, even keeps commenting on how gorgeous this bag is. While silver leather isn’t what I’d typically opt for, I’m oddly obsessed with it. On this bag and with the silver metal hardware strap, it stands out and reminds me of some of my favorite Marc Jacobs era LV bags. Other colors (including the red pictured) come with gold metal hardware. I really wasn’t sure if this was going to be a bag that I fell for, but I can tell you that after seeing it in person, I am starting the Louis Vuitton Coussin fan club. Who wants to join me?

Price is $3,550 via Louis Vuitton

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