Summer means many things. It’s hot summer weekends spent at the beach and long summer nights spent dancing the night away on a rooftop somewhere with a frozen drink in hand. It’s a relaxed state of mind. It’s days spent waiting to hear the familiar music of the ice cream truck coming down the block.

For handbag lovers and Louis Vuitton collectors specifically, summer means a little something special from Louis Vuitton. That something special is geared towards collectors, those Louis Vuitton fans with a constant lust for newness. Summer at LV is all about enticing shoppers gearing up for summer trips and activities or simply lounging by the pool.

Louis Vuitton By the Pool NeoNoe 1


In the last few years, Louis Vuitton’s summer collections have been highly anticipated and sought after, and this year, LV by the Pool is back again. Presenting a total lifestyle collection designed around summer travel, LV By The Pool takes the Maison’s classic heritage and shifts it into vacation mode. Classics are made modern, capturing a fresh, contemporary approach to destination dressing.

Louis Vuitton By the Pool 5
Louis Vuitton By the Pool 4

Oozing the relaxed feel that we all crave during the summer months, whether traveling to a tropical locale or spending summer in the city, LV By The Pool is perfectly suited for every summer activity. The summertime mood plays out primarily through updated iterations of classic Louis Vuitton Monogram, from the mosaic pattern that appears throughout to a watercolor effect that outfits swimwear and more. Anyone who’s ever traveled to Portugal will recognize the ocean blue mosaic patterns that draw inspiration from Portuguese Azulejos tiles.

Classics Made Contemporary

The bags are exactly as you’d expect: bright, fun, and oozing that quintessential summer feel. Mosaic watercolor maxi Monogram appears throughout in an ocean blue colorway as well as one that includes varying shades of pink. Silhouettes like the iconic Neverfull, Onthego, NéoNoé, Speedy B and more are showcased in Monogram Mosaic. For a very literal take on summer, there are, of course, raffia iterations of some of the House’s cornerstone silhouettes. An all-cotton raffia-like texture is further enhanced with Monogram embroidery, offering a textural take on fan favorites like the Neverfull, the NéoNoé, and the new Toiletry Pouch on Chain. One of the most stunning bags in the collection is a new iteration of the Louis Vuitton Twist, outfitted in a floral crochet pattern.

Louis Vuitton By the Pool 3

Wearable and stylish, the collection also speaks to the Louis Vuitton way of life, and beyond the RTW, bags, and accessories, poolside accessories like a Monogram print hammock, folding chair, and beach racquets will elevate all your summer activities. Discover more below and shop LV By The Pool Now!

Louis Vuitton By the Pool 7
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3 months ago

Nice. The colors and the pattern reminds me of Dolce & Gabbana 2015 spring/summer collection (mediterranean pottery style).

3 months ago

I’m drooling over everything. LV hit it out of the park with this collection. Makes me dream of holidays in Italy or Greece.

3 months ago
Reply to  N R

Same. I’d take it all!

3 months ago

Way off-topic, but Meg? The model in the featured image totally reminds me of you! I thought it was for a moment.

Megs Mahoney Dusil
2 months ago
Reply to  jiljenner

I just saw this and you are way too kind!! I’d like to pretend it is me too 🙂