One of the most interesting parts of this job is seeing how people arrive at our site. You guys get here in a zillion different ways, but one of the most persistent is your interest in the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, in all of its many sizes and incarnations. And really, I can’t blame you – the Neverfull is a foundational piece in the most important handbag line in the world, and it’s so versatile that it can be a useful wardrobe addition to almost anyone.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. It seems logical that a lot of the people visiting our site in pursuit of the Neverfull are trying to make a purchase decision of some sort, and because we like to consider ourselves a service-y bunch, we thought we’d put together a handy guide as to why, exactly, the Neverfull is such a smart way to go when looking to buy a good take-anywhere tote.

It really is never full

That might be a slight exaggeration, but the point stands – no matter which size you opt for, you’re going to be able to fit more in a Neverfull than you’d expect. Because the sides aren’t rigid and the shape is fairly loose, the bag conforms to the size of your belongings. With the biggest (GM) size, I’m pretty sure I could fit anything I ever really want to carry anywhere.

It comes in a million versions

Like the Louis Vuitton Speedy, the Neverfull is a foundation piece in the enormous Louis Vuitton line. That means that when it comes time for Vuitton to do one of its world-famous artist collaborations, the Neverfull is almost always on the list of bags that get the treatment. The works of artists like Stephen Sprouse, Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami have all graced the bag, and that’s on top of the myriad permanent and seasonal iterations available at any given time. Whether you’re in the market for a collector’s piece or a basic Monogram Canvas or Damier model to start your collection, the Neverfull can scratch that itch.

All of the versions are durable

Longtime Louis lovers don’t even need to read this one, because they already know – Vuitton’s treated canvas products are well-nigh indestructible. I have 20-year-old Vuitton pieces that still take a beating like a champ. Some customers have reported issues with the handle glaze on the Damier Ebene version specifically, but Vuitton stands behind its pieces very well – all the mentions of issues that I could find on our Forum also included details on how the product was either exchanged in the store or repaired by the brand. That’s a lot more than a lot of brands will do for customers, unfortunately. (Although it’s fortunate if you’re looking to buy a Vuitton bag.)

It’s a great way to start a Vuitton collection

Depending on size, basic monogram Neverfulls will run you between $800 and $900. Considering how enormously expensive Louis Vuitton bags get when you start to look at leathers (and, god forbid, exotics), the Neverfull is an excellent value and a great place to start a collection and find out if you like a brand’s products enough to save up and branch out within the line. It’s something that can be carried every day and that will serve a lot of purposes – that’s exactly where you want to start.

The Neverfull is totally reversible

Somehow, I didn’t know about the Neverfull’s biggest feature until recently. Sick of the monogram? Just want to switch things up? Need a different color? Flip the bag inside out, problem solved. Few designs give you that level of versatility, and that’s on top of how functional the bag is to begin with.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up a Neverfull of your own via Louis Vuitton, starting at $800.

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  • I didn’t know it was reversible!!! Guess b/c I never see anyone carry it w/o the monogram showing!

  • Eli

    I soooo wanted one and when I was finally able to own one I sold it after a few months. It fits a lot and is uber light and can take a beating, but I couldn’t stand wearing a bag that everyone else has (and by everyone I mean every other people at work, school, mall) :(

    • sable

      I’m like you Eli. Then why not go for the artists collaborated bags? They will become collector’s and by then, not so many has it and you could be one of the few unique around.

  • Laura

    I just pulled the trigger and bought mine in October. I absolutely love it and don’t see many people in my area carrying it (but most people I’ve seen are carrying LWs instead of LVs) and it fits all my stuff for school and work perfectly! I got the DA in MM.

  • Patreisha Richey

    The straps look a little thin, and I carry a ridiculous amount of things with me. Does anyone have any issues with the should straps becoming uncomfortable throughout the day?

    • Marsha

      Don’t worry about the shoulder straps becoming uncomfortable because they never do! I have the GM and use it for my travels, weekend bag and day to day kind of stuff. It’s a great bag to own and I’m really thinking about buying the one size smaller more for an everyday kind of bag. Don’t think twice about it, it’s a great light weight bag that can pack a bunch of stuff.

      • 100% agree. I just piled SO MUCH STUFF into my Neverfull for a week’s trip, traveling via air, and it was resilient and still fit under the seat despite its fullness. The straps are even softer with age! And it is without a doubt sturdy.

      • Patreisha Richey

        Thank you for the advice! I’ve been eyeing the Neverfull for quite sometime. I just might get one for summer.

    • sarah

      this bag is amazing. for such thin strap, it can hold a considerable amount of weight. i’ve lugged around my NV GM around campus, with my 15in macbook pro, a binder, my thermos full of coffee, my cosmetic pouch, and many more in the bag! it’s rumored that the NV GM can hold up to 200lbs…although i can’t imagine anyone carrying around that much load ^^

  • abbi

    Does anyone know what/when the neverfull with white stripes going down it? They also did it in the Noé and i really regret passing on it :(

    • Yes, the monogram rayures collection last year. It was limited production. My store’s manager told me they only got like perhaps 200 or so in for the NF in the US? Something crazy like that. They went fast. [Attached photo is from CocoPerez]

      • Abbi

        Thankyou for getting back to me :) Very helpful thankyou!!! Now i just have to source it! :D Its so beautiful!

  • Joanna

    I had no idea that they were reversible. I love huge bags so it’s a definite must for me :)

  • Is it really reversible with the fabric inside and the zippered pocket? Never tried it before, but I’m kind of skeptical.

    • Nichole Stacey

      I just did it.. I’m even more blown away! I love that I have 3 bags in 1…

      • mimi

        Do the straps not hurt your shoulders?

  • maria warbritton

    Timeless elegance!!!!

  • Phédre

    I never was a fan untill I got my yellow Kusama. Now I know more are going to follow!

  • I still much prefer the Goyard St. Louis over the Neverfull.

  • drspock7

    this year (resort), they will be releasing colored leather options (pink and blue)…cant wait

    • LouisLoverGuy

      I actually just bought one of these, in the blue….I love it. Can’t help but just admire it constantly.

  • Tian

    there was a big smile on my face when I read this post. Because I am one of those who have consulted your site numerous times before buying the LV Neverfull. I wanted one since 3 years ago and I finally bought one this summer, in Damier Ebene as I want sth that I don’t need to pay attention every minute to not get it dirty. And I got my initials on the bag as part of free customer service. I have to say I love the bag, everyday I use it I love it, and when I don;t use it, just looking at it, I still find it lovely. and it is very practical to use: I have in it for every day work my laptop, my ballerina, thermos, wallet, agenda, two key bags, pack of tissue, cosmetic bag, a book and it is never full. I really recommend it to people who are interested, and buy it now because the price is raising every year :( the only shortcoming is that too many people having it and if you want sth unique, that is not a good choice. but if it is just for you, you will enjoy using it.
    now what I am to test is if it can last 10 years :-) hope I can report this back on Purseblog by then.

  • Shellsandshores

    Today I saw two women with a LV I had never seen before.. with polka dots! After some research the only place I could find them was on eBay ( not sure if they are real) it was a neverfull white and brown polka dots– anyone have any info?

  • No fakes!!

    I bought a never full Daimer bag from a resale shop …a consignment store.
    Everything looks authentic …..except for the made in USA stamp it is not stamped in red
    Does anyone know if that means its fake?
    Thanks. From say “NO to fakes”

    • Ghetto Chic

      The Made is USA should be on a cloth tag. I bought one from LV store several years ago. Most date codes for made in USA bags have SD preceding the the numerical date code.

  • LouisLoverGuy

    I know that most of the Vuitton bags usually come with a date code stamped somewhere within. I recently bought one of the Summer 2013 Neverfull bags in blue and was looking around inside for a date stamp, but was unable to find one.
    Does anyone know if they do not include the date code on all pieces?

    • LouisLoverGuy

      Never mind! I found it! It was a bit more hidden than on all of my other bags and pieces.

  • Whitney

    Hi! I just came across your blog when looking for advice for my first LV purchase. I’ve had my heart set on the Neverfull for years, and finally now that I’m 30 – it’s time for me to add it to my collection!! It’s taken me awhile to save up and feel good about the purchase, so I want make certain I buy the best one for me – size and color wise. I was leaning towards the largest size since I love totes and have a ton of stuff (two kids and constantly back and forth from my workplace to home office etc). Any suggestions for the size (MM vs GM) and the color? I was leaning towards damier ebene. Thanks in advance for your help!

  • colette

    beautiful hand bags i hope to have one some day

  • colette

    i love the hand bags

  • Alexis

    Does anybody know if the tote above with the initials a.m. on it is for sale? Not only are they my initials but they’re done in my favorite colors. Please email me if this is for sale or someone knows where I can purchase one and have it monogrammed. I was not aware that LV itself did monogramming like this. Please put in subject line (am lv bag) thanks! :-)

  • NewYorkNeverfull

    Hello everyone with the same mind. We all love our Neverfull. I have the Damier Asur in Medium and have used in for years for work and play. My question to all of you fashionistas is: I am going to New York City and want to wear my Louie. I was told that it is dangerous to carry, and that I should stay with my black cross body and be done with it.
    I will be staying with my friend on Park Ave. and shopping on Madison Ave. Am I really going to leave my Neverfull home when it is such a great travel bag? Please reveal your insight. I really appreciate it. Thanks

  • Susan

    The price is now around $1300.00 – that’s some jump from 3-4 years ago!!!

  • pinkloverme

    I didn’t know it was reversible. I think it’s a very nice feature to add on the Neverfull