louis vuitton love canvas tote

Do you ever see something and get annoyed thinking you could have thought of it? Like the jump rope. Why did I not call a rope that and sell it? Same with the idea behind the Louis Vuitton That’s Love line. “LVOE” is sewn on a cotton and linen cream canvas to design the limited edition Louis Vuitton That’s Love Canvas Tote. While Marc Jacobs is not completely insane, this line is over priced for what you get, even if the logo is hand stitched and takes over 20 hours to make along with 620 gold and silver tube beads. Marc did catch our attention with the LVOE, since you can not spell love without LV. It is cute enough, but the price even has me gasping, and I have been known to spend major money from time to time. Price is $1720. Shop Louis Vuitton exclusively via eLuxury’s LV boutique.


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