louis vuitton love canvas tote

Do you ever see something and get annoyed thinking you could have thought of it? Like the jump rope. Why did I not call a rope that and sell it? Same with the idea behind the Louis Vuitton That’s Love line. “LVOE” is sewn on a cotton and linen cream canvas to design the limited edition Louis Vuitton That’s Love Canvas Tote. While Marc Jacobs is not completely insane, this line is over priced for what you get, even if the logo is hand stitched and takes over 20 hours to make along with 620 gold and silver tube beads. Marc did catch our attention with the LVOE, since you can not spell love without LV. It is cute enough, but the price even has me gasping, and I have been known to spend major money from time to time. Price is $1720. Shop Louis Vuitton exclusively via eLuxury’s LV boutique.

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  • Lisa

    No thank you. If I were ever going to a tote from a designer it would have to be tory burchs

    • kara

      Does anyone know how you clean the canvas LV tote?

  • valentina

    The price is outrageous, I checked the tote out along with its purple silk sister and they just aren’t worth the money!!!!!

  • valentina

    Sorry, purple satin tote, not silk… :roll:

  • nadia

    I am happy that somebody noticed the same thing! The bag is not worth thta kind of money for sure!!

  • EmilyGL

    Um, I like LV but that is way overpriced and looks like a cheesy YSL tote. Don’t get me wrong, I love YSL too, but not their ugly YSL totes that look like shopping bags. Lame!

  • Sharon

    I would have to agree with the above posters that bag is way overpriced. I do likt the overall look but not enough to pay that amount of money.

  • jade – www.myspace.com/tfsismetaldeth

    horrible bag, i doubt people are going to spend this much on a bag that you could probs get for 5 pounds.

  • sandeep


  • Pernille

    They’ve got some new bag that looks like theese, named That’s love collection (not the limited) they cost between £280 and £420… but they are still ugly…


    You all are evil.
    your a discrace to the fashion world.
    this bag is beyond beautiful.
    infactt i have it myself.
    which all my friends WANT AND DIE FOR.


    btw; its ok if you guys
    like to take it out on the
    bag cause your not rich and you cant afford it =]

  • couturee x

    wow. well acually rich people don’t brag about spending money on a bag. so that means youve probably wasted three years saving up to buy that thing. WOW. so shove it okay ?


    mhm right sure.
    actually my friend just got it yesterday and she brags about it and shes rich. kinda like me.
    btw:couturee x?
    do you own anything from juicy? or do you think the name just sounds cool?

    WOW.so shove it okay?

    your the most obnovious person in my live.

  • Kim

    Lauren, maybe you shouldnt be so insecure and just accept that not everyone will agree with you 100% of the time. :) You’re obviously very, very young and I can assure you you’re the most obnoxious person in the “live” of everyone who’s reading this right now!

    Anyhoo….cute bag, too expensive.

  • Sherelle

    im with u on dat Kim n lauren stop being a brat but anyway i love da bag but it is way overpriced :cool:

  • Emma

    :smile: emm a bit plain and wayyyy 2 expensive! hu wuld spend hat kind of money on that bag? i = love louis vuitton bags but this ones just lame!! cum on u can do better :smile: :mrgreen:

  • natalia

    Hi guys,

    just in from Germany. These THAT’S LOVE totes come now in three different sizes (medium, as previous + small + large). They are canvas and either beige, kaki or golden… for HALF THE PRICE of the original.
    Check out http://www.louisvuitton.com

    Now that’s the prices we want… :grin:

  • Marcia

    yea, sry lauren being an obnoxious brat will get you nowhere in life, no matter what kind of financial advantage you have.

    dunno bout you, but as an 18 year old i buy my bags myself. maybe you should give the working world a go and see just how much $1700 really is…?

    and yes, lovely bag. price can only be explained by the fact that its summer ’07 and the logo.

  • Pinky


    I have one small tote and one big tote in this collection.

    I think these green eyed monsters just cant bring themselves to face the fact that these LOVE BAGS are beyond their price range :twisted: :twisted:

    I love my louis vuittons… whatever range they come in.

  • ChAbEl

    OHhhH My GoSh ThE pRiCe oN dIs BaG iS RedIcuLoUs I cAn GeT a ChEaPy CaNvAs bAg anD sEw LOVE oN mY sElF iTs cUtE anD AlL bUt iTz wAy 2 ExSpEnSiVe!!! :???:

  • nicole

    It’s a canvas bag. It costs about $3 for materials and an additional $1 for the labor that goes into making it. All the design houses are jumping on the environmentally friendly/green band wagon. The point it to not use plastic bags. If you want to spend $1700 to do so, then fine.

    Further, this bag is in no way high fashion. You know it is time to give it up when you can get a really good copy in Chinatown NY for $10. Pretty reminicent of Prada’s nylon bags from the late 90s.

    I’m over it, plus Marc Jacobs make a cuter canvas bag for a fractional of the cost and his name is much more fashion aware and less label obsessed.

  • :mrgreen: i have this bag and i love it i use it to carrie my books in school

    and its really not expensive

  • Krystal

    I was really interested in this bag until i found out the price, I think its overpriced for the basic tote it is. I would consider spending that much money on a Louis Vuitton that was actually worth that much.