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Tuesdays with Twiggers: Little by little my love for Louis Vuitton has been waning. I have been experiencing this irresistible urge for soft, smooshy leather in bold, bright colors. So it was with great anticipation that I eagerly waited for the pictures from the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2008 RTW show to surface, and for Louis Vuitton to lure me back in. I wanted color? Well Marc must have been listening;although I’m thinking he didn’t fully understand what I meant. How do I begin to sum up the show? Maybe one word can do it: confused. The possible inspiration: Spongebob? (See picture below).

The color palette was beautiful and vibrant, full of blues, yellows, watermelon pinks, and so much more. However, Marc Jacobs decided to throw them all on one bag! Bags with 3 or more colors, plus different colored handles, are too much for me to handle (literally and figuratively). An interesting twist on the bags was somewhat psychedelic monogram patterns, as well as turning many of the iconic bags into frame bags with little tags hanging that stated their name (i.e. papillon, speedy, and alma). There are also bags with ‘Louis Vuitton’ spelled out all over the bag (Think last season’s Marc Jacobs bags that did the same). This season is definitely not for the faint-hearted, or for someone looking for a classic piece to carry for years. I am intrigued enough to wonder what bags will actually make it into production.

For full detailed pictures from the show visit our very own summary thread on The Purse Forum!

marc jacobs louis vuitton spring 2008



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  • S

    ahhh….MJ’s so hot as always :grin:

    • Pied 2 Poule

      I personally find this to be one of Marc’s most exciting handbag collections yet. He has literally flipped Vuitton on its head on this one. His use of color is amazing, someone who definitely doesn’t have chromophobia! I love how he has used the classic lines of the brand and filled it in with all sorts of shades and textures. If I was to spend big money on a bag, it would definitely be one from this collection. Just wait, we’ll be seeing knock-offs and watered down versions of his creations for the three years to come.

    • suheel

      haha. sorry but i think the bags look hot. they may not be traditional, but they are spicey and sexy in a way. haha.

  • beth001

    Yikes! That one with the yellow top? Did Speedy go on an acid trip?!?

  • anita k


  • littlefab

    speechless :???:

  • becks

    Oh my goodness…did Marc just throw together a bunch of random thoughts into a blender and see what would come out? It sure looks like it! That very last Speedy on the right isn’t bad though.

  • suzana

    they just get uglier and uglier and uglier. the only reason the magazine editorials support this guy is because of the mega advertising Louis Vuitton does . Read the book “Deluxe” you will totally not want to buy anything but Hermes or Chanel

  • HS

    I thought I was imagining things when I saw Spongebob picture on the white case that MJ was carrying.

    What can I say. The collection is horrible! Although I quite like the vibrant Fuschia bag minus the blue picture print.

  • Treck

    They sure look very different for a traditionalist, however I am sure that the sight of these unconventional designs and colors made some adventurous person heart skips some beat. “Different strokes for different folks”

  • pro_shopper

    I LVoe LV but I must say that this is hideous!!! It seems like the spring/summer LE bags are always the worst!!!

    Last years fall/winter mirroir monogram was awesome and so is this years fall/winter (I LOVE the MOTARD BIKER BAG!!!)

  • Sharla

    I hate to say this but I kinda like it…it’s funky and different!

  • Anna

    :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: Hallo! What happened?? I used to LOVE Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton. I do not any more.

  • Anjum Hameed

    I cant believe it…….I would give my right arm for LV but what is this rubbish?? Someones been on a BAAAAAD acid trip…

  • vickie

    I never liked LV’s runway bags…

  • Well, he wanted to have fun with his creation.
    It’s so hard to have fun when you work.
    So you love it or not it’s your choice. Remember it’s only your choices.

  • leap of faith

    does any1 have any idea how about how much they’re gonna cost? and r they limited or not?????

  • hhhh

    I love the collection! Does anyone know when the waitists open up?

    • jeff

      get on the waitlist ASAP, I can tell you these bags are extremly limited, it’s a collaboration with Richard Prince

  • harumph

    My golly, looks like someone threw up on the bags in technicolor.

  • camille

    Marc Jacobs is a genius no matter what! there funky and cute in that exciting sort of way. Bright colours are totaly in right now, and i bet that soon you’ll all want one! There different and very unqiue- you’ll stand out from the crowd, i like them it shows a bit of well my personality to be quite honest! totally love it!Bringing back the 70’s is awsome lovve the fluro colours! fluro’s totally hot right now! Love Marc Jacobs trust him he’s the expert!

  • nikki

    I would support Marc and buy one of these bags.
    That is, of course if I had enough money to afford one.

  • pandy

    so ugly..wow

  • Mayelle

    LV is my fave of all collections, but I must say Im not impressed with these… I’m happy with my Monogram Canvas, Damier Canvas, Multicolore and Epi leather LV bags…

  • Augusta

    Marc Jacocbs is obviously loosing he’s touch

  • milan

    :grin: i love the collection; the colors are so vibrant compared to louis vuitton’s usually dull browns.they needed to spice it up..GO MARC!

  • milan

    dont hate these bags just because you cant afford one!

  • You’re right…there are so many reasons to hate these bags…but that’s certainly not one of them.

  • ChAnEl

    I Really like this collection is really beautiful Marc Jacobs went really creative with these pieces its like art. And I got to say go Sponge Bob never knew he was sooooooo stylish.

  • keep it funky

    :grin: way to go and i love it. seriously, when someone said he made someones adveenturous heart skip a beat. mine did, i’ve watched the show over and over again and i have to say it was one of the best!

  • anita

    love is lv,i really love this colection.it was beautiful. :razz:

  • Andy

    YUCK!!! This is why I left Louis Vuitton and went to Chanel. These look “high schoolish” like cheap knock off Louis Vuitton bags.

  • Rosie Andersen

    I love COLOR – but this was a bit much, even for me. However, I did love the bag on the lower right hand. WHAT IS THE NAME OF THAT BAG?? I must buy that ONE!

  • Julia

    Whoua these bags are great! especially the sponge bob one loool
    Want to rent it?? http://www.sacdeluxe.fr

  • dee

    hey kids, remember fashion recycles ever 20 years. I would be a rebirth of the 90’s now–perhaps the reason for this technicolor clash on the classic bags.

    Spring/summer 08 is not about prints anyway and I can see these bags as the focal point of an ensemble. FRESH!!


    :cool: Hooray for MJ! Finally some colored funky bags to go with jeans and t-shirts. I managed to get on the wait list for a few at the NYC store….They range from $1185 for the Monogram Watercolor VVN:Speedy 35 or the 30, up to $5250 for the Monogram Motard and even an Ostrich Speedy Powder for $12000 with a 50% deposit. These are funky, fun bags for the person who needs to break out of the boring brown monogram. How fun!!!!


    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Again, these bags are hot hot hot!!! just wait and you too will change your mind… On the actual Firebird bag…(the one you guys call easter baskets…) there are no plastic dots on the ones going to the stores…. this was just for the runway….. also, the big bag on the very top of this page on the left did NOT make it to production… there will only be a smaller version.. It is called the Jamais.. 19.5 x 8.6 x 11.7… only in brown and white with one color trim.. I believe it is pink…
    I prefer usually Chanel but this line is HOT. Many of the runway bags didn’t go to production!

  • marc I love you

    Marc is a genius~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love his marc jacobs ss 2008 and LV ss 2008!!!
    If I could afford them, I would buy the entire collection!!!
    from head to toe!!!!
    amazing amazing amazing!!!

  • heather

    well personally i think that the bags are fabulousness at its best….i absolutely love these bags.
    they are so fun and upbeat and im so happy that marc jacobs its taking louis vuitton 2 that level where i can say that i love them.
    before louis vuitton bags were boring and bland and i was getting tired of buying bags that all looked the same.
    these bags are a major improvement from what they use to be.
    please post when these bags go on sale

  • Chantel

    :neutral: Im not sure how i feel about this collection.. I really like the top left one, very cute. As for the others.. Well, its just not me. I think im gonna stick with Chanel.

  • lalabeck

    Never mind the bags – how hot does Marc look?! :shock: :mrgreen: :oops:

  • d&glover

    personally, i think the shapes are wonderful, but the color’s combinations are a bit much, i am conseravite when combining several colors

  • jonida

    louis vuitton handbags are wonderfull, just fantastic

  • Shamiliah

    Juz Love it. Will definitely buy the last speedy on the right. AWESOME!!

  • Tracy

    I need help finding our the name and where i can find a louis vuitton bag. I have only seen a couple, one in person, and a few celebs in pics, i think Hillary Duff and Eva Mendez where pictured with it. I think it came out sometime last christmas or so? Okay, It has black or dark espresso brown leasther handle and tirm and the main bag is auburn brown leather with the louis logo i think embossed or pressed in the leather with no added color. Some of them fade i think too? Can anyone help me find out the name of this purse…i think it starts with an A? I also saw it on the housewives of atlanta where Sheree’ got one at her birthday party? Please help me figure out the name and where i can buy it!!!! thank you!!!!

  • Candy

    I love Louis Vuitton but is color is very good.If i had money i will buy the bags.

  • diem

    i like luois vitton so expensive!!