Louis Vuitton Sophie

If I were a lady I would be carrying this bag. The first time I saw her I could not get her picture out of my head, itÂ’ is the beautiful Louis Vuitton Sophie. A sleek name and a sleek design, classic monogram canvas oozes simplicity with an edge. Sophie is one hot handbag. The bag has a removable leather strap and gold chain which looks great as a bag charm, so thereÂ’s no need for that panda cles you were insisting on your husband to buy you for the holidays, is there? Well, maybe just to be on the safe side before there is none left at all. I fell in Love with the Antigua bags because of the gold plaque on the front and now a monogram canvas bag has got one, IÂ’m loving it!. If I have to, I will rock this bag, but for now, I will leave it to you ladies. The size of Sophie is just a right size for your cell, make up and other accessories. This new Louis Vuitton Sophie measures approximately 10Â’Â’x 5Â’Â’ and is already available in Japan but will be in Louis Vuitton stores around the world from February for around $425. Visit the exclusive Louis Vuitton boutique online!

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  • ellie1

    I will be rocking this bag also in Feb. Beautiful bag.

  • Amy

    I couldnt agree with you more this bag is amazing its something you can wear day or night it realy is beautiful.

  • Keyleigh

    Love this bag Steven!!! It’s amazing!!

  • Carolyn

    Yes, I can’t wait until Feb… The chain really gives it an edge. Do you think they’ll make a bigger version of it?

  • Marie

    From what I understand (as of yesterday, Jan. 3rd) it will not be released in the US after all. Only Hawaii and Japan (see The Purse Forum for more info). :(

  • ana

    are you sure this purse will come out. I have searched and searched and I cannot find it anywhere on line and I called a LV customer support in france and they did not hear anything about it.

  • lilian

    Have confirmed that Sophie will be available in Singapore from Feb ’07 onwards! *jumps for joy*

  • Love this bag and this review. nice job!

  • Liz

    I’m on the waiting list for the Sophie Bag in Waikiki…will arrive there just in time for Valentine’s Day!

  • shirley

    Anybody knows whether it will be available in Europe (The Netherlands)??

  • Jen

    Sophie will only be released in Japan and Hawaii. It will NOT be available anywhere else. People who were put on waiting lists were done so by mistake :( and most have been contacted by now.

  • Diane

    Are you serious about not having this anywhere but Japan & Hawaii???

    I’m in vancouver and just went to the local LV store…. they haven’t heard of it in Vancouver, but when she checked the system, it’s in the computer. PLEASE tell me we will have it in Vancouver….

  • Ricca

    i LOVEEEE this bag soo much. i call every LV store in tokyo n its SOLD OUT.. if anyone want to sell this bag, PLS call me.. im dying for this bag.. and i dont think they will produce this bag anymore.. as the employee told me that they (japan) cant even get more of this bag from france, they stop making it. I ll be the first customer when this bag avaiable in sydney..

  • T

    This handbag is a LIMITED EDITION!

    I happened to be in Hawaii the week before its release! They had a major waitlist for this handbag butI prepaid therefor I was the first person to get it! They are only releasing 30 of them in Hawaii and 30 in Japan!

    It is very limited and one of the only reason i bought it! My Lv Sales Consultant in Vancouver informed me that it is rumoured they may come out elsewhere althought it is never sure because they are so limited!

    I have changed my mind on this handbag thought! ***I am looking to sell it!***
    If you are interested please let me know!

    • rosanna

      :mrgreen: did you ever find a buyer for this bag? if not, i am very interested…please let me know- thanks!
      rosanna :lol:

  • sofia

    to T..
    how much are u selling this bag??

  • samantha

    :shock: excuse me …. is really niice this purse :!:

    it belongs to it but divine that has seen in my life………… apart from my husband that is very very handsome…… it takes services to home if you need somebody in your bed to have sex you speak to me I will tell to my husband $150 dollars ok bye

  • samantha

    :oops: yes!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

  • tanyja

    Im interested in this bag too, pls let me know if u haven’t sell it away.

  • kim

    Do u think LV Monogram Sophie look nicer than LV Damier Sophie. Please give me any opinions?

  • LVFan

    Does anyone know when the Sophie in the Monogram was first released? Does anyone have one where they can tell me what the date code is? Im trying to buy one online but i have a feeling its fake the date code is SP0037. Can anyone help?

  • 808Fashion

    I’m selling my Monogram Canvas Sophie. 100% Authentic. reply and I’ll send all info and price. Thanks

  • Sophie

    i would like to buy it 808fashion!

    please email me @ icekreamkissez110@gmail.com

  • LotsaLVs

    I hope someone is still reading this thread…I have a chance to buy a Sophie on eBay from a tPF member. What ended up being the original price of these? I love this one – the new Eva bag is the replacement, but doesn’t look as good without that large plaque. I also want to know what the date code should be. Thanks!

  • Kanisinaict

    nice, really nice!

  • shena

    Where i can buy now??? Japan still available???



  • Samantha Koh

    Does this bag look similar to Eva clutch which comes in monogram canvas and damier ebony? Was thinking of getting the damier one. Is this bag practical at all?

  • Laura

    I had my Sophie 2 years ago from a lovely girl who lived in Hawaii, and bought the purse for me (i live in Italy!)..i also had to pay the custom fees, i realise i paid too much, but it worth!

  • Naggy

    The chain adds a nice touch to an otherwise boring bag. (ipad)