Every year, consulting firm Millward Brown Optimor takes stock of the global luxury industry and decides who the key players are based on revenue, profits and overall brand value. And every year, Louis Vuitton takes the top spot with a valuation even more massive than the year before. Fashionista.com reports that according to Millward Brown Optimor, Vuitton’s worth was up 23% in 2010 over 2009, a year when it was also the most powerful and wealthy luxury brand on the face of the planet.

That puts its value at over twice that of Hermes, it’s next closest competitor and also a big gainer for 2010 with a 41% jump in valuation. With those kinds of increases, it’s no wonder why it seems as though LVMH, Vuitton’s parent company, might be looking to gobble up the independent French brand. And that’s not the only place on the power list that LVMH makes it’s mark. Spirits megabrands Moet & Chandon and Hennessy, who account for the M and H in the conglomerate’s name, also appear in the top ten. Take a look at the entire list, after the jump.

1. Louis Vuitton
2. Hermes, $11.917 billion
3. Gucci, $7.449 billion
4. Chanel, $6.823 billion
5. Cartier, $5.327 billion
6. Rolex, $5.269 billion
7. Hennessy, $4.997 billion
8. Moet & Chandon, $4.570 billion
9. Fendi, $3.422 billion
10. Burberry, no total valuation listed

Any surprises on this list for you? Conspicuously missing are names like Prada, Dior and Tiffany, who I always assume will show up but often don’t. Tiffany pulled in at number ten on last year’s ranking but was displaced by the advent of Burberry for 2010.

[via Fashionista.com]

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  • fuchsiafury

    This is fascinating! I’m surprised Gucci pulled in ahead of Chanel, Cartier, and Rolex. Maybe the fragrance market accounts for that? When it comes to bags, I certainly think of Chanel as more “luxurious” than Gucci.

  • Sandra Rowley

    You need to look a little closer at Gucci. Beautifully constructed bags…with more variety. If you do not want a pill box flap quilted bag….what Chanel bag would you buy???

    • dwm

      Nada. I don’t really care for Chanel’s quality. The quality is not the same. To shell out $3,700 for a bag that doesn’t look like anything, please. However, I do own several pair of Chanel perscription glasses and owned a watch once. A lot of these bags are kind of mediocre nowadays, however the prices still rise. I would rather have my money in the bank than to say I paid $$$$ to impress other people.

  • Alex

    I know right, I would think that Chanel is considered a more “luxury” brand than Gucci. After all, Chanel has make-up and frangrance as well. I would much rather have a Chanel bag than wear a Gucci. I do think however Chanel may overall be less attainable than Gucci bags, they can cost considerably more.

  • danieli

    I agree with Alex, Chanel is not as widely available, and certainly has a discriminating following, Gucci is more affordable and widely available with a young audience. To me Chanel is true luxury, and has prices out of reach for many buyers. Me loves me a Chanel! but LV will always be my favorite.

  • sara

    i for one agree with alex and deanieli. i think that chanel is by far THE most luxurious bag (personal opinion.) my mom owns a wide range of designer bags, and we are lucky we’re from an area that has extremely easy access to the louis vuitton, gucci, prada, chanel, etc boutiques.
    however i must say that by far chanel is one of the most well made bag brand in the world, as well as iconic, as well as one of the most expensive as well. i’m surprised that so many brands surpassed chanel, especially hermes! i was never much of a fan of hermes. i guess i thought that the most wanted brands like LV would be the only things higher than chanel.

    my personal opinion. i still love all these brands nonetheless! :)

  • sara

    i for one agree with alex and danieli. i think chanel is the most luxurious brand out there! i’m lucky to have access to luxurious brand boutiques like LV, gucci, chanel, prada, etc. and in multiple locations as well!
    i don’t only like chanel because it’s iconic. it’s well made; made to last, and the price only goes up after you buy it! that is, you can resell a 20 year old chanel bag for the same price as you could buy one new, but in a way it’s worth more.
    i’m just surprised that hermes surpassed chanel. mostly because i’m not much of a fan of hermes, and i thought that only more mainstream brands would pass chanel like LV. no surprise that.

    this is all just my personal opinion though.

  • sara

    and with what i said, i was also surprised rolex made it to the top rankings. im not much of a watch fan so this was completely surprising!

  • Mia Isabelle

    Chanel is Chanel, and yes it’s highly luxurious and totally in demand for the richy fat wallet out there that can afford w/o beind in deepen debt with their credit cards, but I do find Louis Vuitton boring nowadays . I owned a few and now I’m more A Gucci person . They are more practical (Of course, the style and season of the bag you choose) for everyday . I like the fabric GG Logo and it’s precised leather handles are nice .

  • w

    chanel is chanel

    gucci is a zillion things under. particular favorites of mine is alexander mcqueen (didn’t anyone remember the hot debate, imho anyways, of whether they should continue with the brand now that the namesake is gone?) and bottega

    so of course gucci will pull over chanel $ wise.

    i always think of salma hayek

  • ManBag

    I’m assuming that the listing of Gucci is Gucci GROUP sicne the article talks about LVMH…so McQueen and Bottega would be a part of that Gucci total…

  • 19yearslater

    I suppose it is a little surprising Tiffany didn’t make the list, otherwise I’m not really too shocked by anything on the list.

  • Scorpio

    is this revenue of the past year or this number is the overall value of the company?

  • Cris

    Love LV, Hermes and Cartier. Glad Tiffany didn’t make it as in my opinion, they lost the quality and glamour they had, by selling their overpriced sterling silver trinkets, becoming the McDonald of jewelry: lots of quantity, no quality

  • Gerald

    I find it unfortunate that a brand so vulgar is once again the most powerful luxury brand. People judge a bag by it’s price too often and it’s time to move back to appreciating style.

  • http://efashionplus.com/BOUTIQUE.html

    This is fascinating! I agree with Alex, Chanel is considered a more “luxury” brand than Gucci..

  • Ca

    My opinion is that the ranking is based on the sales revenue, instead of the class of luxurious. Chanel is far more luxury, but it doesn’t mean that their sales is better. Its market is obviously much smaller than Gucci, as it is not so affordable, thus lesser revenue.

  • louis vuitton
  • celia

    I just bough t my first Fendi bag and I love it. I own, Gucci, and 2 LV….different monograms. I thought it was time for a change…….agreed? This is the zucca messernger bag. I think it just came out……great shape, and will last for my daughter, I hope. I think the price will go up too…..like LV’s. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

  • I’m also surprised to see Chanel and Cartier behind Gucci. Thanks for sharing this.