Louis Vuitton iPhone CaseDid you get your hands on an iPhone? Are you enjoying the 9589687 options it has to offer? Not this purse loving gal. Vlad is a strong believer in ALWAYS waiting for the second generation model. He told me time and time again that generation one is a waste of money; wait until the kinks and glitches are worked out. So I did not dish $600 out on an iPhone. I am still enjoying (not thoroughly, but basically) my Razr. But if you were cool enough to get an iPhone, you better be cool enough to cover it in an ultra luxurious Louis Vuitton iPhone Case. On July 16 at Louis Vuitton’s Fifth Ave. flagship store, line up for the range of LV iPhone cases, available in monogram canvas, Epi leather, Taiga leather, and even alligator. Be ‘ordinary’ with the monogram canvas case, costing $225, or splurge on the alligator case (because face it, with your iPhone you the epitome of ultra-cool) for $1120. For the rest of us, who do not live in NYC or have an iPhone yet, never fear. Louis Vuitton plans to bring these cases nation wide in October. And of course, Apple will make more iPhones. Shop for more LV accessories at eLuxury.


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  • LyannaS

    There must be something about men, my DH also tells me not to buy a 1st gen phone, especially the iPhone. Grr.

  • Pointie

    That’s it!! If I can get a proper LV case for the Iphone, I’m a-gonna drink the kool-aid and buy one!

  • Haylea

    I’m going to NYC tomorrow! Sooo getting one!

  • Mikaa

    Gaahh, you have to get the iPhone first which cost alot -.-

    But the alligator case costs even more than the actually phone it can hold ! LOL XD

  • Kat

    Ladies, as a tech-savvy lady, I’m urging you to WAIT FOR THE 2nd GENERATION!

    Especially with Apple products.

    More value for your money.

    But then when you do get it, buy an LV case for it.


  • Kendra

    Love the iPhone cases and have to get one. I live in a rural area so am looking to get one online. Does anyone know if the Luxury shop at Malleries.com (http://luxury.malleries.com) is authentic Louis Vuitton?

  • Rob

    Malleries is authentic. If you see something you like you can always verify authenticity on tpf.

  • Jeff

    Hey guys i found a site that sells louis vuitton and gucci iphone cases incase your intrested.. its

    i ordered some case and they were pretty good and it arrived in like 2 days so they are pretty quick. i recomend them

  • Joyce

    You can find various designs of LV iphone 4 cases from ashinekit

  • andjaidy

    my best and I opted for a mini pouchette to protect our3G-S then, since we didnt like the case meant for iphone wherein ull pull ur phone in and out from the case, we were sure, r phone will probably be out every so often…heheh….4G came, still safe and elegantly cradled inside the same pouchette.