louis vuitton monogram shearling

Feast your eyes fashionable girls and boys, for this is the last Scarlett ad you will see from me! Yes, my fall preview series has come to a sad conclusion and I have oh-so-thoughtfully saved the best, or maybe the worst, for last. This wonderful bag, which slightly resembles some furry beast or at the very least an Ugg boot, is the new Louis Vuitton Monogram Shearling. Right from the get-go this bag just holds no appeal to me with the shiny, slightly plastic looking, monogram material and the fur sticking out everywhere. Great bag for the abominable snowman to look fashionable in, but maybe not so much for the fashionable New York gal! To add insult to injury, the bags carry quite the hefty price tag for some plastic coated shearling wool with vernis handles! My verdict: a big thumbs down!

Waitlists are now open (possibly even empty), call 1-866-VUITTON for more details. Click below for more detailed shots:

louis vuitton monogram shearling thunder
LV Shearling Thunder: $3300

louis vuitton monogram -shearling storm
LV Shearling Storm: $3750

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  • Phillip

    This has to be my least favorite Bag Vuittton has ever sent out… other than the tweedy..or dalmation a few years back.

  • liz

    my SA told me that the storm and thunder are actually the most popular bags for the fall! wtf i told him i want nothing to do with ugg-like bags.

  • Nicole


  • Alexia

    i have a feeling that the plastic-looking monogram will start peeling off after a few days of usage…
    on a more positive note, the shape of the Storm bag is quite nice.. just the SHAPE.

  • Margarita

    ….what IS this?
    Louis Vuitton is rolling in his grave… :shock:

  • MissAmyBlogs

    Oh my god! What a gorgeous bag! I believe I prefer the frame version. And how beautiful is Scarlett, right? If only I could look like her!

  • Joan Brakeley

    Agree the shape of the storm bag is great, really great.
    Other than that, wow, how stupid to ask so much $,
    Maybe fr 700-800 even 1200-1500 one would consider.
    Wish the storm came in a resonable material.

    One can dream that sense will prevail.



  • Roxana

    I actually like it! Isn’t it patent leather (that just looks ‘plastic’ to some)? That tends to wrinkle a bit too. I would say thumbs up!

  • myles

    well!shearling storm.its really wow gorgeous,its gonna be my next target.i love louis vuiiton bags so much…even ther so expensive but there worth it. :wink:

  • myles

    well!shearling storm.its really wow gorgeous,its gonna be my next target.i love louis vuitton bags so much…even ther so expensive but there worth it. :wink:

  • jm

    yes the shearling storm bags it is really so beautiful.please my dear read my comment!!i hope i make you heart fall.to get me one…….hehehe sexy sexy bags is really drive me crazy. :lol:

  • Becca

    I love the louis vuitton bags i have a few myself but like those for 52,500 is extremely rediculas. I mean im rich i wouldnt even pay that!

  • mau

    yes!!!it is rediculas prize!but my sister she really got crazy in louisvuitton.well i cant count how many collection she has.just yester day she both a new beauty case,cost 29,000 hongkong dollar.its really crazy!!! :shock:

  • bagaddict

    I LOVE this bag, but the price is astronomical! Purchased a similar version at http://www.wonderfauxhandbags.com and saved a ton of $$$! Highly recommend!

    • laura

      are you sure you bought your bag from them?I checked the site and they don´t sell LV !

      • bagaddict

        Yes. I did a search. I think they are located under other.

  • Augusta


  • aze


  • NT

    i got that bag;) its beuatiful i always get compliments on it!
    but i wonder if its real? it was pretty expensive

  • Anonymous

    Furry beast?? UGG boot?? the only thing the bag reminds me of is rich hot chocolate laced with frothy whipped cream…
    yes I LOVE the bag..it looks rich n classy..

  • Tiffani

    I loooooove this bag…the Storm more so than the Thunder though. It has a very unique look and you have to have unique taste to understand the beauty. Vuitton has produced some very hideous bags in the past but I have to say that this is not one of them!

  • Tiffani

    P.S. It is a bit on the “overpriced” side though

  • windows-7-key


  • Chelsimom

    I love both bags but they are “overpriced”