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  • Lori

    I kinda love bag 10, though I find it odd it has three handles. And ahh, to be young again..that is what this add campaign says to me.

  • Aurore de La Gorce

    First thought : that is an illustration of photoshop’s magic. I would not have recognized Selena Gomez hadn’t I known.
    Second thought : I find everything ugly. The atmosphere, the clothes, the bags, the way the models have to stand. Why oh why did Christian Dior had to die ?
    P.S I normally like LV bags. But this is going way too far.

    • Yoshi1296

      What does Christian Dior have to do with LV?

      • Aurore de La Gorce

        Hi Yoshi :) I meant Christian Dior’s work, the atmosphere he created, the style of his work. It was so sensitive and elegant. I also liked YSL’s work when he was working for Dior, anyway.
        I find since CD died, fashion has not been the same, although YSL was another kind of genius. They’re my two idols :)
        I did not live during this period, I just studied it, in case my post is ambiguous.

      • Yoshi1296

        Ah yes!! In that case you are absolutely right! CD and YSL were both trailblazers in the fashion world. You’re definitely right.

      • Sara

        I know it’s not the same but we still have Karl Lagerfeld. I miss the old era too, even though I wasn’t around either! Today’s fashion ain’t got the same soul.

  • jenjen

    Not feeling it.

  • Designerpuff

    LV is in a tough spot bc it has ZERO identity. Its only identity is the classic trunk and the monogram “leather”. Thats it…if you took the LV logo off all of these ads you wouldn’t know who it was..save for a few design elements on the handbags. But seriously…they need to figure out their look for women…men collections are on point and have an identity.

    • Sara

      You are right. Not long ago they were doing the Japanese Manga theme and now this. It has elements of space suit, superhero, bondage, goth …. you name it. Anything but elegance. Sigh

  • Yoshi1296

    Love Nicolas Ghesquiere!!! His work for Balenciaga will always be the best! And I think his work at LV is just continuing his fashion story book!

  • Jerri R

    Dafuq the bags with patches remind me too much of Anya Hindmarch, and the scarf handles remind me of Gucci ribbon handles

  • Sara

    The clothes are hideous. Selena Gomez is unrecognisably over-photoshopped. Some bags are ok, just ok. Sigh

  • Maya

    They could have done without Selena Gomez…she doesn’t bring much to the table…apart from a good dose of Photoshop! I don’t really get the concept either…boat, airport…huh?!

    • Sparkletastic

      Agree. Not much about this shoot works…including the bags.

  • Tang

    I only like the petite malle. The rest seems….overwrought.

  • Cynthia Perez

    Oh… I like the bag in slide 5 that the model to the right of Selena Gomez is holding. I’m eager to get it, but in the larger version.

  • bir

    well………. its a mix between what seems like 1990s spice girls type look with parís today i do not love the excess Monogram but…………. the leopard since i like leopard i find pretty cool ! a black t-shirt jeans and the leopard bag as a statement, i like it !!!

  • theresa

    Wow the gals all look awful (yes I get it is editorial but still why does everyone look so angry!! Prices??? I don’t really want to know right. ;)

  • chae

    LV days are gone now. I’ve never liked LV anyways. Go Botega Venetta!!!

  • Sofia Papastamelos

    Bags? Meh. The furry sweaters? Actually in love. Not going to lie ;)

  • Karen C.

    I agree with the general feeling here. There’s nothing exciting about the new bags – not enough, anyway, for me to add to my LV wish list. (There are enough on there, anyway). Now I can focus on my other handbag wish lists. Go Balenciaga!!

  • StargazerSpider


  • Jacqueline Yee

    The bags are boring but that red headed model is absolutely stunning.

  • Barbara Courtney

    What is up with all the models looking pissed off? So looking angry is beautiful now?