Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Montaigne Clutch
Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Montaigne Clutch

Today has been an absolutely fabulous day! It is raining outside and windy, but we had our first meeting with the wedding planner and I could not be more thrilled. Now the fun part comes; deciding on the venue and every other detail involved. I am narrowing down the colors that I would like to use, and while I think I know the exact colors I would like, pink and purple hues are near and dear to my heart. They are so feminine and stunning. And as my mind rambled, and as I have been in love with these two colors, I found one of my favorite Louis Vuitton Clutches in the exact colors that I adore. We loved the Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Montaigne Clutch when we first saw it in black and white, and have fallen in love with it all over again in purple and pink. The sleek and clean lines of the textured Epi leather, smooth leather trim, and stunning shiny palladium hardware combine to make this bag a show stopper. The flap top is closed with a stunning large logo-engraved push-lock closure. I loved this bag so much that I bought one for my mom at Louis Vuitton Bal Harbour. Somehow I decided not to get one for myself, and now I know why. It is because these two colors have my heart! The only issue is deciding which color to go for. The more wearable hue of purple or the girly pink? Sure, this has not gotten me far in my wedding planning, but the side-tracks in life always end in stunning shopping purchases. Buy through eLuxury for $805.

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  • LucianaW

    Really cute! Gorgeous!!! I love this design.

  • william

    The colours look great with the silver hardware and I like the mix of leathers.

  • I am opting for the purple, seems like you all agree!!

    I think so too William. I have seen it in person a few times, though not these colors, and it is absolutely stunning

  • kelly ty

    I do agree that purple is better…I think I would have to see this bag in person though. Right now, I’m not too crazy over the design.

  • pursecrzy

    Buy both. :grin:

  • kuk416

    I like the purple better, too – more classy and understated than the pink.

  • luce

    i’m not a fan of this bag to be honest…sorry!!

  • chi

    Purple! its such an interesting deep shade of purple, really unique, While I don’t find anything new (or festive) about the pink colour.

  • ms piggy

    While I’m not a huge fan of LV, the colours here do remind me of Raisin and Cyclamen of Hermes. I recently tried the exact 2 colours in the Evelyne. Whilst I love the bright and girly colour of Cyclamen, the Raisin eventually won as the latter is not only a neutral (read easier to wear) but it’s totally classy and a classic colour that you could wear many years down the road. A good alternate to (boring) black.

  • aimee

    I’ve seen them both at the store and I would go for the Cassis.

    • Candace

      Megs, get one now, and one later.. :twisted:

  • Nicole

    The design is not that interesting, so it becomes interesting in the pink color as an accent piece. Generally bright colored bags work better with a simple design, and neutral colored bags are better if the design is very intricate and ornate, there is a pattern etc. Most women might say the purple because they are not fashion risk takers or they are thinking about it from the perspective of someone who might only have 3-4 bags, and each bag she owns should match a lot of outfits, get a lot of wear etc. If you concern is that you can wear the bag with a lot of things then of course black is a good choice. But if you are a woman who buys a bag to add to a family of handbags – who wants every bag to not just be functional but special… Pink.

  • Jahpson

    if its a clutch, why does it have a handle?

  • mette

    The purle one is cute.I´d place it my big Lanvin and take it out if needed. Without a big bag this is just too small.

  • eckertle

    I voted for the “neutral” choice, but I think that I am falling in love with the pink one!

  • na23

    well, both i truly loved..but considering we are still young and the pink is a winner!!!!! very girly for spring but a cheerful piece for autumn /winter. :wink:

  • tex

    Jahpson, the strap can be removed so you can carry it as a clutch

  • vtrachel04

    Hopefully poeple are still reading this blog. I have this purse in ivory, never been used, and still in the box with original tags and everything. I AM LOOKING TO SEL IT because it was a gift from and ex, and I really don’t want it anymore. Again, it is brand new and in perfect condition. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Obvoiusly I don’t want to get ripped off, but since it was a gift, anything I make on it is a profit…but just keep in mind that it is brand new. You can email me at vtrachel04@yahoo.com.

  • Tina

    lGo for the classy option – black or white. Perfect really in the black. Did the other sell the ivory?

  • www.purseblog.com

    Louis vuitton epi leather montaigne clutch 2.. May I repost it? :)