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Last week Vlad and I shopped like pros. On a gorgeous South Florida day, we headed to Bal Harbour to merely look and see what some of our favorite stores had on the shelves. First we hopped into Bottega Veneta to “look”, and well, we left with a few goodies. Just a few stores across the way was Louis Vuitton, which we knew we had to visit. I stopped Vlad on the short walk over and told him we were going to look and would then leave, it has been enough shopping, traveling, and spending lately. Apparently, Vlad is awful at listening to requests and I am awful following through. After stepping foot in LV, we were on a mission to find some goods. It all started with finding out favorite SA. She greeted us, we chatted, and then got down to business.

Read all about it and see all about it below! :grin:

I figured it was about time that my dad got a new wallet. He deserves one, and his worn down, barely functioning, ex-wallet was hideous. Keeping it simple, we opted for the Louis Vuitton Taiga Billfold in black. Simple, yet business appropriate, my dad no longer needs to be embarrassed of the wallet he carries. Though, I never think he was, seeing that he carried that dilapidated piece of leather for over 5 years. Thankfully, he is one piece closer towards getting on the subtle yet necessary fashionable track (just don’t tell him this is fashionable)

Louis Vuitton Taiga Billfold

Then, with Mother’s Day around the corner, it seemed necessary to find a stunning bag for my wonderful mom. Through the years, my mom has been showered in Epi leather goods. She is simple, hates logos, and loves a bag easy to clean. As if the Epi line could be any more perfect. This time, we found our way to the new Montaigne line. Our SA, Vlad, and I all went back and forth between the clutch and wallet. Finally, we decided my mom needed a black evening clutch. And like it could not be a more perfect match, the LV Montaigne Clutch in black was sitting in my hands. Hopefully my mom will not read this, but I really had a hard time giving her the bag and not keeping it for myself. The Montaigne Clutch is drop dead gorgeous with the silver hardware and black Epi leather.

LV Montaigne Clutch

LV Montaigne Clutch1

The worst kind of shopper is the one who feels left out if he does not get anything. That is asking for trouble. And this is Vlad. He watched me shop in Bottega, watched me shop in LV, and could not leave empty handed. The proclaimed jean-lover, he headed over to the belt section to see if any of the belts met his fancy. Of course they did, they are Louis Vuitton, how could they not? The large rectangular buckle caught his eye, and as I looked over Vlad was trying on the Louis Vuitton Jeans 45 Belt. I must admit, this belt is in your face but also amazing. He has been sporting it with his array of Lacoste shirts and plethora of designer denim.

Louis Vuitton Jeans 45 Belt1

Louis Vuitton Jeans 45 Belt

Who knows when our next shopping trip will be! :wink:

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  • Jason

    mother’s day around the coroner? how morbid!

    • Derek

      I thought I was the only one that noticed that. :P

  • That is a REALLY awful mistake on my part!!! :shock:

  • A-T-G

    ^^ HAHA! THAT my friend’s is a Freudian slip (and a HALF!)GREAT haul you guys! Thanks for sharing them w/us all!

  • D, Lynn

    The trend toward disporportionate metal hardware — giant clips, closures, belt buckles and snaps reminds me of the 70s/’80s. Don’t get me wrong — I love LV. How many other fashion companies, after all, have created a monogram motif that is still going strong among many age groups over 100 years after it was first introduced (to prevent counterfeiting, ironically enough)? When I saw my first monogram LV bag I thought it was ugly, but once I “got it” I was hooked. Maybe someday I’ll get the appeal of giant hardware, too.

  • Aly

    Lub Lub LUB that Epi Montaigne clutch. :wink:

  • Lalique


  • Joan

    please share the BV with us, I looked couldn’t see what you got!

  • 3degree

    vlad. i love your belt!. :grin:

  • Nikki

    Love the belt.

  • Crazyshopper

    Love the Epi Montaigne… esp the large bowling bag.. the clutch is nice too and so is the new Eugiene (not sure if thats how is spelled)wallet.. !! But I perfect it in white.. !!

  • La Mott

    The belt & buckle is gawdy but hot I must admit.

  • Ryan Sheckler Person

    :razz: :razz: :grin: :roll: :oops: :sad: :shock: :smile: :smile: :smile: :cool: :cool: :grin: Ryan Sheckler Has the belt

  • angela

    I love how the Bowling Montaigne PM looks. Does it lose its shape? Would it look too big for me? I’m 5’3 and 92 pounds.


    Ha-You window shop like I window shop LOL!!! I actually broke down & bought a bag this week (not even one I wanted or really even liked) but had made the mistake of entering the Boutique) and was so disgusted w/myself by the time I got around the block,I turned around & returned it-There is hope for the hopeless!!!
    Love all your Beautiful New Pretties!

  • Naggy

    Congrats on a high quality loot. (ipad)